Dream Logic for Waking Life: Astrology of 6/6 – 6/12

We live in an enchanted world. Certainly if you follow astrology, you know this! With the Sun-Mercury conjunction in Gemini squaring Neptune this week, experiences of enchantment might be more provocative than usual – like seeing an image in a dream and then later in the day that image appearing in your waking life in a startlingly synchronistic way. If you are interested in heightening your own spiritual discernment and ability to read signs in everyday life, this week may provide ample opportunity. The opening to these kinds of mystical experiences could simply be having a conversation with the mystery – and refusing to buy into the popularly conditioned assumption that synchronicity is coincidental or that life is random. In the same way we look into our sleeping dream symbols as meaningful, what of the dream symbols in the waking life? What is this dream trying to tell you now? The answer to this question may not be clear, but it can get something stirring – orienting us closer to our relationship to our spirit and less from our socially conditioned self. Gemini is a great bridge-builder – think of this: our spiritual visions don’t just exist up in the clouds for the sake of themselves – there is a way that they inform how we show up in the world, how we lean into our dreams, and how we bring compassion to the planet.

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Here’s our week:

June 6, 2018

Mercury in 16 Gemini square Neptune in 16 Pisces: 7:07 AM PDT

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“…let us, as Rainer Maria Rilke advises in Letters to a Young Poet, ‘learn to love the questions themselves.’ If we suspend our compulsive urge to draw a conclusion, we may enter the portal of… paradox without indulging our literalistic intellect, for the latter is like a hatcheteer whose compulsive urge is to fell the forests of mystery because they are unruly.” – Honeybees of the Invisible: Selections on Self-Knowledge by Max Leyf

  • With messenger god Mercury in direct relationship to the spiritual/mystical force of Neptune, it is quite likely this week to experience mystical synchronicities or to receive messages from the Universe about the next direction to take. When we are on the path of listening to the messages of the Universe, there is a (sometimes pretty quick) learning curve of discernment. For example, what is really a sign, and what is the way to act on said sign if at all? We have to find the most fruitful union between our intuition and our capacity to hear the signs in our environment urging us toward playful new ways of engaging with reality.

  • To heighten clarity and lucidity around seeing signs and knowing how we’d like to engage with them, prayer and meditation are extraordinarily helpful practices. If you don’t already regularly practice meditation (in the style that works best for you), this is as good as any time to start.

  • Be aware of the rerouting of dreams: if we are to lean into a vision we have – such as for a direction we want to take in life or a fantasy we want to make a reality, it is important to remember that such dreams do reroute. However, the directions for a change of plans only come from having embarked on the path in the first place, and experimented enough to arrive at the place where you find a fork in the path. The first experiences we had engaging with the dream may have just been helping us get closer to the dream we haven’t even begun to comprehend yet. When a dream is our guide, the path is probably going to wind about in the kind of logic that sleeping dreams themselves have. This is not a week to feel like you have to be certain of all the details or certain of the path you are on – better a week to give yourself permission for experimentation, curiosity, and changes of plan.

Last Quarter Moon in 16 Pisces: 11:31 AM PDT

This last quarter Moon in Pisces is conjunct Neptune and forms a tight square to the Sun and Mercury in Gemini.

  • Emotional potentials: ecstasy, bliss, disillusionment, despair, hope, confusion.

  • The feeling nature of Moon in Pisces suggests little boundaries – the bliss and ecstasy side of Pisces can come from unity, being so connected to Love in the universe. But any other emotion with a capital letter can be a channel the Pisces Moon consciousness can tune into as well. This is one reason why, for anyone who happens to be psychically permeable on the regular, it is nice to have self-care practices that tune you back into your own energy and your own purity of spirit so that you can recognize when you are tuned into energy that is not yours, that you would otherwise mistake as your own.

  • See if there is any call around this Moon to let go of something, like an ego construct that is delusional. This phase marks the last week of the moon cycle, which is a shedding time. 

Sun in 16 Gemini square Neptune in 16 Pisces: 10:57 PM PDT

(Image: Thomas Blackshear)

  • Playful, spontaneous experiences emerge from following the intuition and from connecting with what brings us happiness.

  • We might be entertaining new ideas and visions of how we want to be ourselves: like a change in our essence or day-to-day self or persona. This can be a good time to have compassion for our creativity and for our ideas, as well as compassion for ourselves wherever we are at. Tune into confidence for yourself in your capacity to bring your dreams and visions into your essence.

June 12, 2018

Mercury enters Cancer: 12:29 PM PDT

  • After such an airy and Neptunian week, Mercury enters the sign of the emotional body, Cancer. This can signify a movement toward internalization. Or like, a temperature check. We might become more curious about the question, how am I feeling? (Or how are you feeling?) This kind of intelligence and awareness can support us in living in integrity with the soft parts of ourselves. 

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! I hope your week is full of dreamy and life-enhancing synchronicity. Please share this article with your friends and come back next week!

One way to experience synchronicity is to gain reflections from others:

With love,

Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts and teaches. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She is a novelist and is currently pursuing her masters in Philosophy. She also enjoys kundalini yoga, meditation and ashtanga yoga.


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    Rajani Tewari
    June 6, 2018 at 1:49 am

    This provides a necessary and thoughtful context for a series of magical experiences I had Saturday and Sunday. All of which sprung out of and connected to events the prior week. Thank you for providing me clarity.

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