Venus-Mars Conjunct & a Full Moon in Leo: Astrology of 2/16 – 2/22

This is a romantic week – the wake of the collective observance of Valentine’s Day, the Moon is growing full in Leo, and Venus and Mars link up in a conjunction that will last through early April as the two travel close together. The archetypal lovers join in the sky! Venus and Mars create a spicy field where we are emboldened to be more upfront or revealing about our desire (internally and relationally) and there is more willingness generally in the field to be expressive and affectionate.

Of course, we are all in different spaces when it comes to the heart, so the transit filters through our consciousness uniquely.

Venus and Mars coming together is a special activation around confidence and the energy to create value. There is a lot of initiative here. Think about where it would be meaningful for you to tap into this energy (or perhaps you’re already in the flood of it). This is not just limited to external acts of initiative like reaching out to someone – it is also an internal shift of starting an inner fire. I’ve been feeling this one in the meditation of cultivating joy and aliveness as an active practice, that is not dependent on external circumstances to open or awaken me, but rather is a state that I live and attract from.

Welcome back! Or in case this is your first time here, I’m Sabrina Monarch and I’m a soul-centered astrologer. I love providing perspectives on the opportunities of transits and putting into words what the zeitgeist feels like at this moment in time, to support you on your path & open a dialogue between us and the cosmos. If you would like to receive these weekly forecasts to your inbox and be notified of upcoming educational opportunities, sign up for my mailing list here.

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Here’s our week after a few announcements!

Astrology reading books open – I am taking a small number of clients and hope to open my books more frequently than I have been. You can purchase a reading with me here (while spots are available).

METEORITE 2022: We begin again March 6, 2022! This is a yearlong advanced course for alumni of the Evolutionary Astrology Intensive (and the previous Meteorite). This group is in service to astrological craft and voice, our mission is to become receptive to downloads and novel insights and to embody them. This is a high level practitioner group for people wanting to strengthen their astrology practice both for their own enrichment and for their participation in the world. By being in community and the unique field that opens up in this group, we’ll spark and accelerate our creativity. The course facilitates each student to produce a project of their own invention within the year program, whether this project is creative, scholarly, or personal.

Read more about the METEORITE themes for 2022 here.

“Meteorite is more than a course. It is an initiation into understanding and embodying astrology – not only a symbolic language, but an animate path into your soul’s true essence. The container is simultaneously expansive and electrifying, grounding and challenging. You will build relationships with fellow travelers who are all unified by the sincere desire to live more enchanted, magical lives. And yet, we come together with the understanding that we won’t all end up in the same destination – we take with us what’s most prescient in developing our individual paths. At the end of our first year together, I began to hear my own unique voice as an astrologer and to viscerally feel my path. The hivemind that constellated around Meteorite assisted me in further developing relationships with astrological archetypes and in communicating my knowledge with the communities that I serve. 

Throughout, Sabrina held the container with integrity, stamina, and versatility in toggling back and forth between the leader and a community member. I appreciate that Sabrina was able to honor all our diverse perspectives while holding the energetic sacredness of the container.” – Jonathan Koe

Apply here by February 27.

The Evolutionary Astrology Intensive is open for enrollment 🖤🐉🖤 May 2 – September 14, 2022.⁣

Pluto’s significance in the natal chart is as deep and mysterious as Pluto’s physical distance from Earth. Pluto is a gateway to dialoging with the unconscious/subconscious realm. It is a trapdoor through the veil – the way we find ourselves here on earth at some point without memory of where or who we were prior. Yet, life speaks to the deeper memory at the core of our being through our fascinations, desires, and struggles. We each have the opportunity in this life to awaken to our deepest inner truth and live from that place.⁣

Working with Pluto and the lunar nodes becomes a direct communication with the soul – the being who has been here before and will quite likely be here again.⁣

In the context of the world, we speak of the importance of history – that history repeats itself or at least rhymes. The soul has a past too, and our lives are the cutting edge of our souls’ evolution. This form of astrology is therapeutic and electrifying because it is a bridge to what we know inside at such a deep level but have likely not been given the language or mapping for it.⁣

Making sense of my life through this profound wisdom school Evolutionary Astrology has been one of my deepest and most unrelenting adventures and I’m excited to share it again.⁣ Learn more and enroll here,

New episode of Magic of the Spheres out with @fabicalvo_ – Fabiola shared several of her poems and we discuss the transits the poems were channeled under and how the transits are reflected in the poems.⁣

Fabiola cultivated this practice of connecting writing with transits in METEORITE last year and enchanted us with her poetry for her project, alongside the charts mapping the poems’ celestial imprints. The creative muses too reflect the sky 🌌 and it’s awe-inspiring to get to feel the transits through art (where they do certainly show up, even though we often first understand transits primarily as events or psychological states).⁣

Tune in where you listen to podcasts. ✨ Or on your browser here.

Here’s our week:

February 16, 2022

Mars in 16 Capricorn conjunct Venus in 16 Capricorn: 6:28 AM PST

(Image: Nihal Demirci Erenay)

Venus and Mars are journeying close together, will enter Aquarius together, and will begin to separate in early April when Venus enters Pisces. At the moment of this conjunction in Capricorn, Venus is still in her post-retrograde shadow phase. A few possible themes:

  • There is a lot of drive and motivation (Mars) available right now for Venusian topics, which can look like: art-making and artistic expression; pursuing and building new relationship; sharing fire in existing relationships; fitness inspired by feeling good or looking good; the pursuit of beauty, luxury and pleasure; performance.
  • This motivation/drive combined with Venus could also look like enhanced self-esteem or confidence that comes from the willingness or intention to step up. With Mars and Venus in Capricorn specifically, there may be a strength around follow-through or actually committing to concrete acts that relate to our values. Naturally this can bolster self-esteem because we see ourselves acting with integrity.
  • Venus and Mars are now at the start of a new cycle together, which means this moment is full of possibility and a new evolutionary cycle is beginning. Capricorn, however, relates to what is established – it could be a family business that is generations in the making, or a craft we are extremely skilled at because we’ve put in thousands of hours. It is possible there is something that is stoking our fascination at the moment that we feel we *should* be brilliant at: a new painter wanting to create a masterpiece, a new dancer wanting to be like someone who has been doing it for years. There could be a strong energy of entitlement in the field at the moment in the form of, “I should be good at this (without practice building up to it).”
  • Sometimes the discomfort of being new or unskilled is enough to hinder a person from doing something new at all, especially if they already feel skilled in other things (why start over?). The activation of Venus and Mars together, though, might offer beginner’s mind motivation. Mars in Capricorn can be an especially competent placement and speak to places we have already developed significant mastery, but it can also relate to the vitality of being new and the willingness to see the course.

How would it impact your psychology, behavior and life results if you primarily thought to yourself and operated in a energy of: 

“ I am here to be a producer of blessings and miracles” 

“ I am the value producer”

“ I am here to level up people, places, and things with my existence..” 

“ I am the THE PLUG for value and amazing life experiences” 

Instead of operating in a energy of: 

“ I am here to beg, wait on, and receive blessing and miracles..” 

“Somebody needs to give me something” 

“Somebody owes me something” 

“People are not doing enough for me” 

Eli Markus

Full Moon in 27 Leo: 8:56 AM PST

The Sun and the Moon square the nodal axis in Scorpio and Taurus at the time of this lunation. For this interpretation, I’ve reflected on the meanings of the tarot cards associated with the third decan of all the fixed signs (as they are all represented here in this grand fixed cross with the lunation and the nodes). It brings us to the 7 of Swords for the Sun, 7 of Wands for the Moon, 7 of Cups for the south node and 7 of Pentacles for the north node.

  • A potential crisis and potential liberation around creativity. There are certain moments in life where we are connected to universal energy – we are in a profound flow of genius, a joyful chapter of life, we feel deeply connected to our pursuits, connected to our soul, even in the presence of struggle which itself feels meaningful. These are chapters of our lives we privilege as special. They may be connected to times we traveled, times we were in particular relationships, or times where our creativity was especially activated such as when we made a great work. It is a great season of life.
  • This high can inverse into a subsequent low. The winds of the universal energy that carried such a magnificent time in life change: we are no longer in the special relationship, the fire has gone out, we are no longer inspired by the particular artistic medium we spent as much time with, we no longer live in a particular place, our body has changed, etc.
  • A major trapping here is when we freeze the perfection of the past as a template to try to follow again, or a metric to assess our current life by. We can never have it back. The trap, though, is not that we can’t have the old moment back. The trap is that our consciousness is bound to the expectation that we /should/ recreate the same thing. Thinking back to those highs that we grieve: those magical, special moments of the past were an erotic effulgence of a full participation with that moment and that season. Those heightened moments were originals, not duplicates.

“This time when we have fallen from the ‘path’, when there seems to be no way, is often a reopening to a deep experience of the soul. Many old teachers suggest that we cannot revisit the garden by quite the same path we once did. The drums can no longer provide what they did as a young boy.

C.S. Lewis used this mythic staple beautifully in his books for children – you can’t keep finding the Otherworld through the back of the wardrobe, so keep your eyes open for other doorways. Stay curious.” – from Snowy Tower: Parzival and the Wet, Black Branch of Language by Martin Shaw

  • The 7 of Swords (for the Sun in Aquarius) shows a person walking away with a bundle of swords – the card and decan relate to a deep critique of the situation/paradigm/world and either walking away from it (abandoning the situation) or code-switching or being deceitful to be part of the situation. Whereas the 7 of Wands (for the Moon in Leo) depicts a man fighting off opposition and holding his ground. The 7 of Swords evades or uses cunning to deal with conflict, whereas the 7 of Wands is an open fight.
  • To reflect on these images as the mascots of the Full Moon – at an inner-level there may be some dynamic of realizing what we are walking away from or what we feel in rejection of, and simultaneously activating our ‘fight’ in the name of a higher value or aspiration.
  • For example, if we bring it back to the magical/special chapter in life that has passed: there is the process of leaving it behind (we see it is futile to cling onto it) and then the gathering of life force to aspire again. There is not necessarily a fight in a traditional sense of having an enemy, but there is a process of standing up for something important. If we miss/grieve the zest for life we had in a previous chapter that we no longer have access to and we want to reclaim that emotional state, we have to find a new path into that space. This is a ‘fight’ energy in the sense that it is not just surrendering to ultimate loss, but is a galvanized state of aspiring once again. We might consider it a kind of courage of the heart, apt for a Full Moon in Leo.
  • Is it not a profound layer to the drama of life? We do not just grieve bad things that happen – we grieve the end of special chapters. This fallen place turns us in on a space within ourselves where we wrestle with our desire and our will to create magic once again, in a new way.

February 17, 2022

Jupiter in 11 Pisces sextile Uranus in 11 Taurus: 4:13 PM PST

  • This is a very supportive transit for feeling a sense of awe. Jupiter and Uranus come together as “quantum leaps” (see Cosmos and Psyche by Rick Tarnas) – these two planets come together as dramatic advancement of knowledge or insight that can feel so awakening and exciting.
  • The sextile is a subtle aspect and is activated more with intention than it stands alone as an inevitable energy. Just recently I got back into a practice of deciding when I wake up that it’s going to be an amazing day, and then anchoring into gratitude and reflection of the day before going to sleep. I love this practice because it is a timeline jump – my days do drastically become more magical, delightful, and rich.
  • With Taurus and Pisces, it also feels very yin/receptive (both feminine signs) and could relate to the expansion we might feel when we choose to dance and really feel the dance in our bodies at a deeper register than normal, or when we practice visualization and enter deeper channels of our consciousness than we would normally touch. It is the energy of cooking a beautiful meal and then eating slowly, really taking everything in. 
  • When Taurus and Pisces come together, the dream (Pisces) can feel more tactical and concrete (Taurus) and we might anchor the dream, bring it down. The tactile/earth/body realm can also become more magical, because we sensitize ourselves to it. With tenderness toward ourselves, we can also dissolve/heal stagnant layers of our experience by meeting them and unraveling them – like when we are curious and present with an aspect of our inner life, instead of rejecting it immediately – and we actually give it time and attention to unfurl its process.

February 18, 2022

Sun enters Pisces: 8:43 AM PST

The Sun will be in Pisces until March 20.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! If you would like further guidance, I have been increasingly focused on longer-term experiences in the form of the Evolutionary Astrology Intensive, higher level courses for alumni, and 1:1 mentorship (mentorship re-opening at a future time) – helping people form a depth relationship to their natal chart and personal transits over time, to develop themselves, to be in their power, and to reach their goals, all through the soul-making lens of evolutionary astrology. I would love to support you in building your relationship with astrology. The intensive is currently open for enrollment and I am taking applications for METEORITE 2022 here.

Find me on Instagram @sabrinamonarchget on my mailing list to stay apprised of all upcoming offerings and events, and I’ll see you next week!

With love,

Sabrina Monarch

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