Astrology of 9/13 – 9/19: Quest Alignment

Nothing like a Sun square Saturn transit to start up the week to get robustly hearty in here. While on one end of the spectrum a Sun in Virgo – Saturn in Sagittarius transit could have us feeling really puritanical and harsh, it’s also about the true joy and reward of showing up for the things we are committed to: whether that’s our growth, our relationships, our destiny, or a new habit we are conditioning into our lives. How do we commit in our lives? How do our beliefs support that we live up to our potential, yet without carrying us to exhaustion? Think of it this way: gravity will meet the details & gravity will meet the process. Inevitably, our daily processes will confront our broader philosophical visions — and when one of these isn’t working for us, both come into question for realignment.

As Saturn in Sagittarius may impel, it is our very nature, our magical space within the cosmos, that is worth committing to. It is only natural that the path includes the tension of trial and error, mishap and adventure. Engage your support network and be the support – our lives and emotions are not privatized. Connection is the nature of the universe and no one quests alone.

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(Top image: Amliv Sotomayor)

September 13

Sun in 21 Virgo square Saturn in 21 Sagittarius: 7:58 PM PDT

(Image: Klub Kawalerów 1962)

  • The theme of commitment comes into focus – as well as the ways we might course-correct or adjust to honor the commitments that we really value. Some people may access the habit or direct process that appeals to them first (like a healthy change, a new routine) that little by little begins to form into a broader philosophical vision. Others may locate a grand vision first, and have to ground the vision with tangible steps to align with it.

(Image: Alexandra Levasseur)

  • Sun opposite Neptune recently challenged the boundaries of the ego (or general sense of self) through dissolution – so that could have been non-ordinary states of consciousness in a positive way, as well as a sense of feeling lost/confused about one’s selfhood, feelings of being ineffectual, anxieties about oneself. Now… that storyline continues via the Sun but with the confrontation of Saturn, a planet where we experience judgement as well as dignity. Saturn will bring gravity, in any which way or inflection. So we will see a potential with this alignment to be inwardly harsh and self-judgmental, as well as the opportunity to meet our problems or present crisis with expansive, dignified solutions. So simply, if you find yourself feeling excessively judgmental of minutia, of not being perfect, of not being to standard somehow, or projecting this onto others around you; recognize that you are acting out this transit and that this is not the only way these planets play together. All the mutable signs (Virgo and Sagittarius included) are very shifty and opportunistic in their own ways. See where there may be a bounty of untapped resource in your given situation by shifting your focus to what is available and supported – perhaps something you’ve overlooked.

(Image: Brian Britigan)

  • This transit may involve a strength, support, and expansion (Saturn in Sagittarius) that comes through the radiance of humility. Where demanding things from ourselves or our environment creates restriction, the genuine radiance of humility, such as asking for help or extending gratitude, invites support and mentorship.
  • This can mean getting down to the very specific questions that want to be asked, and the very specific processes that want to unfold, rather than being stuck in places where a sense of perfectionism or failure is so intense that the process is stalled. Where are your “control projects” – the places you go through all sorts of effort just to maintain something at a level which is actually beyond your capacity? These can be our problems and issues which for internalized shame, we speak to no one about, and expend way too much energy trying to keep under wraps as to outwardly appear competent. The weariness that this causes can come to a head with this square, encouraging us to engage new solutions or to gain a broader perspective that dissolves the original problem. This can happen through honesty and caretaking of the aspect of self which is struggling, beyond the attempt to control the struggle through means which are waning in effectiveness anyway.
  • On another note, related to this transit: the observation that the strength of a container allows for process to unfold. (Saturn being the container). A container can be an energetic or physical structure, and is related to the vibration of commitment. When it comes to a practice or a habit you’d like to engage or see magic within, or a relationship that we want to grow, there is something to be known here: it’s not always fun or perfect or inspiring! When we are truly committed to something or someone, all sorts of little issues come up along the way. Do we evade and avoid, or do these little issues grant us wisdom and strength? (P.S. at this very moment writing this, the military texted me and asked if I wanted to join them! Which makes me consider the following -)
  • Commitment is a form of magic, and within it we may be quite discerning about the consequences of our commitment, for it will condition and train us accordingly, and also may overextend or break a person if the commitment takes upon a life of its own past its necessary meaning. To not commit to anything, in the name of freedom or whatever, has consequences of its own.
  • Saturn in Sagittarius is great at making adventure and myth out of challenge and hardship – so extend yourself the favor, too. Leveling up, energetic merit badges, collecting experience tokens, cashing in your tokens in nonlinear ways, confronting the boss level (of the video game of life) — all things in this multiverse. Make your own myths to mark your achievements, including all those small ones that add up.

September 15

Venus in 24 Leo sextile Jupiter in 24 Libra: 12:44 PM PDT

(Image: Jacob de Gheyn – Venus and Cupid detail)

Venus is right on the North Node in Leo as this occurs, coinciding with Jupiter forming a sextile to the North Node in Leo. Together, Venus and the North Node in Leo along with Jupiter in Libra form a yod to Chiron in Pisces. To synthesize this, here are some points to be aware of:

  • Our hunger for love speaks to where we are healing or what our role is as a healer. Meaning, where your heart is aching or aspiring, therein lies the key for something transpersonal in your life. Hear the stories of most healers in the world and you will see this theme – their work is intricately connected to where they once felt disempowered or broken. Rather than limiting our perception of our deepest conflicts as quandaries that are just our shit burden to bear, realize that they also hold a key to something much vaster than you presently imagine.
  • The world of spiritual bypass (using spirituality to avoid one’s psychology) or dealing with our stuff psychologically (before moving to Spirit) is not a linear trajectory, like one has to happen before the other. Sometimes we can only deal or make sense of things in our life because of a broader spiritual perspective that allows the heart to feel secure enough to make the dive into our more daunting inner-frontiers.
  • If your focus is upon unconditional love, it may serve as a key to the answers which are presently facing you (via desire, conflict, etc. that leaves you wondering).
  • The heartache of unconditional love is showing up to love the wrong people – for some, this can be part of the path before wisdom and discernment is gained. Whether this is discernment about who to love, or just what it means to love (which includes not tolerating abuse), the path of love unfolds and deepens according to how we deepen as beings. Sometimes the love, or the riches in love that we seek, come because we faced our core wounding. Not for the lack of never being scathed. So why I say this is – have heart! Keep going. Keep asking your questions. Because if you’ve settled at an answer, you’re already overlooking something.

September 16

Mercury in 7 Virgo conjunct Mars in 7 Virgo: 12:01 PM PDT

  • This Mercury-Mars dialogue has been at the forefront the last two weeks as well. It is part of that anxiety theme, or sense of urgency. Since Mercury correlates with the nervous system and how we receive and organize data, and Mars is a very quick, sometimes violent energy, there is a certain heat to the nervous system at this time. This can mean being excitable, as well as being highly anxious or feeling a more urgent sense of needing to address issues. Since this is in our archetypal matrix at the moment, self-care is important for soothing the nerves.
  • When alignment occurs, (the nervous energy is soothed and channeled), this transit still holds a lot of vitality and pop. We might be excited about ideas and feel highly stimulated.
  • Our unconscious thoughts and anxiety patterns may rise to the surface. Unfortunately fighting them does not do much more than blow them up even more, because the frame of reference is still from the anxious point of view. A focus shift may need to occur, where we find what steps we are needing to take such that the anxiety naturally settles down. This process is unique to everyone and may take some experimentation. Also, note for the potential for things to blow over – as Mars is apt to correlate with — if we do not get in our own way with re-actions, which are a form of relationship to the thing being reacted to. Sometimes this a little like a hamster wheel. Where does your mental focus really vitalize you and provide clarity?
  • Rather than advocate for avoidance, I suggest here that like reflexology, sometimes the answer to the problem is not so directly confrontational with where we mentally locate the problem to be.
  • When in doubt, alignment itself clears the path. So if there are ways that you know how to center and soothe yourself such that it clears your mind, utilize that! It’s as “practical” as dealing with anything else, but perhaps even moreso because you’re setting up your foundation.

September 17

Venus in 27 Leo trine Uranus in 27 Aries: 9:25 PM PDT

  • An ease, or some inclination appearing at this time, for a shift in personal identity or outer appearance that is out of the ordinary or extreme relative to our normal Venusian homeostasis. Like makeover status.
  • The realization that a change in values, whether on an internal layer or external appearance layer, changes our lived discovery of experience. Anyone who has dyed their hair a different color knows this! Things change: not only do you feel anew, but the field around you shifts – people look at you or interact with you differently as your very signifiers of identity have changed. Venus in Leo can highlight ways that this is a creative tool for individuation (Uranus in Aries).
  • Let us not reduce this to vanity and restrict the creative impulses that are wanting to come through on that premise – outer appearance is a form of play and adornment and in that, it’s magical. Especially when we discover the ways to do this joyfully and personally, rather than the ways we feel conditioned to appear such that we will fit in or be valued by others we are seeking to fit in with. The latter can be fun too, but is also a source of suffering when a Soul has some more individuation to aspire toward.

September 19

Venus enters Virgo: 6:15 PM PDT

(Image: Franz von Stuck)

  • A time to consider the value of being discerning. It was brought to me by a friend once that Virgo did not originally mean virginal in the way we think of it – it meant “unattached”. This has since stuck with me. Virgo reminds me of the ability to be “pure” such as to be sensitive to the nuances of energy exchange. Rather than being overloaded with external energies to the point where no discernment can be made of what is what, a person can be articulately aware of how they take in and digest energies that are outside of their own. Rather than enmeshment or full union, Virgo is capable of returning to a state of relative purity through its non-attachment, to know its own essence as it is separate from another’s.
  • In our personal lives, this can extend to becoming more articulately aware of when we want to interact and be affected, and when we want to take time to come back to ourselves. The eroticism of Virgo is that connection is a choice, and the connection is felt in its entirety because Virgo is sensitive to which energies are external, or of the other.
  • Along with Virgo’s traditional lore and the concept of “purity” we might also think of the opposite – impurity or being tainted. (Sadly, concepts like these are often a cause of suffering!) Let us not forget that Virgo also rules digestion. What we take in can be digested. We get to be discerning about what we want to digest, but even in the case of unwanted energies we encounter through the messiness of life and various pollutants, let us not forget our power of digestion as a way to metabolize, or burn off, that which we do not desire.

Mercury in 12 Virgo opposite Neptune in 12 Pisces: 8:50 PM PDT

(Image: Alexandra Levasseur)

While Mars is slower here, Mars is also only a few degrees away from an opposition to Neptune, so we will be feeling both.

  • A general confusion about efficacy can be occurring, since our actions and how we are aligning with practical earthly reality is potentially clouded at this time. As a result, transpersonal or spiritual insights also come through because rather than being landlocked in the mind, we are flooded with Neptune’s realm.
  • In one regard, this can be very stressful because things are not certain or there is crisis like the actual floods/weather, pipes breaking, or information leaks.
  • The positive potential is that, by the bursting of function, we become aware of other avenues and channels within reality which were otherwise not drawing our consciousness before. We may be confronted with the need to become more holistically aware and creative.

New Moon in 27 Virgo: 10:30 PM PDT

This New Moon is at the end of Virgo and will be opposite Chiron in Pisces, and forming semisextile to Jupiter in Libra, and an inconjunct to Uranus in Aries. Here are some things I would pay attention to:

  • What makes us uncomfortable at this time will pass – however there are some ways to meet it that may be more helpful/enjoyable than others. One is that these conflicts or sources of discomfort reveal that we are now in direct relationship to new knowledge – a key, as it were – to what is not yet known. As they say it is darkest before the dawn, psychologically this is true too. Just before expansion, we can feel very uncomfortable.
  • Not to paint a bleak portrait of this New Moon, but it’s making mostly stressful aspects and is in direct relationship to Chiron. I could see it being an emotionally trying Moon – or we might say emotionally dynamic. (It varies of course on the individual, what’s at play for you and your own natal chart!) I would suggest not to take your woes on this Moon so literally or at face value: look into them with prayer. Ask them what they are revealing to you. Make space in the soil of your heart and psyche for something to grow.
  • A flip side of this would be receiving some kind of water for the psyche. Something lush, and healing, where before there was a dryness or lack of connection. In a lot of cases, we don’t get to choose when these watery moments of relief drop upon us. Usually though, it is in response to an earnest humility: the desire to know the truth, the courage to ask for it, and the flexibility to be open to new information. No matter where we’re at, we can make the space for it with the humility that is the energy of Virgo.
  • This New Moon will be conjunct temple goddess Vesta in the 0 degree of Libra… this is great for seed planting, especially things that will bring upon harmony and connectivity. Remember that the New Moons are also new beginnings – and we can compare them to soil in which nothing yet is grown but a seed is being planted. Despite appearances, tune into the possibility and fertility of this moment with your intentions for peace, justice and wellness for all.

I like to remind everyone that planetary alignments are infinite in their scope… manifesting in a variety of different ways. This week I’ve reflected on how I like to touch the psychic edges of what is happening because that is where transformation occurs and I am a Pluto-based astrologer after all! No matter the season, the whole spectrum of human emotion is present and capable of existing. If you find that you would like personalized attention on your natal chart and transits, see me for a personal reading. Please share this article, and let me know how it reaches you in the comments! Do you resonate? What do these ideas make you think about in your life?

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

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