Drug Experiences And Aquarius


Aquarius and Pisces share an association with drug use traditionally. Not as a generalization of Sun Sign Pisces or Aquarius but as a part of the experience that lines up with what these archetypes represent. Pisces relates to the experience (among many things) of intoxication, while Aquarius reaches more into the aspect of mind-altering – deconditioning, experiencing a different type of brain chemistry, seeing reality from that point of view, and then coming back to the shared (consensus reality) with new perspectives. How a person integrates those perspectives and adjusts to life upon return from the altered experience is totally variable.

How a person relates to drugs and drug experiences can be very visible within the chart. We would look to where Aquarius is, by planet or house cusp, and what aspects any of the Aquarius planets are making, Uranus by sign and house, as well as what aspects there are to Uranus. For example, the Moon trining Uranus would have a very different flavor than Pluto squaring an Aquarius planet — relative to altered states of consciousness, the first might imply a person who is relatively comfortable and secure in altered states where the second one implies that altered states of consciousness can necessitate/trigger intense experiences of transmutation.

A note on the word “drug” – I don’t know of another word that suffices that is more neutral. The other thing, at a certain level of sensitivity, a new food, a new herb, a wild harvested plant eaten straight out from the earth – have the potential to act like a drug. It’s not about the classification so much as it is about something that triggers a different chemistry.

A note on this and Uranus Squaring Pluto – one of the influences of this time has been the rise of medicinal and recreational marijuana in the US, WITHIN the structures and rules of society (Pluto in Capricorn). Of course, relative to the square energy, it’s not been without conflict and fight. Regardless, it has been being worked into the system, and therefore the mainstream. This does have an affect on culture at large, because people en masse are downloading alternate ways of viewing reality. This is just one of the ways of infinite that this energy shift is playing out.



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