Jupiter square Uranus & Glitches in the Matrix: Astrology of 1/13 – 1/19

Uranus in Taurus stations direct just before forming a square to Jupiter in Aquarius. Mars in Taurus draws closer to Uranus, first squaring Saturn in Aquarius and highlighting the current Saturn-Uranus square. These transits speak to me of instability and glitches in the matrix. I want to be very intentional about what I mean by “the matrix” here. Most simply, I’m talking about ordinary reality, convention, a sense of normalcy, both in society and in how we experience ordinary boundaries, physics, and laws.

For anyone who, like myself, plays with altering and shifting reality through psychology, magic, and metaphysics, the matrix has not been something to believe at face value. We already see that there are laws/rules of the matrix (if we drop a ball, it will fall to the ground) and that some of these rules bend (if we visualize light around ourselves, we can experience a change in energy or a sense of protection. If we visualize light around a future event, it may go more smoothly than if we are preoccupied by anxious thoughts about said future event.) In an ongoing way, we discover the intersections and negotiations between these apparent laws and the nature of free will and intention.

Positively, seeing the veil flutter or the matrix shift before our eyes can be about experiencing a sense of liberation from the ordinary constraints we have been paradigmatically bound to previously. We experience a newfound sense of freedom, adventure, or insight, about something that once was just a wall.

But this is bender-like, unhinged astrology as well. Making too many connections and jumping to conclusions in an ungrounded way. Getting on a conspiracy theory bandwagon. A self-proclaimed horned Q Shaman storming the US capitol on the January 6 riot.

Astrological transits are multivalent, and come in many shades. The Jupiter-Uranus square is wild, paradigm-shifting, traveling-to-the-moon (literally, Jupiter and Uranus were in aspect during the first moon landing), quantum leap type of astrology. Saturn-Uranus relates to disturbances in the status quo and accelerated change. 

As someone who has gone off the deep-end personally before in the flurry of intense spiritual expansion (I talk about it in my second episode of The Magic of the Spheres podcast) I know firsthand that there is something to the Joseph Campbell quote, “The psychotic drowns in the same waters in which the mystic swims with delight.” Like the way set and setting will impact the experience of a psychedelic journey, our psychological and spiritual groundedness/maturity also influences how we relate to flashpoint moments of increased synchronicity, meaning-making, and the presence of magic and the beyond-the-ordinary, numinous threads of reality.

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Welcome back! Or in case this is your first time here, I’m Sabrina Monarch and I’m a soul-centered astrologer. I love providing perspectives on the opportunities of transits and putting into words what the zeitgeist feels like at this moment in time, to support you on your path & open a dialogue between us and the cosmos. If you would like to receive these weekly forecasts to your inbox and be notified of upcoming educational opportunities, sign up for my mailing list here.

Here’s our week after a few announcements!

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Astrology has always been so fun and magical to me but also something I see as worth being dedicated about, which means training! There are many hours that go into studying, practicing, and then there are also the attunements of how to live astrologically (how to track the transits, how to evolve your expression of your natal placements in daily life, discovering learning opportunities everywhere, etc.) – so let’s develop skill and interpretive acumen in community. This is a space for astrological devotion, and for bringing this practice into earth – i.e. materializing it and making it a reality. Open to alumni, with potential special exceptions to people well-versed in Evolutionary Astrology. Learn more and apply here.

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Here’s our week:

January 13, 2021

Mars in 3 Taurus square Saturn in 3 Aquarius: 3:01 AM PST

Keep in mind Mars is triggering the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square with this transit (you can watch my video about this Saturn-Uranus transit that is characterizing 2021 here.)

  • Part of Mars’ intrinsic nature is a desire to move forward, uninhibited, free of obstacles. Mars may often take pleasure from overcoming obstacles (the endorphins from a workout, the joy that the psyche actually takes from struggle and engaging war, etc.) or can get angry/frustrated when its will is thwarted. 
  • With Mars in Taurus, creating a first quarter square to Saturn in Aquarius, there is some emphasis on a will to try new things or new strategies that are in relationship to a substantial overarching vision. It’s like having just learned some big, radical idea, and really wanting to apply it. There is likely going to be some struggle here in the sense that overnight solutions or actions are not available for systemic problems, or challenges that have been years, decades, or even centuries, in the making.
  • An opening here is patience, or a strategy that involves sustainable action. Taurus teaches us about embodiment. A pressure of this transit may be realizations that actually embodying an idea takes a lot more time than it takes to think or envision it. 
  • As for the point that the psyche enjoys war and struggle, it is worth being honest about that. Think of the camaraderie, the victories, the sense of purpose, the thrills, the sense of aliveness. Outside of conventional warfare, this can take the form of secretly (on the low) loving the conflicts in our lives because they make us feel alive. Just like Venus can be superficiality and shallowness or real pleasure and connection, Mars also has immature and mature forms of itself. Mars in Taurus can bring us home to our own personal soil, the places where we grow war or peace in our own psyches. How do we cultivate our fire in a way that honors life and creates peace? How do we engage conflict nobly and responsibly, and with grounding/sobriety?

Venus in 6 Capricorn trine Uranus retrograde in 6 Taurus: 4:22 PM PST

(Image: Waiting – Nikiphoros Lytras)

See last week’s forecast section on Venus trine Mars, a transit which is still active and involved here, since Mars is conjunct Uranus!

  • Creating more joy, gratitude, pleasure, play, or related emotions/states are really a practice. Venus-Uranus can be pleasure, love, and wealth upgrades. And with these planets in earth signs, it suggests slow steady cultivation.
  • I started reading The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown in this last week and am really inspired by her concept of “worthiness now” – not worthiness when we achieve some particular thing, when we look different, when whatever. But worthiness now. There is something so earthy and embodied about this to me – like worthiness is not conceptual, a thing for later – but that it’s already incarnate and here.
  • In the book, Brene Brown quotes a friend and author Lynne Twist on the subject of scarcity, from Twist’s book The Soul of Money. The quote goes:

“For me, and for many of us, our first waking thought of the day is ‘I didn’t get enough sleep.’ The next one is, ‘I don’t have enough time.’ Whether true or not, that thought of not enough occurs to us automatically before we even begin to question or examine it. We spend most of the hours and the days of our lives hearing, explaining, complaining, or worrying about what we don’t have enough of… We don’t have enough exercise. We don’t have enough work. We don’t have enough profits. We don’t have enough power. We don’t have enough wilderness. We don’t have enough weekends. Or course, we don’t have enough money – ever.

We’re not thin enough, we’re not smart enough, we’re not pretty enough or fit enough or educated or successful enough, or rich enough – ever. Before we even sit up in bed, before our feet touch the floor, we’re already inadequate, already behind, already losing, already lacking something. And by the time we go to bed at night, our minds race with a litany of what we didn’t get, or didn’t get done, that day. We go to sleep burdened by those thoughts and wake up to the reverie of lack… What begins as a simple expression of the hurried life, or even the challenged life, grows into the great justification for an unfulfilled life.”


“We each have the choice in any setting to step back and let go of the mind-set of scarcity. Once we let go of scarcity, we discover the surprising truth of sufficiency. By sufficiency, I don’t mean a quantity of anything. Sufficiency isn’t two steps up from poverty or one step short of abundance. It isn’t a measure of barely enough or more than enough. Sufficiency isn’t an amount at all. It is an experience, a context we generate, a declaration, a knowing that there is enough, and that we are enough.

Sufficiency resides inside each of us, and we can call it forward. It is a consciousness, an attention, an intentional choosing of the way we think about our circumstances.”

  • A huge shift I had in my own experience this last week was realizing where I delay (like Capricorn’s capacity to delay gratification) a sense of worthiness onto some future point – I’ll be okay when, instead of claiming that worthiness now. It occurred to me that a new layer of self-love is opening up, one that asks to be loved as is, instead of waiting for some arrival point. As Capricorn represents authority (among other things) it has me contemplating the nature of claiming the authority to love ourselves and to really take on that responsibility. I say responsibility here because self-love is an orientation from which we can also be more loving to others, so loving ourselves is also taking accountability for the imprint we leave around us.

January 14, 2021

Uranus stations direct in Taurus: 12:36 AM PST

  • This station can have Uranus in Taurus themes feeling louder or more focused – which can include things like an evolving relationship with food and/or the earth, somatic awakenings, becoming aware of how/where we hold scarcity and liberating from that, how trauma is stored in the body and somatic release, evolutions around self-worth and self-esteem.

Sun in 24 Capricorn conjunct Pluto in 24 Capricorn: 6:19 AM PST

(Image: Elizaveta Porodina)

  • At a basic level, the Sun conjunct Pluto brings light to the Underworld, or light to hidden, secret, potentially taboo places or places where we hold shame. Pluto also in turn, brings a chthonic intensity to expression or radiance (the Sun).
  • Many esoteric teachings emphasize the power that we carry within – the gems we have in our deepest, soulful self. We each have a unique journey around uncovering this essential self as well as embodying the authority of that essential self – having the courage to be who we are, and having the courage to face the scarier parts of ourselves or what it means to be in touch with our own power.
  • This uncovering process is never-ending. If we think we know everything or that we know ourselves fully, it’s quite easy to fall out of alignment with ourselves. Part of our creative development in this incarnation is working with our own mysteries – what disturbs, moves, and fascinates us. We can also lose touch with ourselves if we routinely project this onto others – making other people or circumstances responsible for our emotional reality and responses to life, assigning our own power away. When we are in relationship with this power, and our power, we get to decide how we want to be in relationship with others and with reality, as opposed to being compulsively bound and reactive to the external world.
  • We may have experiences or inner-pressures arise this week that are urging us to have more consciousness around our own power or around methods/self-development techniques that assist us in having this deeper relationship with self. As the Capricorn archetype can suggest here, this kind of thing can be ‘work’, but it is incredibly rewarding.

January 17, 2021

Jupiter in 6 Aquarius square Uranus in 6 Taurus: 2:49 PM PST

(Image: Rainbow Clash)

  • Given the large presence of upheaval (part of the Saturn-Uranus mood, and the ongoing fallout of other seismic historical events) it may be easy to overlook the upgrade in consciousness that Jupiter-Uranus represents here. Jupiter-Uranus transits relate to quantum leaps – innovation in science, in culture, and in spiritual technology.
  • Negatively there can be inflation or a kind of religiosity about out-of-touch ideas. Uranus brings a lot of voltage, and the vessel has to be ready for that voltage. We might take too extreme of liberties in creating narrative or context around events. This is at least also playing out in the collective. Unhinged.
  • When more embodied or sustainable (key, Taurus), there can be massive upgrades happening right now. This can be related to paradigm shift, removing certain walls of perception or perception of possibility that we used to have that kept our world smaller, or freeing ourselves from stories that we’ve been attached to in our consciousness/nervous system.
  • This transit can come with hyperreal reality feelings, such as more intense synchronicities or really feeling on the verge of a breakthrough in a way that feels reflected in our day-to-day life. We might be gaining more insight on how to be connected to ourselves and parts of our experience that we’ve previously disassociated from or become numb to – and experience a feeling of waking up that comes with coming back online to places we’ve unhooked from.
  • Tune into opportunities (or ask for them) for liberating educational experiences. We numb or disassociate often because we don’t know another way to work with the ideas/emotions that are coming up. But when we learn frameworks or tools that help us contextualize and relate with those things we were blocking ourselves from connecting with before, we experience liberation. (This is part of why I love personal development so much – it’s a rich field with tools, techniques, modalities, ideas, for greater connectivity with ourselves and our inherent magic/wisdom/resiliency).

January 19, 2021

Sun enters Aquarius: 12:40 PM PST

The Sun will be in Aquarius until February 18.

  • Aquarius Season begins – immediately in conversation as part of a stellium with Saturn, Jupiter, Athena, and Mercury in Aquarius. Aquarius is a brilliant, cerebral energy. Aquarius relates to revelations, flashes of insight, and a larger systems awareness of life. It is a wonderful time for seeking and cultivating insight, and for working with our ideas, as well as countering this with grounding activities so that we can sustain this river of intellectual creativity that the Aquarius water bearer pours down on us. (While symbolized by the water bearer, make no mistake that Aquarius is an air sign!)
  • While the Sun travels through Aquarius, it highlights the ways that our identity is communal – how we relate with belonging, how we feel influenced by people and culture, and how we participate in culture. We may be experiencing celebration around thriving friendships or thriving community relationships, or feeling not much light in this area of life, such as if we feel isolated or disconnected. Part of how we find our people with the Aquarius archetype is by signaling ourselves accurately – expressing ourselves in a way that is authentic and magnetizes authentic connection. 
  • Aquarius relates to the process of individuation, such as when we leave the culture of origin we’ve always known and begin to differentiate ourselves – perhaps having a different worldview than the people in our hometown, or wanting something different from life than our original circle of friends. While the separation is isolating at first, it begins to pave the way for more authentic connections because we’ve also honored our authentic self, instead of trying to fit in and stay comfortable. Aquarius can also relate to re-integration, such as the return home, or the return to ‘normal life’ after awakening experiences (awakening separates us from our previous status quo).
  • This being said, Aquarius isn’t just about going it alone – it is about community. Reaching out to connect with others is important – making ourselves available to connection, as well as honing our frequency, are Aquarian activities. There can be some dissonance at different stages of the journey (not feeling met, or feeling belonging), but when we feel aligned with our frequency and connected with others, it’s a radical kind of joy. Aquarius Season is a wonderful time to befriend ourselves, and the world by extension.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! If you would like further guidance, I have been increasingly focused on longer-term 1:1 work with my students and clients, in the form of mentorship – helping people form a depth relationship to their natal chart and personal transits over time, to develop themselves, to heal, and to reach their goals, all through the soul-making lens of evolutionary astrology. If you’re interested in working together in that capacity, I am currently accepting new clients. Send me an email at sabrina@monarchastrology.com to start a conversation and set up a free consultation call.

Find me on Instagram @sabrinamonarch and Twitter @Sabrina_monarch, get on my mailing list to stay apprised of all upcoming offerings and events, and I’ll see you next week!

With love,

Sabrina Monarch

(Top Image: Elizaveta Porodina)

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