As Eclipse Season Approaches, A Special Offering

Tickets are now up for the upcoming webinar on the eclipses of August 2017.

As long as I’ve been practicing astrology I’ve watched the eclipses, and with each passing eclipse my awe for the nature of these transits deepens. I subsequently got to feel what it was like to have an eclipse hit right on my ascendant in 2016. It was eventful; a monumental chapter in my life.

Eclipses are big events in the astrology world and also correlate with a lot of big life events within our direct experience. The quality of our collective experience changes during eclipse seasons and even people who don’t follow astrology week to week are more likely to ask what’s going on with the stars.

So why not weigh in on the eclipses ahead of time so we may all walk into the eclipse season with more knowledge and with keen eyes ready to see the theater of the planets more vividly?

It’s been my experience (but not mine alone) that the planets and transits respond to and collaborate with human consciousness. Transits don’t just happen to us – especially if we know what to look for and how to play with the themes. Given that eclipses highlight the karmic axis – the lunar nodes of the Moon – the themes are especially potent and helpful to identify.

I’m collaborating with a dear friend and talented astrologer, Ichrak Dahou of Atlas Astrology, to present a live recorded webinar July 20 on the eclipses of August. Tickets have now gone up! The webinar is two hours long, with a presentation and Q&A following. All who purchase tickets will receive the video recording afterward. Sign up here.

Ichrak and I will be covering:

  • How the stage is set when the lunar eclipse occurs in Aquarius August 7
  • The implications of the solar eclipse in Leo of August 21
  • What kind of personal and collective history is implied by the South Node in Aquarius? What kind of personal and collective transformation is implied by North Node in Leo? What are their pitfalls and how do we align with their strengths?
  • The role of Mars in Leo during our eclipse season
  • An analysis of the Grand Fire Trine between the New Moon in Leo solar eclipse, Uranus in Aries, and Saturn in Sagittarius.
  • The meaning of Mercury stationing retrograde in between these two eclipses.
  • The meaning of Saturn, part of the Grand Fire Trine, stationing and going direct just two days after the Solar Eclipse.
  • Important dates after the eclipse to observe, when planets transit over the eclipse point.
  • The archetypal themes present in these transits: what kinds of things can be occurring, how people will be feeling, what the opportunities for evolution are, and strategies for navigating the eclipses.

Tickets are $25. After the event goes live, the tickets will raise to $30 for purchasing the recording. Get your spot here.

Also, you may sign up for free eclipse updates on our list by clicking below. We’ve put together some information for you about what eclipses are and why we pay attention to them!

~Sabrina Monarch

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