June 6-12, 2016: Distraction Zen


Happy New Moon (end of last week, on the 4th in Gemini)! We are at the start of a new lunar month which means we are setting the tone for one more cycle of manifestation, this one which includes the Saturn-Neptune square – a change in the vision of structure. Essentially whatever we think was supposed to happen, what kind of restrictions or guidelines we’ve placed on reality, are being shoved aside. Rather confrontationally, even. When we add Gemini (the trickster) into the picture, reality presents us with a lot of opportunities. Some would call it getting distracted, but Gemini would consider it being available for the ever-shifting moment.

Our most stubborn proclivities of thought this week reveal, more than righteousness, energetic addictions at play in our psyches. This week offers ample opportunity to free ourselves from such addictions via new experiences and new ways of thinking, but depending on one’s level of attachment, there will be some level of internal conflict this week around whatever we are clutching onto, and not nearly as much rope. We all have those hooks (I’ll be happy if, secure if, satisfied if). And all the while, the more playful and electric energies of this week will be like the fun cure, offering key interruptions to normal programming.

The week starts with the Sun in Gemini conjunct Venus. This adds vitality to Venus, but can also burn-out Venus. With Gemini, it can revolve around ideas and words being exchanged, which are seeing more light of day than – necessary? Are you (or do you know the type of person) who likes all the information out on the table, out in the open, all the time? This can seem noble in some regards, but it ignores the lunar principle of gestation, that sometimes ideas shift or grow in the dark or in the unconscious. When we put everything out on display in the light, we can burn things. Because this is relating to relationship, this influence can have the result of really making known some relational thoughts and feelings, but because it’s Gemini, these thoughts and feelings are not at their most stable – they are reflections of a shifting sentiment or moment. But they are at any rate, seeing the light of day.

Rather than keep to yourself, this would be a great time to talk with new people, have new social experiences, and play with ideas in the arena of socialization where the stakes are low and noncommittal. When it comes to more serious relationships, Venus in Gemini is a fickle and not necessarily devoted energy. She can bring fun and novelty to existing connections. Under pressure, Gemini energy will change forms, so interactions around diplomacy or negotiating relationship dynamics can yield results, but whether or not these are true results would remain to be seen.

Venus will sextile Uranus this week (exact on the 12th) adding an element of unpredictability. Uranus corresponds with interruptions to the norm, and especially with Uranus in the sign of Aries – trailblazing new ways of being. When Venus and Uranus are in conversation, social interactions thrive on being in electric resonance – spontaneity is highly emphasized. The desire for freedom is more out to play in experiential reality, and so you as well as others around you will likely be feeling this.

On the 9th, Mercury in Taurus opposes Mars in Scorpio retrograde. I’m considering the entire transit of Mars retrograde/direct through Scorpio this month the chance to battle one’s own addictions. We become aware of our compulsions through Scorpio, but with Mars in retrograde, the force of these compulsions rebounds inwardly. We are sitting with ourselves, facing ourselves.


With Mercury opposing Mars in Scorpio, this is a signature for the potential of verbal disputes. They may be of the nature of differing values. It also means that expressing personal needs/values (Mercury in Taurus) can trigger subconscious defenses of the other (Mars in Scorpio retrograde). This can be a time where the needs of the self can be in conflict with the needs of a relationship, or the needs of another person, and you may find yourself on either or both ends of this conflict. One way to positively show up for this is to be clear about what is yours. That is what Mercury in Taurus wants to identify – it wants to know its own realm, its own garden. Mars wants to share resources, but only if doing so is mutually empowering. (OR Mars will want to give into addictions…but doing so will feel less like the victory Mars wants, and more like a defeat.) While this influence may present challenges in the relational life, it will also identify where we are needing to give more energy to ourselves, or ways that we are needing to show up for ourselves rather than projecting it outwardly. (“I need you to ______ so I feel solid.”)

Add in the dimension of Gemini, and the Venus-Uranus sextile to this Mercury-Mars energy, and see how there may be more appealing alternatives presenting themselves through the realms of playfulness and freedom and carefree enjoyment of life. We have both playing out – the triggered Mars impulse, the enjoyment of flying free and away. If we want to get paradoxical, for some being “free” and running away from responsibility or accountability is itself an addiction, and a form of not actually being free. Whatever is triggering you this week is not something to run away from, but the path to integrating it may not be direct or linear. The perspective that is really needed to break old negative cycles, simply comes from tuning into what’s here with you right now – what are the opportunities? Distracting yourself from what is troubling you may still be the road home if you can integrate that way. Compassion for others who are doing that may help you not take this energy personally. & on the Venus-Uranus vibe, there are cool new experiences to be had and friendships to make when you honor the electricity of the moment. This will pass, and the time to integrate or return to the deeper challenges will return, but maybe you will have done some of that work experientially. In other words… don’t miss the opportunities. They may seem inconsequential, but they are the zen of this week.


On the 12th, Mercury enters Gemini – a relief for our minds! Mercury was in Taurus a long time. It’s showed up in a way of helping us tune in more deeply with our internal space and values. But it has also slowed communications, increased self-involvement, and revealed stagnancies. With Mercury in Gemini, communication will loosen up. Use the last few moments of Mercury in Taurus for any unfinished self-reflection… note that getting embodied (working out or doing yoga, taking a walk, etc.) made it easier to think? Mercury in Taurus cares more about the body and the information of self as it relates to the environment. Mercury in Gemini returns more flow to the cerebral channel of life, and the ability to experience novel frames of mind.

~Sabrina Monarch

June 6 – 12, 2016

Sun in Gemini conjunct Venus in Gemini: 2:39 PST

Mercury in Taurus opposite Mars in Scorpio retrograde: 10:01 AM PST

Venus in Gemini sextile Uranus in Aries: 8:12 AM PST

Mercury enters Gemini: 4:22 PM PST


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