An Exercise in Manifestation: Problem-Solving by Transmutation

Often when we are meeting circumstances we don’t like, we will fixate on them at length and detail, ruminating on all that is wrong with a situation. Fixation is a quality of Scorpio and Soul, and whatever we fixate on becomes magnetic to our frequency. However, what we consciously fixate on is likely at critical mass anyway: that is why it is conflicting the conscious mind. This is also the time where a storyline can be turned around.

A possibility is to consciously focus on that which you do want versus what you won’t want and to imagine in detail, that which you want. This is likely best done with an emotional vibration of faith. Sometimes people avoid thinking about what they want because it brings up the pain of not having. So, with that in mind, this exercise is only useful if there is an amount of faith present, truly believing that things are possible. If you were writing in a journal for example, you could start brainstorming the solution to the problem, starting even with solutions that seem ineffectual but as you continue the solutions get more and more lucid. This not only pulls a person out of a victim or helplessness mentality, but also begins to bring in the magnetism of solutions or better alternatives.

There is a barrier inherent in this process: the reality in which we are actually addicted to the problem even if on an ego level we don’t like it. To be able to turn a situation around, a person has to be able to advocate for a higher interest; and to let go of the soul level and ego level attachments to the given drama at hand, as well as what character one plays in that drama and all of the ways that satisfies a person on some level, even if it also causes distress.

The issue with not engaging the imagination of what one actually wants, but continuing to ruminate on the problem at hand in all of its complexity and nuance, is that the mind will not access the language or neural maps of the solution and its heightened realities. To imagine possibility before it has appeared is to allow evolution and change to unfold in consciousness: then we begin to draw closer to that reality and it opens in the mirroring, external reality in the form of opportunities, affirmations, shifts. To fixate only on what is wrong or lacking does not make space for the alternative: it only deepens the black hole of lack mentality.

Scorpio, which is the archetype connected to Soul, relates to expanding past one’s limitations. Scorpio makes a natural trine to Pisces, which is a naturally imaginative, delusional or spiritually lucid sign. Being stuck in psychic ruts, and believing that experience to be the only reality there is, is but a limitation of interaction between Scorpio/Pisces. The ways to experience breakthrough past psychic ruts are numerous. When there is not yet the practical or earthy-seeming route (a clear solution), it can be a matter of imagining the route, or imagining the possibilities. It begins with a tipping point in the consciousness to make a choice to evolve and face the issue creatively, to assume the empowerment necessary to shift the landscape of one’s interior and exterior life. It’s not a matter of normal willpower but of soul willpower; the will located at the deepest layers of self.

Some extra conditions/notes:

  • Accessing the nuances of what is wrong with a situation is deeply useful, especially when consciousness also knows that there are mirroring solutions (to be discovered) to every apparent conflict. To not examine deeper layers of reality just because they are unpleasant is not something I’m advocating for – I mean to draw the distinction of not getting stuck there.
  • This kind of inner-work is a privilege. Often it assumes we have the information that this psychodynamic process is possible, as well as not being in survival mode against life circumstances which demand one’s constant vigilance. Yet, as a cosmology and philosophy, it is beginning to spread to more and more people how much empowerment we actually have in terms of creating reality.
  • Walkers between worlds – people who can see problems and possibilities, are especially resourced to transmute (Scorpio). They feel the compost and can imagine the blooms. It’s like being hungry and knowing what you need to eat. Problems of our lives and of the world at large are similar: they point to hunger, what is desired. People who can only see problems are just a step away from being a walker between worlds. And people who ignore problems but have a connection to Spirit may find their lives improve as they find spiritual meaning in showing up for the less enchanting aspects of reality, which are not as scary as they appear.
  • From the lens of Scorpio and Soul, any experience can be evolved. Problems are hooks along the way that can distract us from our Soul and empowerment within when we believe these things to be all-powerful, or they are situations which deepen us into who we are as we face and meet those conflicts.
  • Limitations and boundaries are part of reality, but like the stairs at Hogwarts, they are constantly shifting.

(Top Image: Mario Sánchez Nevado)

~Sabrina Monarch

14095872_10154532336829312_605006490544395441_nSabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She also enjoys yoga, hiking and creative writing. You can subscribe to receive her weekly forecasts by email here.


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