June 6-12, 2016: Distraction Zen

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Happy New Moon (end of last week, on the 4th in Gemini)! We are at the start of a new lunar month which means we are setting the tone for one more cycle of manifestation, this one which includes the Saturn-Neptune square – a change in the vision of structure. Essentially whatever we think was supposed to happen, what kind of restrictions or guidelines we’ve placed on reality, are being shoved aside. Rather confrontationally, even. When we add Gemini (the trickster) into the picture, reality presents us with a lot of opportunities. Some would call it getting distracted, but Gemini would consider it being available for the ever-shifting moment.

With Mercury in Taurus opposing Mars in Scorpio retrograde, our most stubborn proclivities of thought this week reveal, more than righteousness, energetic addictions at play in our psyches. This week offers ample opportunity to free ourselves from such addictions via new experiences and new ways of thinking, but depending on one’s level of attachment, there will be some degree of internal conflict this week around whatever we are clutching onto, and not nearly as much rope. We all have those hooks (I’ll be happy if, secure if, satisfied if). And all the while, the more playful and electric energies of this week between Venus and Uranus will be like the fun cure, offering key interruptions to normal programming.

I’ve outlined ways that this can show up this week — subscribers continue reading the full forecast for the download! Or click the link to sign up.

~Sabrina Monarch


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