Forgiveness Full Moon: Astrology of 2/13 – 2/19

We are coming into this week with fire at our tails – the Mars-Uranus conjunction in the last degree of Aries definitely related to some drama and flashpoints. But now, Mars moves into Taurus and Venus in Capricorn forms a conjunction to Saturn in Capricorn – and we reach a Full Moon in Virgo. This gives our week a definite earthiness, even as the emotional intensity continues to build to the Full Moon.

A way this might manifest for us is that we can learn or be reminded this week about the value of taking things slowly. Not everything we want now has to happen now. And just because there is something we want now, and that it isn’t happening now, doesn’t mean it’s not in the realm of possibility. These are all dramatic and fiery types of thinking. The earth energy is much more pragmatic and stabilizing. When we are earthy to an excess we might lack vision for expanded possibilities – but if we are full of desires or passions, we need the earth energy to ground and stabilize these passions into reality. This means things like: showing up for the details, engaging time and space, keeping appointments, producing the work and not just thinking about it, creating a container, eating foods that nourish our bodies, moving our bodies, connecting with physical items that support our intentions (your props, your tools). 

Venus in Capricorn aspects Neptune in Pisces – and romantic and aesthetic longing are heightened. Mars is in Taurus – and slow is sexy. Every moment leading to the climax or the high we are seeking matters and holds so much depth if only we will tune into it. It’s but a fractal of the whole.

Let us find some sensual footing – a sense of feeling beneath our toes and soles as we walk. You can extend this metaphor to how you feel as you do things. Is there a way that you can drop in deeper this week? Wherever we are trying to get to is influenced by each individual step, so we may as well have esteem in it all.

The Full Moon in Virgo is an invitation for emotional purification – with the Sun, Mercury and Neptune in Pisces at that point, a theme I want to bring to everyone’s attention is forgiveness! Forgiveness is an ongoing emotional practice that allows us to clear our energetic fields. Stacking up grudges or grievances about other people, ourselves, or even reality itself – is sneaky! It dusts up our lens and obscures our sense of beauty or love that is always available to us. We have to remember to keep dusting it away – to forgive – as life keeps happening and presenting us with situations that we’re not automatically willing to forgive. Of course, with practice, our forgiveness and compassion increases. But we’re not perfect, and that’s ok! Forgive that, too.

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Here’s our week:

February 14, 2019

Mars enters Taurus: 3:51 AM PDT

Mars will stay in Taurus until March 30.

  • After a vibrant, energized, pumped Mars in Aries conjunct Uranus – Mars movement into Taurus (while still close to Uranus) can signify a slowing down. Mars in Taurus can bring a boost to stabilization and cultivation processes we are undergoing. It can favor endurance and tenacity, though sometimes the effort may feel like a slog.

  • The erotics of Mars in Taurus may be to let things build up slowly! This doesn’t just go for courtship in a romantic/sexual sense but also about the nobility and courtship we bring to life itself. With Mars in Taurus we can feel energized by taking things slow and sensually. The end results will also be juicier and richer. The cause and effect in the realm of Taurus is like value and time in, value out. It’s very simple.

February 17, 2019

Venus in 15 Capricorn sextile Neptune in 15 Pisces: 1:44 AM PDT

Venus is close to a conjunction with Saturn in Capricorn, and forms a stellium between Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node in Capricorn. Saturn and Neptune recently formed a sextile, which I wrote about two weeks ago – you can read that here.

  • This transit emphasizes romantic or aesthetic longing – a longing for connection or beauty where it feels that there is still a divide or an obstacle. This longing is helping us not just dissolve boundaries in the external world – but to discover our own reticence to love, or things like our own reticence to tell people how we feel or that we love them.

  • Alternately, we may also discover the magic in Capricorn themes like boundaries and withholding. There may be situations where intuitive timing requires that we keep something close to the chest – and other situations where it’s clearly time to de-armor, reveal.

  • So, we may feel some of our normal inhibitions around expressing or receiving love dissolving at this time, but there is still some push-pull around maintaining boundaries that we perceive as proper, secure, or meaningful.

  • Wherever there is a missed connection with another or whatever image is a primary focus of our desire, we may experience a calling to harness and re-invest that erotic energy in a way that feels more aligned or supported.

  • There is some generative, creative blurring of boundaries in terms of what feels possible or what feels pleasurable or worthy. This can stretch us past our conventional modes of feeling. Still, we may experience some boundaries as supportive or as setting containers for experiences we would like, so we might be realizing the illusory nature of boundaries while still negotiating how we want to work with them as tools.

February 18, 2019

Sun in 29 Aquarius sextile Uranus in 29 Aries: 12:54 AM PDT

(Image: Sarah Stieber)

The Sun trines Pallas Athena in 29 Libra; Uranus opposes Pallas Athena. Chiron in 29 Pisces, just about to move into Aries, is at the midpoint of the Sun and Uranus.

  • We are conditioned by the various labels we identify with (or are labeled with by others). This week, however, we may see how beneficial and freeing it is to see without these labels, even if we are able to return to them or negotiate them as we are required to in certain situations. To be able to see through labels, rather than to be blinded by them, is the opportunity. Additionally, seeing through labels may give us permission to access other parts of our multi-dimensional characters and personas that we previously felt we didn’t have access to.

Chiron enters Aries: 2:07 AM PDT

Chiron last moved into Aries in April, but retrograded back into Pisces. Now Chiron is in Aries to stay – until 2026.

  • Chiron’s stay in Pisces brought us in touch with disillusionment that worked to dissolve aspects of our ego and make us more permeable and aware of collective suffering. Saturn and Chiron squared each other at various times over the last few years, also bringing us in touch with contemplating problems or wounds that feel impossible to heal, and incredible breakthroughs when we were able to get past feelings of impossibility. Any despair we may have felt also helped us develop compassion.

  • With Chiron in Aries, the wound and the medicine is to be found in our very individualistic selves – the part of us that asserts difference, the part of us that separates. In different circumstances and different doses, this same archetype (Aries) can feel incredibly freeing and energizing, AS WELL AS lonely and isolating.

  • Consider then, the double-edged nature of being an individual. In what ways does separating from the grain and asserting your own self a medicine in the times to come? How would you support this emergence? And, how might you be sensitive to notice in what way does this kind of individual assertion actually create or perpetuate a wound unnecessarily? It doesn’t have to be an easy answer or something you know in advance, just an edge to be aware of.

Venus in 16 Capricorn conjunct Saturn in 16 Capricorn: 3:51 AM PDT

A cycle between Venus and Saturn has just completed that began December 25, 2017. (You can go back in time for some perspective and read that week’s forecast here). Venus-Saturn cycles can bring our values and our relationships into sturdy manifestation – yet we may also be challenged with Venus-Saturn aspects with all the obstacles and obstructions to love and beauty that we have internally or meet externally.

  • Moving into this cycle, we are at a new threshold/new beginning of learning how to support and grow whatever it is that we love and value in this life. What will we need to invest in, and where will we need to stop wasting energy?

  • Venus and Saturn can be quite harsh in combination – swiftly cutting away connections with others, for example, because it no longer fits or seems like a practical investment of energy. It is actually similar to the Marie Kondo energy of letting go of whatever doesn’t spark joy. Where the stakes are higher or the feelings unequal between parties, swift endings can leave quite an impact.

  • The art of Venus and Saturn together is to habitually uphold, maintain and invest in what is valued and to discriminate well such that the need to ‘cut’ is minimized – because the very structure of our lives generates more value, due to our prior labors and decisions. Affairs may move along very swiftly this way, but there is the potential for breaking points to occur, especially if emotions or feelings are overly compartmentalized along the way and one has stopped manifesting an authentic life. 

  • Venus-Saturn in combination can reflect the values of tough calls and setting boundaries in relationships. This can also mean that we do not get ourselves involved in relationships or projects out of obligation in such a way that is inauthentic and we will eventually have to bow out.

  • Alternately, we may consider what forms of commitment we actually do want to bind ourselves to – not because of a more superficial layer of obligation but because we are genuinely committed and interested in the alchemy that commitment will facilitate.

  • The last Venus-Saturn conjunction I used in lieu of making a News Years Resolution – and everything I wished for came true! But not without some struggles and tests, which is one way we learn through Saturn. Still, I have no regrets. It’s a powerful moment to set some intentions about what kinds of values you want to facilitate and have endure in your life.

Sun enters Pisces: 4:04 PM PDT

Mercury in 15 Pisces conjunct Neptune in 15 Pisces: 11:36 PM PDT

(Image: Shaun Tan)

Mercury will retrograde in March and complete this conjunction to Neptune two more times.

  • On the downside, we may be feeling some glitches in technology or plumbing (Mercury and Neptune are both in water signs) — and feeling like we are jumbling our words or not quite communicating effectively. But as normal communications or mental patterning dissolves – it makes space for new thinking and new patterns.

  • Nonjudgemental, nondiscrimination, inclusive, holistic, forgiving thinking and perception can be emphasized.

  • We may experience the pull to re-route our thinking or our plans based on factors which are out of our scope of vision or control. This can feel disorienting on the ego layer of our consciousness. But this surrender may also yield a deeper connection to what is actually happening in reality, versus just trying to force or push our own agendas. As beings with free will of course, our practice is one of balancing effort/will and surrender. Mastery stuff. 😉

February 19, 2019

Full Moon in 0 Virgo: 8:52 AM PDT

The Moon in Virgo forms in quincunx to Chiron in 0 Aries, and the Full Moon axis forms a t-square with Juno in Gemini. The Sun is sextile Mars in Taurus; the Moon is trine Mars in Taurus.

  • This Full Moon offers an opportunity for emotional purification – perhaps as we forgive and let go of grudges that are weighing our auric field down more than we even know.

  • Forgiveness and letting go are emotional skills that are redemptive not to just what is being forgiven but to the one who is freeing themselves by forgiving. It is an emotional skill that is also a practice, revealing new challenges and depths. Forgiveness is a practice that has to be maintained, not just something we do once. Like dusting or cleaning a house that continues to get messy on its own accord, we pick up grudges and over time these grudges become toxins that obscure our ability to be clear channels.

  • With the ruler of this Moon, Mercury in Pisces also conjunct Neptune, the theme of compassion is multiplied. The capacity to dissolve stuck energy with our words is multiplied. Consider actively writing or saying what you are forgiving and letting go of at this time. Complete the impact by sending the paper off with the wind, or fire (burning), water (submerging) or earth (burying).

Mercury in 16 Pisces sextile Saturn in 16 Capricorn: 7:39 PM PDT

  • We can become aware of ways that we are being hard on ourselves or measuring ourselves against unfair/imaginary standards. The more we realign with our own path and our own spirit (and not standards we’ve internalized that do not belong to us), the more we might are able to interact with inspired or realistic standards.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! I really appreciate you being here with me as I know that if you connect to this writing we have likemindedness and that is so special. Please share this article with a friend who you think would resonate!

Please let me know what you think in the comments – truly I want to know so leave a note! I love you and you are tribe to me, thank you for finding your way to these words and resonating with them in whatever ways you have. If you feel you would benefit from further guidance on your personal natal chart and transits, I am available to help! Book a reading with me here.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts, works with clients and teaches. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She is a novelist and is currently pursuing her masters in Philosophy. She also enjoys kundalini yoga, meditation and ashtanga yoga.


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