Astrology of 9/6 – 9/12: Process is Union

This week begins with a doubly Neptunian Full Moon in the sign of Neptune’s rulership  – Pisces. We are emerging from a still-active Sun opposition to Neptune, which has correlated with some dissolution of boundary, especially in the realm of identity. Whether we met this with joy (such as in spiritual revelations of connectivity) or found it to be wearying or anxiety-provoking (such as being unsure as to if our efforts are amounting to anything), the Virgo-Pisces axis themes continue into the week. Venus in Leo will trine Saturn, and the Sun also forms a trine to Pluto in Capricorn (Capricorn the sign of Saturn’s rulership). While there may still be some haziness in the field via Neptune, this can still be a good time to put in the work and aim for the best!

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September 6

Full Moon in 13 Pisces 12:03 AM PDT

The Moon will be tightly conjunct Neptune and sextile Pluto (a few days later, the Sun will exact a trine to Pluto). Venus in Leo is inconjunct this Moon and semisextile the Sun. Here are some themes that emerge:

  • Virgo is where we find our alignment on any level – physical, emotional, spiritual. When we are out of alignment, it’s like being out of the stream. Instead of being carried along by the water’s flow, we have to labor hard each step of the way. Or maybe we keep encountering crisis.

  • “Going with the flow” can happen on many levels. This can be very weak – such as not standing for anything, being overly passive, not making a single splash in life. We take what comes. We don’t strive for anything. We slouch through life. This is of course, not the kind of “going with the flow” we are looking for. When balancing Virgo/Pisces, it is about finding a very articulate flow, a “purpose stream” if you will. It’s where our steps, habits, and small actions are in alignment with our broader vision.
  • We may be reaching a place of emotional exhaustion – tipping toward surrender.
  • This Moon comes with themes about control – both the Sun and the Moon are aspecting Pluto in Capricorn. Are there ways we are exerting control in a way that is ultimately futile and exhausting us? Likewise, are there certain areas in life we are being too loose and need to actually get a grip? Circumstances can align this week to show us where we alternately need to step up or release the reins. Part of this is about getting a clearer spiritual discernment about what is in our hands, versus what is not at this time.
  • Many of these themes around what seems possible, impossible, in flow or out of flow are very local to this moment in space and time – what is being supported to constellate, what has gravity. We need not draw larger conclusions about them than what is happening at this moment. An archaic, but still relevant theme in Virgo/Pisces is about punishment for wrongdoing. If we are not currently in Eden (or circumstances are not ideal), we have not earned it, we have not done a good enough job, we are wrong somehow, we have fallen from grace.
  • In some way, these judgements come from where we draw distinctions of worthiness. All things in life are cyclical – there are rises and falls of good fortune/good times. Sometimes this spans over months or years, and sometimes it is minute to minute. Maybe all at once, in different areas of life. We tend to freeze frames of these trajectories and decide which frames are enjoyable, and which frames are not, even though the existence of the enjoyable frames was directly connected to the entire process that birthed it into presence.
  • Wherever you are at in your process, this Full Moon can be a moment to feel the entire picture at once. Maybe there is something on the horizon we cannot yet comprehend – so how does the ego interpret it? Faith in the continuity of life is a kind of surrender. You may have no idea if you will live or die tomorrow, but you still brush your teeth. What about your dreams? You have no idea if they will come true or not, but you still walk toward them. The ways that we show up for life are creative acts and the mirror of the Universe will reflect it. Maybe immediately so, but perhaps not – perhaps later on. We can learn to love this process unconditionally. The process is yoga/union.
  • At the fullness of Pisces, the emphasis may be less on how we have been applying ourselves (Virgo) and may be more about what there is to surrender into.

September 9

Sun in 16 Virgo trine Pluto in 16 Capricorn: 3:41 AM PDT

  • Depending on how we use this transit, there is an ease to lean into inner-places that are needing growth, as much as there is an ease to avoid that. Rather than viewing these spaces that are needing growth as flawed inherently, think about these spaces as avenues where greater self-awareness and a deeper relationship to self can flourish. These may be subterranean spaces, pockets of your experience that you are capable of skirting over and not diving into, yet within these pockets there is fertility and richness, spaciousness, depth.
  • Pay attention to areas of your life where you’ve consistently devoted yourself; and see the rewards and ease that have accrued around it. Symbolically this transit is about a harmony between small, consistent upkeep over a larger arch of time.
  • When you show up for your passions, what compels and fascinates you, it is likely that the vision will continue to shift and restructure. Let this week be a reminder that our dreams morph, and become stepping stones for the next phase of the story. But the path only unfolds as we walk it. So rather than worry about the final result, pay attention to the vibration of who you are when you are engaged with what is profoundly compelling to you. This type of presence will lead and inform you.

Mercury enters Virgo: 7:52 PM PDT

Mercury, now direct, re-enters Virgo.

  • The Mercury-Mars conjunction that we had last week in Leo, is still active but now Mars and Mercury are both in Virgo. Mercury’s re-entrance into Virgo strengthens the resonance of this conjunction. When Mercury and Mars are conjunct, the two energies infuse one another, creating some manifestations such as: a very heated mind, fast thoughts, a more militant sense of anxiety than usual, a very focused/directed mind, the tendency to be more impulsive in acting on one’s thoughts or ideas, thinking and doing at the same time (as opposed to forethought), intrusive thoughts. If some of this sounds stressful, its because it really can be. There are some ways to get a grip/utilize these energies, though (read on).
  • Accept that the mind chatter is what it is. Having thoughts that you don’t want to have does not mean you have to defend yourself against those thoughts by trying to control them, edit them, correct them, prove them wrong. You have more free will as to what you say aloud, then what you think. If you want to sort out the mind chatter, talk aloud or write it out, or dialogue, but essentially let the monkey-mind roam and only observe it, rather than wrangle it. Apply your own higher sense of free will and discern between what you actually identify with, versus what is mind chatter.
  • Since Mercury is infused with so much energy at this time, it is not uncommon to be feeling overwhelmed or to be having physical irritations like headaches, but at the same time there is a great potential for mental breakthrough: exciting ideas, exciting news. In Virgo, we might be called to be discerning about where we direct our mental attention.
  • Because the messenger and Mars combine, the potential for being a messenger or receiving news which is either exciting or raises one’s defenses. Being in yin signs (Virgo), messages that make us want to raise arms can be revealing portals to self-awareness.
  • In the mind, one idea will lead to another, which will lead to another, and so on. This process accelerates with Mars added into the picture. When it comes to being discerning about what information you take in, for example, you might see that this is not necessarily about what media or information streams you expose yourself to, but what you emotionally choose to integrate/identify with/absorb. You can willfully take in ideas or identifications which are simple and improve your experience, such as an affirmation that you are supported by the Universe and that life has an intelligence that shapes and heals you. Feel how the nervous system responds to those kind of chosen thoughts, as opposed to ones that are fear-based (like worrying about what will happen)… so – discernment and will.

September 12

Venus in 21 Leo trine Saturn in 21 Sagittarius: 5:49 PM PDT

(Image: Casey Weldon)

This alignment also forms a Grand Fire trine to Eris in Aries.

  • This is a harmony between creativity and constraint. The parameters of a container are relevant to what is being formed within that creative container. This can apply to our external projects, as much as it applies to our relationship to our self or our commitments with others. When do guidelines and agreements support the integrity of something that is being created? How can choosing these parameters be a creative project in of itself?
  • The consideration that boundaries do not limit a situation in a finite way; they actually expand the inner-container in the middle of the experience. We access resources we would have not thought to call upon or realize the existence of; when we are creative within limitation.
  • A sense of haughtiness or pride can emerge which creates some pause or moral question. To stifle this pride, or roar? Make some kind of statement? It might challenge a role we play or another is playing. To act on the pride/haughtiness interrupts the status quo in some way (like Eris as disruptor, throwing the apple). In their own ways, Leo and Saturn both historically have pertinent relationships to respect and dislike disrespect. How do we find ourselves navigating disrespectful situations in life? It can be a tricky question. This alignment speaks to some momentum to honestly address what is occurring, as well as the potential for the status quo to be disrupted by this emergent sense of pride.
  • There is a tipping point in a creative process where before a person has begun to create what they are needing to or perhaps even here to create, they are filled with criticism and finger-pointing for how others are doing it wrong. If someone stays in this place, they are funneling their creative energy into criticizing the creations of others based on a projection of their own unresolved creative needs. If everyone around you is doing it wrong, it may be an auger that it is your time to account for your creativity.

Last Quarter Moon in 20 Gemini: 11:25 PM PDT

With Mercury-Mars still conjunct, and the Sun and Moon both in Mercury-ruled signs, our amped-Mercury vibe continues. The Moon will be opposite Saturn in Sagittarius, and together they form a t-square to the Sun in Virgo as a focal planet.

  1. The process indicated by Virgo is stressful and laborious when its motivated by shame (or a sense of “not good enough”). Take the cue from Saturn in Sagittarius’ play in the alignment here to use optimism and a supportive broader vision this week. Actually take a moment to account for how far you’ve come and how good you’re doing. Take stock of whatever it is that will bolster your vibration and remind you that the ways that you show up for life are motivated by love.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! Let me know what you think in the comments!

With love,

Sabrina Monarch

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