Astrology of 11/23 – 11/29: Unshackling Convention


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Lots going on this week! Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn square, Venus in Capricorn joins up with Pluto and squares both Jupiter and Uranus. Most of these larger events of this week happen before a New Moon so we are in the Dark Moon and will be running on low steam as far as the lunar cycle goes. Do yourself a huge favor and drink lots of water and take good care of yourself to see the most benefit out of these highly catalytic transits. There is a lot of Uranian/electric activity in the air and these potent messages from higher mind (Uranus) fire best when your brain is hydrated.

While the theme for this week is very much about unshackling convention, it does not mean convention goes down without its own resistance to crumbling. We see the extremism potentials of Uranus on all sides of the conflict. People can be electrifyingly progressive, or electrifyingly backwards. It’s the same archetype, but different utilization of it.

I am moving away from my narrative essay style forecasts and into listing. I’m dividing the potential manifestations of these transits into difficult/shadow qualities and opportunities. I know it’s often a spectrum more than it is a binary, but I will leave the blending and the in-between spaces up to your imagination. Difficult and shadow qualities are inherently opportunities, as they are fertile spaces of transmutation, like soil turning a seed into a plant. This space is radical, change can be effected at the root.

~Sabrina Monarch

November 23
Mercury in Sagittarius conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius: 10:44 AM PST

Neutral quality: Sobering and Expansive Intellect

1. At some time prior to its exact moment of conjunction at 10:44 AM PST on the 23rd, the balsamic nature of this transit may reveal one final, booming trumpet call of some kind of old bullshit. Even if it’s just a very loud thought. It’s something that’s getting ready to turn over and be recycled. The shadow comes in believing this thought or piece of information as truth, when it is really just a dramatic curtain call. Think to “if it feels heavy, drop it.”

1. Information or messages coming through (synchronicity or lucky encounters) that reveal a very realistic vision or next step to take in a process of manifestation.
2. Speaking truth to power
3. Speaking truth in code to power, such that it cannot be criminalized lest power acknowledge the hidden message and out themselves, but the message comes across to those oppressed witnesses who need to hear it. (Consider Domination and the Arts of Resistance by James C. Scott.)

November 24
Jupiter in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn: 2:42 PM PST


We have a confrontational (90 degree angle) relationship between Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter’s role is magnify and expand that which it touches, and Pluto in Capricorn is an archetype of social and political corruption and the necessity to evolve the structure and cultural norms of society. And we are clearly seeing this in the news. Pluto in Capricorn has the tendency to repress the emotional body to an extreme in the name of following the dictates of what is culturally normal; it is the power dynamic around authority and those subject to it. It’s the power dynamic of both inner-judgements and outer ones.

I want to be very careful not to say “things aren’t as bad as they seem” because I’m not looking to pacify anyone or send us safely to sleep. Things are bad. One of the great potentials of this transit is to dramatize deep-seated storylines so that we are compelled to respond, rather than to continue business as normal. We are learning what standing up for justice really means instead of what that means superficially.

In the bigger picture, this can really be a time of mass evolution and growth as a result of being triggered into having to do so. Spiritualizing ourselves at this time isn’t just to caccoon into self-isolated safety. It’s beneficial to spiritualize in that it can vitalize us and give us the strength to take action in these challenging times ahead. Part of connecting with our intrinsic/feminine spirituality is the knowledge of timing, and when and how it will be right for us to act.

This transit also comes as a huge wake up call to participate within reality – that the affairs of the world are not something that’s just ‘out there’ that we can passively entrust to authority figures and officials for protection. This speaks to the political picture at large but also in microcosm storylines related to authority. Where are we giving our power and autonomy away in trust that someone or something else will carry it?

With Jupiter in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn we really see the magnification of fear – or a dramatic surfacing of deep-seated fears and conflicts that have been brewing below the surface for some time. It is inspiring an air of vigilance as well as a response in law, litigation, and social activism. These threats to justice need to be met with the vigilant responses that we are seeing today instead of apathy or passive peace-keeping. That might be the yoga of it all: the lesson of showing up for conflict where it belligerently exists.

One possible response to the fears emerging is an attempt to soothe it out or to make peace preemptively, to lie to oneself and get people to kind of nod and smile and suppress the deeper issues that are being triggered. This response only continues to deepen the repression that is the root cause of these issues in the first place. This transit also speaks to the capacity for friendships and social environments to shift because of a difference in beliefs.

This conflict is highly generative; it is inspiring more people to care about what is happening in the world as well as to care about the hardships of marginalized people more than ever. It’s also inspiring people to de-shackle from internalized oppression. Here are some more potential manifestations:

1. Judgement of conflict or desire to keep the peace results in the stuffing of emotional content and general suppression of the emotional body. This can be happening with authority figures and generally have a large affect.
2. The suppression of one’s internal authority in favor of pleasing an external figure.
3. The confrontation between justice and power can lead one to sacrifice principles about what is right for power, OR can be a burning intensity that keeps a person in integrity as they fight for what is right. The crisis of which choice to make appears.
4. The fear around police state or totalitarian/dictatorship, loss of free speech, loss of rights, and actions on the part of power that reflect this intention.
5. In personal life and relationships – overdoing something based on a preemptive/imagined fear of what the consequences or judgements would be, versus taking action based on what is inspired or desired. Take note of what is the motivating force – fear or openness.
6. The need for big, belligerent fears to be confronted head-on (and the exaggeration of this storyline). Politics being a macro-metaphor for internal processes also occurring.

1. Social justice rallies hard. The nuances of law, and the people fighting for justice, might actually be able to use that system in a way that empowers people and soothes the fears about destruction and domination that are definitely circulating.
2. The threat of the loss of justice, or of terror/control of government, creates personal expansion. One steps up to the plate in a new way because of the pressure.
3. One’s concept and practice of civic engagement/social responsibility is transformed.
4. Finding new ways to not give one’s power away that was previously normal. For example, a person who excessively asks for advice discovers that this is backfiring; subsequently being more selective about asking for advice so that they can listen to their own intuition better.
5. Where one has been overly insular, finding new ways to include other people on one’s process – getting input from trusted sources and weighing this input with a new maturity.
6. By encountering resistance or something threatening, one can become so much more clear on how they defines justice – so that they can act in the moment in alignment with this new vision of what justice is, where one was previously passive. Example: standing up for someone being harassed, when previously you wouldn’t have been inspired to intervene.
7. The emergence of hidden forces and marginalized voices into the discussion at large.



November 25

Venus in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (3:48 AM PST) and square Jupiter in Libra (5:45 AM PST)

Venus interacts with the Jupiter/Pluto storyline and makes it real in our own lives on an even more personal way. She is conjunct Pluto and squares Jupiter in Libra, and these transits happen just hours apart from one another. So think of it as a personalizing force in response to the collective storylines that are playing out right now around Jupiter and Pluto. This means that some interactions in your personal life can be metaphorical or empathy-inducing for what is happening on the global scale – like life parables or something. If we’re really nuanced and intentional around it, we might even see the vitalizing magic of problem-solving and solution finding that empowers all parties in a true, real sense. What does peace really look like?



1. Projection of internalized judgement onto another.
2. Difficulty in sensing what responsibilities are yours, or what energetically you want to take on from others.
3. Withholding of love used as a power/control mechanism (not to be confused with boundary setting rooted in self-love and respect)
4. The need to let go of something that you’ve built and become attached to, or the need to let it organically change forms, and the simultaneous resistance to change.
5. Peace-keeping within relationship creates repression; plans carried out based on obligations or “should”’s rather than true sentiment.
6. Endings/new beginnings that are unclear.
7. The reveal that one does not “have it together” like they think and the internal conflict that results.
8. The feeling that someone else does not “have it together” and the resentment/conflict/change of expectations that results.


1. A new sense of empowerment regarding self-worth, taking on a new attitude of authority in deserving something. For people who have observed entitlement and found it distasteful, they might find here that there is a new in-between space that is not entitlement nor is it a diminished sense of self in reaction to that – but a healthy sense of being deserving.
2. Empowered exchange of energy.
3. The release or realization of desire; example, first union of lovers who have been attracted to each other for a long amount of time but have never crossed that initial threshold. Sexual frequency with these two planets together emphasizes the eroticism of build-up.
4. A strengthening of one’s lived reality based on pragmatic, empowering choices. Doing the thing that is radically ‘right’ for you that requires you to own your natural authority.
5. The choice to choose to love ourselves instead of judge ourselves for something we would not tolerate or accept (a place we shut off to ourselves or deem ourselves unworthy or undeserving of love), results in a greater capacity to love those around us, which can translate to increased bonding in intimate relationships or the meeting of someone new that you now resonate with vibrationally.
6. Doing something that one would rather not do but implies maturity – doing something hard because you love yourself or love someone else enough to. It’s not out of obligation, but an intentional act of love that shows dedication and devotion beyond convenience or perfect circumstance.
7. The love language of commitment & the ability to create or alter agreements organically.
8. A finality around no longer judging yourself for something – compassion and love balances it out.

November 29
New Moon in Sagittarius: 4:18 AM PST

The New Moon in Sagittarius squares the nodal axis in Pisces and Virgo – or in other more dramatic words, at the crossroads of destiny.

Consider perceptions and strategies that are connected to the present moment – right here right now, what you can physically do and move on the earth plane. What is right in front of your nose. With the square between this New Moon and Neptune/South Node, there can be a quality of getting ahead of oneself, heated up and sucked into fantasy regarding dreams, hopes and fears about the future. Considering these symbols, the best way to show up for that future is to cover your bases by getting organized and doing the small things that keep your reality and health functioning and thriving optimally (North Node in Virgo). From this state of health and attending to important details of one’s own life, a person will be greater tapped into intuition and greater resourced to show up for the macro-picture that is concerning many of us.

There is tons of delusion active in the world right now (Neptune on the South Node) and one of its functions is to help us relive soul memories of despair, loss, catastrophe, and hopelessness. So no, it’s not in your head or all a dream; but it is intoxicating at a high level and serving an (albeit harrowing) purpose of memory.

We have options regarding a better future. One is to resist the errors of the past directly; and another is to step into one’s power. What many spiritual teachings around the globe emphasize at this time is our ability to create reality and connect with personal, internal, feminine power rather than hierarchical, patriarchal power.

Virgo, often called neurotic in our society, is a direct gate into the realm of organizing and intuiting feminine wisdom.

Virgo’s rap as neurotic and critical is actually a patriarchal tint to this archetype’s expression. Virgo’s highest function is to organize the earth plane and matter in accordance with an ideal of Heaven (the polarity of Virgo is Pisces). When our ideal of Heaven is that it is beyond us (versus already a state we can enter here), we are unworthy of it or we have to “earn it”, Virgo’s functions become meticulous and overwhelming, as it is never going to be “good enough” and there is always a fear of failure. When Sagittarius points its arrow in this tint of Virgo, we see the dogma and religious extremism and fervor that is the shadow of Sagittarius. Because we’re not good enough – good enough is ‘out there’. The feminine is deprave, Spirit is male, ignore the body and repent for how inherently wrong you are.

When our vision of Heaven/Neptune/God is outside of patriarchal conditioning and more connected to the feminine and the natural world and cycles, we get to experience the process of life in Virgo’s domain of zen, rather than Virgo’s anxiety. We have for example, herbal medicine, a sensitive attuned relationship between a person and their body, a loving tenderness toward all the small ecosystems that make up our life.

The presence of these global and personal triggers can spark us to make practical choices that align with what we do want. The task is very much around problem-solving (Virgo), yet this cannot be done well from the perspective of being inherently bad. It’s about taking steps to recover what is inherently knowing, what is inherently good.

Watch out for the fear-based belief that something terrible is going to stay terrible forever because that’s just the way it is. When we are in the throes of Neptunian kinds of disillusionment, it can be really hard to get up and resource oneself and to take the necessary steps. It’s like trying to stand up after getting knocked over by a huge wave. Take note that whatever is stressing you out or causing despair is accompanied by a solution which you are fully capable of finding. This New Moon, don’t simply seek an elusive, hopeful magic that makes things disappear or magically appear, like grace after one’s long suffering: seek a magic of which you can see its mechanics. Seek a magic of cause and effect in which a new choice, daily practice, or micro-adjustment actually changes your life for the better. (Think re: herbs, dietary choices, witchy life hacks.)

Venus in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries: 12:20 PM PST

(You might read this article I wrote about Venus in Capricorn the last time it was conjunct Pluto and squaring Uranus, titled Venus in Capricorn is Working Your Love Ethic Right Now.)


1. Needing to change the status quo of a relationship translates to feelings of urgency/shocking confrontations.
2. One’s inner blocks projected onto another person; someone is keeping you from doing something or making you do something. Not so simple as “you are what you see” but more like being part of a dance in which one does not fully recognize their own role.
3. Conflict between sensed obligation and freedom; especially relationally.
4. Sudden change or erratic behavior in an individual creates waves and reactions in relationship.
5. The moralizing of increased control or calcification in response/defense to the necessity of evolution (social dinosaurs)


1. A break in schedule or a break in routine leads to an experience where there is greater resonance – cracking through something stale.
2. You can’t have what you want – but something else interesting comes up instead in the empty space that opened up.
3. Choosing integrity over fake peace creates a more solid sense of identity and attracts new friends and allies.
4. Diplomacy that speaks directly to radical, trailblazing voices of progress.
5. Weird/fringe values that are truly more ethical than consensus values becomes more normal as “normal” is increasingly seen for what it is.
6. The ability to manifest into form an ahead-of-its-time vision or revelation.

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~Sabrina Monarch

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