Full Moon in Gemini and Neptune Station: Astrology of 11/21 – 11/27

This week the Sun enters Sagittarius and we have a Full Moon in Gemini. Jupiter and Mercury in Sagittarius join up with the Sun, and Neptune in Pisces stations direct. This is a lot of dynamic mutable energy – the mutable signs of the zodiac (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) bring flexibility, movement, and shift to our thoughts, ideas, practices, beliefs, and dreams which have become sedentary.

So – have you been feeling more mental energy more full of ideas? Perhaps more optimistic with Jupiter in Sagittarius? Watch for the wash-over effect of Neptune this week too – perhaps you are feeling confused, full of longing, or you are feeling more lucidly connected to your spirit (the wandering sense of confusion or longing is often a pull toward greater lucidity).

The mutable signs are all associated with magic and shamanism. When we are able to create a shift in our nervous system by saying kind things aloud, when we change the energy of a room by cleaning and putting out flowers, when we are able to feel chills run up our spine because we voice aloud our true purpose in life  – we are circulating energy with conscious intention and we are participating in greater cosmic currents of energy. That’s all available for us to play with – the mutable signs, each in their own way, relate to this process of learning how energies can shift and change and how we can navigate them in each ever-shifting moment. Because the astrology this week is so mutable-dominant, it might not be a time of feeling like your feet are solidly planted on the ground – you might be flying with new ideas, new feelings, or even being drawn toward new practices or new beliefs, each of which are shaking loose old patterns and making way for new constellations of energy.

Right now, this energy isn’t settling; it’s up in the air. Engage with it to see yourself, the world, your possibilities in life – differently. Expose yourself to new ideas and new conversations. Talk to Source differently; try different prayers.

For example, I was reminded by a mentor a few weeks ago to put my relationship to Source as primary – that from this overflowing, mutually reciprocal, devotional relationship, all temporary circumstances and relationships will flow from this Source. I knew this intellectually and had felt it with my heart multiple times in my life – but I’d stopped practicing it or thinking that way, in truth. My vision had narrowed – I was depressed, like I wrote about here, and my pain got me to ask questions. Losing that primary relationship to Source as a focus was like being in the whole ocean and then getting washed onto, and lost on an island. Since then, my orientation has changed and so has the whole fabric of my life. It has me reflecting on how mysterious and easily changeable reality is, and how from a change in attitude or a change in heart or a consistent devotion to the vibration of love, I could actually watch life flower in different ways around me.

Neptune in Pisces is stationing in a week full of mutable astrology. This is a fabulous week for spiritual breakthrough that comes by shifting the stagnant energy in your spiritual/psychic life. Start with your curiosity and be open to miracles.

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(Top image: Boleslas Biegas, color edited by me)

Here’s our week:

November 22, 2018

Sun enters Sagittarius: 2:01 AM PDT

Sagittarius Season opens with a close conjunction between the Sun and Jupiter, with Jupiter in its sign of rulership. Many of us emerge from a season of shadow work (while the Sun was in Scorpio) and our sense of optimism and lightheartedness can return to places where it seemed as though we had lost it. And we probably did experience types of death while the Sun was in Scorpio, and we were called to courageously face the no-man’s lands of our own souls. The cyclical promise of doing this work in Scorpio is that our courage to face the darkness (and find the hidden gifts therein) makes us into true elders and sages when we get to Sagittarius. In smaller frames of time, like solar zodiac seasons, this means gaining perspective on what we’ve been through. In longer arch of time like a lifetime, it relates to how we develop more nuanced and impactful perspective/wisdom because we faced our darkest hours instead of suppressing them, running away, or just projecting them onto something or someone else.

Sagittarius Season, along with our longer transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius, are both great times to pursue higher knowledge – to go to school, take a class or intensive, to find a mentor. Lifelong students or those who dive really deeply into their interests also end up being called to be teachers. Observe this season where life is inviting your inner student and teacher archetypes.

If you’re interested in studying astrology, I encourage you to come study Evolutionary Astrology with me in my upcoming intensive! You’ll learn the fundamental building blocks and vocabulary of astrology and you will be empowered to intuitively source your own astrological observations and interpretations. Evolutionary Astrology is a karmic astrology that actually allows us to discover a narrative of where a soul is coming from in prior lives and what is being developed, what is the purpose, in this lifetime. I’ve been resourcing it in my own life to overcome unconscious blocks, to self-actualize, and to become more self-aware. And because it has literally saved my life and then empowered me to experience such bliss, I am passionate about helping others learn and integrate this body of knowledge as their own. You can read more about it and enroll here.

Full Moon in 0 Gemini: 10:39 PM PDT

  • “Sagg mouth” or “Sadge mouth” (whichever spelling you prefer!) is a term I originally learned from a Sagittarius Moon friend. It relates to someone who blurts out their speech without inhibition, who may or may not also have red lips from drinking wine. Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruler, is classically a god of good fortune, higher perspective, optimism, excess, and indulgence. You may have noticed of late that the Sagg mouth is in full effect! Mercury is in Sagittarius and so is Jupiter, which relates to a certain generosity and no-fucks-given attitude toward expressing one’s candid ideas and sentiments. Add that we have been building toward a Full Moon in Gemini, and there’s been increasing emotional exuberance about communication.

  • Ideas and talk are part of the fabric of our communities and cultures. The ideas we share and circulate inform how we see ourselves and the world, and our place in it. So, there come airy times in our lives where we suddenly feel sparked with tons of new ideas. We might not be acting on them yet, but we’re starting to get experimental, playing with different ideas and perspectives until our most inspired ideas begin to take shape. We are also responsible for manifesting those ideas by taking action on them, but we don’t have to rush the brainstorming process either.

  • This Full Moon, take note of what ideas are arising and peaking in your consciousness. If you’re not feeling intellectually inspired, be curious about that. What are you looking for? Curiosity is a gate-opener. In a literal way, when we ask questions and are receptive to information, the Universe seems to flood us with people willing to answer our questions or people talking about what you were thinking about and giving you a clue about your search. In a subtle, energetic way, curiosity is like opening a receiver inside of your consciousness – it’s now available to answer calls where before it was dormant.

  • Inwardly, this Full Moon can also reveal or put us in contact with sub-personalities – other facets of ourselves than our main self we’ve come to identify with. Again, be curious about your sub-personalities. There are different seasons of self, and sometimes we need to make contact with inner-diversity to adapt to our ever-changing lives.

November 24, 2018

Neptune stations direct in 13 Pisces: 6:08 PM PDT

  • This station adds a Neptunian feel to the week – so think mystical, glittery, shimmery, oceanic, mystical, disillusioning, enchanting. Neptunian emotions are powerful and are like waves that wash over us. Yet, it’s not like these waves are just totally happening to us. We cannot control the waves either, we can simply learn how to set our sails or to surf. Really, if you consider how people physically engage with the ocean and harmonize with it, you will see someone who gets into a flow state and knows how to surrender and harmonize with vast, mysterious force.

  • For us, this means maybe we seek to become more lucid about our spiritual lives and how much Maya (illusion) we are playing with versus what is really true. It may also mean we seek to harmonize more with the great force of love that exists in the cosmos. Love is always available and our entrance to it is internal, though it may appear in the form of external situations and people. Opening to love is as simple and profound as choosing to recognize it and offering in prayer to the Universe that we are open to encountering more love in our lives.

  • The currents and flows of Love always exist; the question is whether or not we are aligning with them. If we are trying too hard to control the Universe or how the Universe is to show up for us, it’s like turning the ocean into a swimming pool. Seek a divine union that transcends your own conceptual limitations and you will feel the healing waters of Neptune.

(Image: Victor Nizovtsev)

November 25, 2018

Sun in 3 Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter in 3 Sagittarius: 11:33 PM PDT

  • Jupiter combust the Sun in Sagittarius is a huuuuge dose of liveliness, enthusiasm and optimism. With Mercury in Sagittarius close by as well and retrograde, it signifies that some of the new magnified feelings we are having ought to be more carefully considered. Let’s consider a few examples:

  • Jupiter conjunct the Sun can also manifest as a magnification of negative beliefs – it is not positive by default. If you are living by certain stories or beliefs that are causing you pain, it might be a good time to re-examine them. A big part of being on a spiritual journey is realizing that we are operating by beliefs and that these beliefs in part determine our realities. We have to become aware that our subjective experience is not just granted as truth and we have to ask if there is something more beyond what we can see.

  • When we are called to make a big choice or do something in a big way because of expanded feelings of optimism, we are truly being resourceful about big flows of energy (instead of just letting them pass by). If you operate by the feeling that you might always need to be balanced and calm before making a big decision, you might want to reconsider – sometimes life sweeps us up in excitement and engaging with those windows is just as important as holding down our stability and routines. Sometimes excitement is going to be present and yes – cloud our ‘judgement’ – but necessarily so. If we want to be open to living our best lives, we ought to be receptive to bursts of inspirational energy that offer to expand our consciousness. The more we get to know ourselves in this frontier, the more discerning and capable we will be of acting with wisdom in moments of expansion. But you might have to do the thing first, to learn.

November 26, 2018

retrograde Mercury in 6 Sagittarius square Mars in 6 Pisces: 1:05 AM PDT

  • This is a time where our ideas may be conflated with a type of religious fervor. Feel and love and tend to that fire, it’s a wonderful thing to feel conviction. But remember that fire also burns; that just as reality is in constant flux and change so must our approximations of reality be open.

  • If your conviction is really empowering to you at this time, let yourself be energized by it. Mercury works in our lives to keep energy circulating, to keep movement and communication flowing. If you’re feeling really inspired, you’re going to have more energy to make changes.

November 27, 2018

Sun in 5 Sagittarius conjunct retrograde Mercury in 5 Sagittarius: 2:14 AM PDT

  • Sun-Mercury conjunctions tend to bring distinct messages. If you think about Mercury and the Sun acting together it can be like a message that blinds (it is so bright) or a message that has massive radiant energy like the Sun. Whatever messages the messenger is bringing us are more animated and lit up than normal, highly increasing their visibility and also inevitably casting a shadow as the light does, which increases polarity or the tendency to think in black and white. However, see where it takes you. Like a dream symbol provoking your reflective consciousness at night, what waking life dream symbols are the most bright to you right now?

Mars in 7 Pisces sextile Saturn in 7 Capricorn: 2:30 PM PDT

(Image: Arnold Böcklin)

  • With so much dynamic, mutable energy in our sky right now enhancing our perception of possibility and stoking our enthusiasm, this is one of our first aspects of the week that really has any stake in getting something done about it!

  • Sextile aspects denote a harmony that needs some conscious activation, and Saturn has some of that energy in himself as well – you have to do the work with Saturn.

  • In the midst of excitement, new ideas, or new inspirations that are reaching you this week, pay attention to ideas that are around how to concretely manifest things. Maybe you’re not a very organized person, but you learn about how a certain way of organizing your time or productivity would lead to more success and so you adapt more organizational energy into your personality.

  • When Pisces harmonizes with Capricorn, a general vibe is around forming physical or embodied acts/structures (Capricorn) which are in conversation with a dream or a vision (Pisces). For example, one who might want to build a more connected channel between their dream life and their waking life might take actions during the day that echo a dream they had. (I have a friend who dreamt she went to a nude beach and so she did that very day, just to see what would happen). Over time, that particular activity could lead to more pre-cognition in dreams (dreaming the future). Whether a bridge is built between sleeping dreams and waking life, or spiritual dreams and visions and one’s career and material aspirations, the dreaminess of Pisces working in tandem with Capricorn’s ability to concretize plans and gain leverage on the material plane is a match of heaven and earth.

  • If you are still in a brainstorming process (and not ready to take action), taking the time and space to dream and visualize what you want is still an action! Taking the time and space to imagine a more beautiful, harmonious, and compassionate world is also an action. If you are vibrating in harmony with high visions, you are more likely to find yourself in a stream of inspired energy when you make life choices and even just how you generally show up in your daily interactions. Remember to dip into your Source and give yourself the permission to really dream of an enhanced life for yourself and the planet. It’s not a flimsy thing to do – it’s vibrationally responsible.

retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius: 3:27 PM PDT

Talk about seeing the bigger picture! Or literally, talk about seeing the bigger picture. 🙂

  • This pair is still closely conjunct the Sun. You can creatively interact with this energy by putting yourself in the company of people who lift up your spirit and also holding the intention to lift up the spirits of others.

  • A great possibility of this transit is to think more creatively and to see a bigger-picture view of things which affords a sense of opportunity. Thought processes will be inflated and magnified, which means that certain negative thought loops or beliefs may need to be addressed lest they produce anxiety or a a rigid perspective of the universe. 

  • The Sun will work to light up or make brightly visible our thoughts – especially those of a philosophical or cosmological nature, or we may gain insight on what philosophical underpinnings our thoughts have. Or, you might find the messenger making its way into your life via a fiery, strongly-opinioned other who lets you know!

Thank you for being here and meditating on the planets with me this week! Let me know what you think and how you’re doing in the comments. And share this article on social media and with any friends who you think would resonate. I have a few special offerings in the work – follow me on instagram @sabrinamonarch to be the first to know!

If you connect with my writing and forecasts week to week, I would so love to meet you and offer you my support along your path. There’s so much I can share with you about your individual chart and I love helping you work through any blocks and find a connection to your higher self and your empowerment. Book a personal astrology reading with me here.

Have a beautiful week!

With love,

Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts, works with clients and teaches. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She is a novelist and is currently pursuing her masters in Philosophy. She also enjoys kundalini yoga, meditation and ashtanga yoga. Follow her on instagram @sabrinamonarch.


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