Generosity & Renewable Frequencies: Astrology of 8/5 – 8/11

Generosity is a portal – a high-power, high-frequency stream through which MORE is renewably generated. It is Leo Season and this week Mercury in Leo makes aspects to Chiron in Aries and Uranus in Taurus. One thing likely to come up with these transits is a tension between needing to create or have some level of output/external expression versus how much we believe we possess to give. Which asks the question – is what we are in possession of coming from a finite or an infinite source?

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Often we hold back because we think that we will run out of something. And perhaps there is some truth to this – if we give all of ourselves while we are also closed off to being connected to something more regenerative and infinite – then we can run out. But when we tap into the infinite and our expressions and offerings are channeled through us, but aren’t just us – there is always more to share.

So if we decided we wanted to be more loving, it wouldn’t have to be our own, clearly-portioned amount of love exactly that we are sharing. It could be universal love that we are in service to and we make ourselves a channel for it to flow through us. As we give, as we are loving, we are also feeling love pour through us and we feel regenerated by it.

As an experiment, take a moment to inhabit a memory, or an image, that brings you into a state of gratitude or happiness. If this is not immediately accessible, see if you can pretend to feel these things.

In this moment that you called this feeling state to mind, you generated or created a state of being from within yourself. We do this all the time with a variety of moods and images, but don’t always recognize it for the creative power it is.

Moment-to-moment, day-to-day, you can choose an energy or some energies that you are loyal to, devoted to, and allow yourself to source them from a deep infinite well within yourself and to direct yourself in your actions toward those qualities and directions.

This is a basis of generosity.

Generosity doesn’t mean that you don’t rest, or that you lack discernment, or that you become someone else’s supply. You can keep the distances and boundaries that you need to. And yet…

You can channel through your being more abundance and more to give. You can lift the barriers that keep you holding back your expression and your affection. 

Tune into where life is giving you this invitation. Sometimes it is co-present with where we feel we don’t have enough, where we are tuned into lack, or feelings of unworthiness – anything that justifies interior retreat or consolidating and reserving energy. In these places, being generous seems like the last option because it doesn’t seem like there is anything to give. And it’s not helpful to scrape at what little is left – but to imagine and connect with a different kind of environment – one with fountains, with radiance, with currents of infinite energy. Just like you can generate things in your imagination, sometimes this contemplation of renewable resource or infinity is imagined before it is discovered as real.

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Here’s our week!

August 7, 2020

Venus enters Cancer: 8:21 AM PDT

Venus will stay in Cancer until September 6.

  • During the transit of Venus in Cancer we are brought in touch with opportunities to build emotional connection, or we may create them.
  • Venus and Cancer are a deeply yin pairing – we may put some energy into noticing how we allow ourselves to harmonize and relate with our moods, and how we flow with them. There are times we might have some ease shifting a mood, like if we make a mindset or attitude adjustment. Other times the mood has an intelligence of its own and we may find ourselves benefitting from relating to what we might otherwise feel we should control.
  • Venus was in Gemini almost half a year because of the last Venus retrograde (April 3 – now) so this may be a noticed shift in your field. The transition of Gemini to Cancer signifies moving from a state of collecting experience and information with endless curiosity (Gemini) to wanting to make a home (Cancer). While of course it depends on a variety of factors and what Venus is activating in your chart personally, there is a likelihood that some extraversion will tone down and close connections may be invested in more.

August 9, 2020

Mercury in 9 Leo trine Chiron retrograde in 9 Aries: 11:02 AM PDT

(Image: film still from Blancanieves)

  • Though we may think of the water element as more “sensitive” in a classic way, the fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are also sensitive. This sensitivity shows more through irritation, anger, or pride. The pain points are not feeling respected, honored, or seen, or feeling like their fire is being snuffed if their enthusiasm is discouraged or their big visions/plans thwarted.
  • While the fire signs possess charisma and others might be drawn to them, fire energy doesn’t have the same social finesse as air or water energy does – the fire signs impulsively express themselves outwardly, which can be alluring and fascinating to others (attractive) or it can be rude, clumsy, or not that welcomed by the social environment they are in. And since the fire signs like being admired and respected, this kind of negative social feedback is sensitive for them.
  • As Mercury and Chiron harmonize in fire signs this week, we might pay attention to the sense of feeling heard and seen, both in ourselves and others.
  • It is not generally a happy place for anyone when, expressing their enthusiasm or their victories, they are met with discouragement, disdain, jealousy, etc. However, with increased skill (around timing, harmonizing with the field of reality) and a more receptive audience — one’s enthusiasm, storytelling, and victories works to actually inspire other people and create more connection and warmth in the relational field. Sometimes we just have to believe in this arch.
  • The fire element is also very connected to the hero’s journey. There are often steps along the path where external guidance and encouragement are absent and we feel more on our own. Usually the cultivation of greatness involves a willingness to believe in ourselves in moments where we’d prefer someone else did that for us.

(Image: Robert Allan)

  • Active kindness, actively beaming out some kind of goodness/generosity into the world, can be such a deeply impactful and generative thing to do. Everyone, no matter how obviously on the surface, is on their unique path, and an act of kindness sent their way can impact them for their entire lives. Shaman Durek (from Ancient Wisdom Today podcast) has stated that the problems we see in the world are ultimately lack-of-love problems, and that the more intention and presence we gave to being loving and sharing love, the more the world would move in a positive direction.
  • If you’ve ever practiced focused meditation or energy work where you changed your state of consciousness into something more loving, visualized surrounding yourself with light, or edited old traumatic memories and refocused your mind on abundance and gratitude, etc – did you notice a shift in your life toward more good things coming your way or more ease opening up? It is possible that when we focus on radiating love and kindness as a general practice, we are extending this personal practice (of inner sunlight) beyond ourselves and into more clearly shared ecosystems (i.e. “the world”).

August 10, 2020

Mercury in 10 Leo square Uranus in 10 Taurus: 5:52 AM PDT

(Image: Joanna Newsom)

  • The longer transit of Uranus in Taurus relates to cultivating harmony in the nervous system – learning how to self-regulate, how to be calm at will. We can train ourselves to be able to do this through various practices and lifestyle choices.
  • With this dynamic, creative square between Mercury in Leo and Uranus in Taurus, it is possible that when we are at neutral or at rest within ourselves (in a state of peace), we can use this space as a launching point to create something we’d like to.
  • If you have a meditation or visualization practice, consider getting into a harmonic or clear state, and once you feel solid in that vibration, ask yourself what you desire or what you’d like to create. If we tap into our imagination, we can ‘download’ plans and ideas related to visions we’d like to see come to fruition.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! If you would like further guidance, I have been increasingly focused on longer-term 1:1 work with my students and clients, in the form of mentorship – helping people form a depth relationship to their natal chart and personal transits over time, to develop themselves, to heal, and to reach their goals, all through the soul-making lens of evolutionary astrology. If you’re interested in working together in that capacity, I am currently accepting new clients. Send me an email at sabrina@monarchastrology.com to start a conversation and set up a free consultation call.

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I will be presenting on “Play and the Evolution of Alternate Realities”.

The Leo and solar archetypes contain themes both of play and creation. When we play, we enter an alternate reality – one with different rules and aims than the main reality. In Religion in Human Evolution, scholar Robert Bellah produces an argument that the evolutionary development of play behavior in mammals is significantly responsible for the development of human religion. 

As to the first point about play being an alternate reality – it is often so that play is sidelined as something less necessary or less responsible than the work tasks that characterize the ordinary functioning of life. But what if play is actually an activity that creates worlds? Play is the precursor to ritual, and ritual is “serious play”. In this talk, we will uncover the deeper generative powers of play and I will offer suggestions on how to utilize play/fantasy as a way to practice magic and create desired change in your life.

Pretty magical no?! I hope to see you there!!


I’ll be presenting on the lunar nodes, which are one of my favorite things to work with and talk about 🙂 ⁣

The nodes of the Moon in a natal chart are an opening to explore an individual’s karma. The nodes of the Moon speak to past life themes and an arch of personality development in this lifetime. In this talk, we will explore a working definition of karma (that is specifically not punitive), how personality and karma are connected, and how personal development and the nodal axis can be connected in personal practice. ⁣

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

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