Mirror Work: Astrology of 10/16 – 10/22

Can you still tell it’s Libra Season? Libra’s ruler, Venus, is in the underworldly sign of Scorpio. Still characteristic of Libra Season we may be forming new friendships and making new contacts, and we may be learning and picking up new skills around how to communicate and love more. But there is also a very Scorpionic energy at play – such that our mirror work has also become shadow work, putting us in contact with both our negative projections (what we don’t like to own about ourselves) and our positive projections (qualities we admire and have not owned in ourselves yet but can recognize in the other). We might deepen into considering our own magnetism at this moment in time. Is there someone in your field who inspires and mesmerizes you? This is also you, calling back at you through the mirror.

Amidst the potential to judge ourselves and others this week, there are incredible opportunities for healing, acceptance, and forgiveness, which are alluded to below in this week’s transits. Remember that forgiveness does not mean accepting circumstances into our life that we don’t like, or that are abusive even. Forgiveness can exist with boundaries. The point of forgiveness is dissolving the pain-body, and the grip the pain-body has on our perceptions and openness to life.

In this last week since I wrote you, a friend told me about the concept of “mirror work” which is looking in the mirror and discovering how to love what we see – how to replace our judgmental thoughts about ourselves or our appearances with something positive. This seems relevant for the current astrology, as well as the form of “mirror work” described above which is how we encounter and experience others & what reflections they spark within us. I wonder about how vigilant we feel we have to be about judging ourselves and others so no one steps out of line – when there is also this whole other world that opens up when we see with love and compassion. Being the complex creatures that we are, we may discover how to do this in integrity with our values, such that our love is coming from a rooted and embodied place.

Welcome back! Or in case this is your first time here, I’m Sabrina Monarch and I’m a soul-centered astrologer. I love providing perspectives on the opportunities of transits and putting into words what the vibe may feel like at this moment in time, to support you on your path & open a dialogue between us and the cosmos. If you would like to receive these weekly forecasts to your inbox, sign up for my mailing list here. You’ll also receive a new subscriber-only article about the current Saturn-Pluto conjunction, and be the first to know when my online astrology courses are open for enrollment.

Before we get into this week’s transits, a few announcements!


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In the natural zodiac, all the fixed signs correlate with creative mastery – whether a specific project we want to bring to fruition or our entire life we want to throw into blossom. The wisdom teachings of these signs extend past personality and are experiential forces accessible to anyone (regardless of the presence of fixed signs in one’s natal chart). 

The forces associated with the fixed signs can be intentionally cultivated for enhancing themes in our life such as: abundance, wealth, intimacy, healing trauma, self-worth, healing addiction, building community, empowerment, joy and playfulness, confidence, genius, real transformation, re-programming the subconscious, and manifestation – to name a few! 

In this lecture and workshop we will learn how these signs and their related themes work off of and amplify one another, and how you can use this knowledge to break up stagnant patterns, meet your own excellence and genius, and build a more authentic life and social network. Think astrology lesson and coaching masterclass in one: this information will change your life and support you on the path of realizing your inherent creative gifts.

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Taurus and Scorpio are a tantric axis. 🌹

Taurus relates to our relationship with ourself and our environment, and how complete we can be in ourselves yet receptive to resource, pleasure, and simply feeling good in our bodies and feeling rooted in our self-worth. 🍇 👄

Scorpio relates to our urge to merge – our desires and drives that compel us, perhaps obsess us. Scorpio relates to how we are transformed by our connections. 🐛 🦋

The conversation between the two signs can determine how magnetic we are, how receptive we are to receiving what we actually desire versus how stagnant and blocked we might be. The conversation between these two signs also relate to our entanglement and involvement with toxicity just because it’s all we know or all we think we are worth, versus our clarity and commitment to value.

I couldn’t be more excited to share a conversation about Taurus and Scorpio with you that I had with astrologer and YouTuber Arakai Moon.

Arakai Moon is a shamanic bodyworker and evolutionary astrologer, whose finesse in working with and naming subtle energy is truly inspiring.

Arakai spent 6 years in the jungles of Costa Rica, merging deeply with the land, plants and animals, and I think you will soon tell from this episode just how truly enchanting and perceptive she is. I had the best time recording with her.

Tune into this episode where you listen to podcasts! Or via your web browser here.

Here’s our week!

October 19, 2019

Mercury in 20 Scorpio sextile Pluto in 20 Capricorn: 3:21 PM PDT

Mercury is also closely conjunct warrior-strategist goddess asteroid Pallas Athena in 21 degrees Scorpio at the time of this alignment, adding to the already calculating vibe of Scorpio + Capricorn.

  • This transit may bring us in touch with the opportunity, or even just desire, to be more clear about transactions and exchanges of any kind, such as if there were a contract or an agreement. In relationships, this could be naming and working with needs and expectations (rather than being unconscious or uncommunicative about them). In business it is the same, though perhaps contracts would be present in actuality!
  • An artful, or higher potential of this, can be to create agreements that are mutually enhancing situations. If there is a power imbalance or the exchange feels unequal, we may slow down to consider other options. We, and/or other people, may be very skillful at getting our own way, but at what cost? Could there not be a more graceful or resonant option or set of options?
  • Before even extending this energy to how we are interacting with others, this can bring up internally how juiced and activated we are toward certain things and how deadening and lifeless other things feel for us. If we are creating agreements with others from a place of obligation or unclear motives, we may feel more sensitive to it at this time, which can allow us to re-assess. Likewise, if we sense that other people are collaborating with us from unclear or hazy places, as though capitulating to our agenda, we may want to check in.
  • There is a certain sharpness and keenness in the mental field right now that may correlate with cutting into the reality of various issues at hand. Let’s say you had a delusional or self-limiting story in operation – Mercury-Pluto here could be the laser that cuts through it. Take note of ideas that are correlated with pain or urgency, without attaching onto them too strongly – these ideas may be up for transformation! When something hurts it’s often ready to change. We will be more sensitive and aware of information that empowers us to move past our previous limitations.

October 20, 2019

Venus in 14 Scorpio sextile Saturn in 14 Capricorn: 6:58 AM PDT

(Image: Ezgi Polat)

Ok – first the heavy…. then the miracles (see Venus-Neptune section below) 🙂

“Get intimately familiar with your own and your partner’s 2-3 biggest vulnerabilities. 

And then learn to wholeheartedly love each other with those wounded parts there for as long as a lifetime is with one another.

We put an extraordinary amount of pressure on ourselves to move past our wounds.

That rush to heal can do so much damage.

That pressure can motivate us to secretly tuck our bruises away.. even when the wounds are still very much a part of our life experience.

Please know that doing that to ourselves or our partner can actually (re-traumatize) wounds.

It can add a layer to shame to the experience.

This is one of the most significant things couples can do:

Know that you will both have at least 2-3 main vulnerabilities that will move through every stage of your life with you.

Know that this doesn’t mean that you can’t or (shouldn’t) work on healing them. 

You absolutely should. 

But even healed scars can have residue.

If you had a parent that left home at a young age, you will likely be sensitive to certain cues of abandonment approaching. 

If you had a partner/s cheat on you, you will likely be more sensitive to outside threats. 

If you have had a parent emotionally or physically abuse you, you will likely be more fearful of raised voices or too much physical closeness during conflicts.

These are not minor experiences. 

They change our perceptions.

They change our brain chemistry. 

They deserve the care and respect they weren’t given the first time around. 

They deserve to be replaced by caring and secure relationships that help us repair some of the damage that was caused by them.” – Silvy Khoucasian, M.A

  • The deep dive of Venus in Scorpio is profound intimacy – both with ourselves and others. In conversation with Saturn, this brings into question how we allow ourselves to relate to whatever is “untouchable” within us – our traumas, our shame stories, whatever we’ve repressed and locked away. 
  • Having the charge around a wound neutralized, or not being re-triggered, is possible. But it is not the end-all-be-all in terms of worthiness or capacity for meaning or happiness. When we’re not yet at that place of ultimate or final healing around something, this does not need to exist as a place in the self where we are not worthy or capable of love. That is a self-defeating and unfair standard, yet there can be that devil-on-the-shoulder energy that declares it to be the standard. 
  • It’s hard to live with such heavy restrictions upon love. And you know what is also hard, but far more rewarding? Learning how to love that which we think is unlovable within us. And by extension, learning how to be more tender with others.
  • Just as we may logically (and experientially) know that it’s not just about the destination but it’s about the journey, that when we think of accomplishing our goals and dreams it’s also necessary to enjoy life and all the moments along the way, the same goes for healing. It’s tempting, when working with the pain-body, to get into a space of thinking that we just have to heal something and then we can breathe, then we can open up to life again. But deep, vulnerable, self-love can be about how we are present with ourselves where we think we are ugly, or that our process is ugly.

October 21, 2019

Venus in 16 Scorpio trine Neptune in 16 Pisces: 12:40 PM PDT

You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
for a hundred miles through the desert repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.

Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.
Meanwhile the world goes on.
Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain
are moving across the landscapes,
over the prairies and the deep trees,
the mountains and the rivers.
Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air,
are heading home again.
Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,
the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting –
over and over announcing your place
in the family of things.
” – Wild Geese by Mary Oliver

  • Just as Venus and Saturn come together for the work of helping us engage and learn to love that which we’ve harshly judged or repressed, Venus-Neptune comes in like a balm of transpersonal, divine healing. At some of the deepest layers of healing and forgiveness within Neptune, we come to see that there was never anything to forgive.
  • Sometimes this grace comes to us in the form of relationship or profound love with another (when we experience a love deeper than we’ve known or a love that reaches into places within us that we have never ourselves loved, etc.) and sometimes it comes through moments of grace in our spiritual or contemplative practices. But either way, whatever form or experience it takes can be like a vessel. The love comes from the Source.
  • At a lower octave, this transit can correlate with addiction and the compulsive pursuit of pleasure – like when we’re reach for the feeling of stimulation, but it leaves us hollow or feeling worse after a temporary spike. Often what ends up healing this pattern is finding deeper meaning, and a deeper connection to both higher powers and to ourselves. If we catch ourselves reaching for pleasure and stimulation as a vehicle to numb (rather than to connect) we might check in with ourselves of what we are really needing.
  • At a higher octave, this transit can relate to the grace and nearly religious experience of getting what we want and feeling fulfilled. What does this fulfillment mean? It means having opened up internally to the love and worthiness that allowed us to ask for and accept the fulfillment of our desire, and it’s the rapturous feeling of receiving that.
  • Similarly, this transit can also relate to our self-love in the midst of our deepest longings and the healing that occurs when we allow ourselves to desire what we desire, rather than walling off from ourselves because it hurts too much to want. Longing and desire are art forms, if they are not to be sources of suffering. How do we love and hold compassionate space for wanting what we want?
  • By extension, this energetic relates to the act, and capacity, to give – what it means to provide, and to have that gift received.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! I really appreciate you being here with me as I know that if you connect to this writing we have likemindedness and that is so special. Please share this article with a friend who you think would resonate!

Please let me know what you think in the comments – truly I want to know so leave a note! I love you and you are soul family to me, thank you for finding your way to these words and resonating with them in whatever ways you have.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts, works with clients and teaches. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She is a novelist and is currently pursuing her masters in Philosophy. She also enjoys kundalini yoga, meditation and ashtanga yoga.

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