Week of October 26 – November 1, 2015 Horoscopes


This week let’s look at the astrological events from the perspective of Scorpio, since the Full Moon is an illumination point of the Sun in Scorpio’s polarity Taurus, and the week is ending with a beautiful Sun in Scorpio – Neptune in Pisces trine. This has our Scorpio archetype interacting with two major forces of love: Venus, ruling over Taurus and earthly love and conditional love (that equates as well to fairness, justice, give and take), and Neptune which corresponds to Divine love – unconditional and boundless love.

The Full Moon brings in a renewed sense of identity in the eyes of Venus. It is a very common thing to hear about people having difficulty giving to themselves what they would give to another. Unconscious Scorpio and lower Scorpio tendencies have a lot to do with jealousy and possessiveness because it is essentially an extreme neglect of self-love and projecting all of that onto an other, who can ultimately betray or abandon the lover in this metaphor. It does not just have to be romantic love, there are many aspects in life which we give our power away from not having discovered our own. Scorpio in its ascension to discovering true empowerment will often become very skilled at power games such as manipulation and domination. Here, Scorpio can attain its desires but not without cost, and not permanently. Scorpio is tasked with the work of constantly letting things go. Desire is not the problem, but it’s the distortions that come out of desire that are – and wherever we have Scorpio or Pluto we are asked to examine and clear our shadow. This Full Moon, we are reminded through our emotions and by following the threads of their attachments and their conditions, that our emotional empowerment does not come from only getting what we want. It comes from being what we want, and loving what we are being, and offering that love back out to the world.

With the Sun – Neptune trine we are seeing ways in which we can access heightened awareness of our true creative power, and illuminate ourselves beyond the disillusionment associated with our Neptunian experiences. There are messages rampantly in our human collective that life is random, more or less informed by a empirical but faithless view of reality that highly reduces the sense of magic, and our sense of agency in accessing that magic. This cynicism speaks of disillusionment, of having wanted something and not received it, or having lost something and wondering why. But that oversimplifies it. Aligning with the Universe to be able to manifest what you want speaks to having a consciousness that is in alignment with the Universe – the duality or the separation thins, and one can also accept or respect the mystery more. Alignment is a conversation, a sensitivity and a practice – and a creative act! It is not usually just something that happens. It’s a honed gift that once burning bright, creates a momentum of its own.

This Sun – Neptune trine, if you should engage with it (trines are ‘easy’ aspects and can be consciously utilized), is an opening to find more alignment with your focused will and with how the Universe will match you. With the Sun in Scorpio, ruling over cycles of life and death and rebirth, we will find ourselves making progress only as we are willing to let go of what no longer serves us. The trick of it, I suppose, is getting creative about envisioning what it is that no longer serves you, and letting yourself see the gateway of Neptune, where Love is ultimate, and you will not be left wanting. Even your struggles, the things that seem bad from the scope of being a human, may be instrumental to the needs of the Soul, of your purpose, and if not for anything else, it being a marker of your desire to return to the Love consciousness that has always been here and will always be here. It never disappears, but is only obscured.

October 26 – November 1, 2015


Aries/Aries Rising: A more distant plan you have cultivated for your future is seeing the back burner this week – and not for any bad reason. Simply a process is unfolding now that is taking up more of your attention. If you attend to this, it will actually help your cause. One call is definitely to slow down and enjoy the leisure of the process right now. When you let go of hang-ups/anxiety around this, you’re just left with paradise.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: This Full Moon and into the week you are being helped to be more in tune with your own impulses instead of the impulses of other – you see the starkness of where you’ve vibrated otherwise. And it is a matter also of tuning into places that can use more of your creativity, versus where you have put on a face of being a member of something, a group identity if you will. Your creative urges take on more importance.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: This is a week to take self-care as a matter of importance. Matters of health and organization can be prickly, but really they are just needing some TLC more than they need avoidance. Tapping into the zen of showing up for process and for the nitty gritty of process yields spiritual illuminations. Think: preparing the vessel. Also tenderness over judgment. Tenderness trumping judgment so judgment may be exhausted.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: This week you may see where playing the game of romance has only served to perpetuate an illusion. And while you have been malleable to an extent – how much has it been worth it? Courage this week is in stepping forward into the identity that is ultimately unique to you – and not simply perfecting the image that gets you what you thought you wanted. Its time to show up for the options that are true.


Leo/Leo Rising: The private versus public axis is lit up this week. Essentially this is official time to lay low if you have skeletons in the closet. But do attend to that stuff and find a healthful way – it’s a harmonious and easeful time to do some soul work even though the prompting will be gentle. If you examine what is close to the chest right now, It will have in the long run a positive effect on your career or public life.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: This Full Moon can initiate a more solid understanding of the *bigger picture* operating in your life at the moment. The relationship arena is very theatrical this week, revealing what options are going to be supportive long-term and which are sticky and to be avoided. Consider that the theater of it all may be more truthful than it is random while at the same time appearances can be tricky & lead to indirect insights.


Libra/Libra Rising: If you’re going to go down the rabbit hole, it may as well be a good one. Discernment is a theme for this week in terms of what rabbit hole(s) you are investigating. To be fully engaged with life does mean taking the plunge when it calls. But you can be empowered in not diving into a place where you know it’s just an old addiction calling… dive in where there is growth and LIFE to be lived.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: In your love life right now, is as though you’re bowling with the bumpers – if you are getting out of alignment with what is really healthful and in harmony for you, you come across blocks. Trust this. A fantasy may call this week but the test is if it will practically fit into the matrix of your truth at this time. It sounds like a high order, but chemicals bond together for being the right match all the time.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: Love, acclaim, and success of any kind that has ‘weight’ right now and likewise, lack of those things — are related to a healing process of the self and identity this week. An illumination occurs around how you may show up more for process in your life to facilitate your wishes. Whatever yearning is triggered this week is excellent material for coming to know your own mystery and is sacred. Don’t ignore it.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: Practical, hands-on, experiential discovery is affecting how you view what is ‘possible’ or not (even a spiritual sense) palpably this week and experimenting with trying new things catalyzes this. You can expect (or ask) the Full Moon to shine its light onto your inner-child, and the joyful function of your life that has been iced over if only by necessity or survival. It’s different now.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: You get major insights this week as to if your work empowers you or not, and if your work is creating growth or if it is a source of soul death. If the insights are grim, a letting go is necessitated, whether it’s an attitude or a habit or something else. And you need to get in depth, hardcore even, about your PLANNING so that you’re not just reacting to life but that you’re constructing it, too. If all is well, ride this flow for epic productivity/advancement.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: Look into whatever impatience you have around this feeling of return to Eden… (you know, metaphorically) so much so that you are willing to be controlled by your impulses. This week brings in an awareness of harmony that is in true and natural relationship to its desire, rather than one of consuming that desire as if it will evaporate. Have peace, Pisces! Smooth it out.

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