Astrology of 8/16 – 8/22: The Solar Eclipse Portal

This is our Solar Eclipse week! And it’s fiery out here. We have a few transits aspecting the eclipse point (Mars and the Sun), so many of these sections can be read as background information for this eclipse itself, as this is our surrounding celestial landscape.

We also find ourselves in a week where the cultural, political climate is at flashpoint and important to talk about. So I’ve written up some thoughts before we begin the week’s forecast on the currently ongoing Saturn in Sagittarius – Uranus in Aries trine which will at the solar eclipse in Leo this week, form a Grand Fire Trine.

(Images: http://danielaruizde.tumblr.com, Ren Wicks)

There are different kinds of fears on multiple layers about accepting that racism persists in our society, for people who do not feel affected by it personally. There is the ego, personal layer – am I a bad person? There is the social layer – the fear that one’s social reality is going to change, become less comfortable – make us confront the unknown, confront some ancestral kind of guilt. I want to talk about some of the psychological and spiritual layers, for what it’s worth. Here is some context I can offer about it.

Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries implies a few themes. First, the principle of Saturn in Sagittarius is about the maturation, and work upon, our philosophical value systems and our beliefs. It also relates to our awareness of culture and race, through the archetype of Sagittarius. When we combine Saturn and Sagittarius, it also has us really work through our conditioned beliefs; and the ways that our beliefs or concepts of reality and race are historically conditioned. Uranus in Aries is a principle of individuation, accelerating and radicalizing our uniqueness, being a trailblazer, innovating. It can also have a quality of aloneness, venturing alone, or feeling radically separate. When the two trine, there are a few things that I can highlight:

  • The accelerated call for cultural maturity and cultural competence. The issues that are being confronted in shocks and cataclysms (disturbing headlines, violence, cops killing black people, the noted resurgence and attention toward white supremacy) are not by any means new issues. They are eruptions of storylines which go historically much deeper. The shocking or radical nature of these events brings us to a more sober (Saturn) reckoning of collective karmas.
  • The sense that extreme terms like “white supremacy” should be chastised and are somehow irresponsible and inflammatory, yet when upon examining and breaking what that really means, seeing it is actually a fabric that makes up power dynamics in society and being shocked by that instead of just shocked at the term on a surface level.
  • A defensiveness (Aries) around confronting these cultural themes and the maturation around cultural competency that is needed (Saturn in Sagittarius) which is at one spectrum as radical (Uranus in Aries) as white supremacy. The radical attempt to maintain something that is already normalized, is old, and which is transitioning with the tides of time. The radical resistance to change. On a less extreme level, this correlates with the discomfort people feel about having to expand the boundaries of their reality to include something out of left field for them, and the general closed-off refusal to do so. Under the influence of these times and the cultural zeitgeist, this kind of silence and complicity is also being understood as part of the problem.

(Image: David Deiruelle)

  • The use of belief systems to buffer or block the cultural maturation and cultural competency that is capable of happening at this time. While some people may be able to take comfort and security in their belief systems and not feel affected by what is happening to the collective, this is the laziness that trine aspects indicate potential for. We can always use our beliefs to come up with reasons why “everything is okay the way it is”. But do we disassociate to the pain of others, or other groups of people, to our own pain? (This brings us to the portal opening up for the Solar Eclipse in Leo… the opening of heart)
  • In other pockets, freedom is opening up on entirely new collective levels. Through spiritual teachings and even mindset/mental techniques, people en masse are gaining the ability to reflect more on the power of their focus, and practice their utilization of being spiritually centered. It’s become trendy, even – normalized to be mindful. Even if it’s watered down at times, it is still affecting the collective in an evolutionary way. This mindful reality is not immune to various complexes. People can go into this space and still be bigoted but in a spiritual way, like other people who are suffering just aren’t enlightened enough. Major cultural/political events and traumas and the collective reaction to them at this time can open our hearts to the reality that with freedom, or the access of freedom, comes its own type of responsibility. We don’t center ourselves and attain bliss and spiritual realization, or have direct communion with Source, just to isolate, bliss out and say fuck everyone else. There are ways to collectively share, and participate within reality, because of this gift of being centered. Cosmologically, it may come down to the realization that spiritual bliss is not a commodity in the way we are culturally conditioned to view commodity. It’s not here to be hoarded. We receive more, the more that we are an open conduit, the more that we circulate. Like in nature, where there is an open flow of abundant, life-giving energy, we will find that whatever heights we attain, we are compelled to share; lest we harden and have to form validation belief systems around it such that we get it, but others don’t.
  • Joy, bliss, the ecstasy of life, etc. are not mutually exclusive from social responsibility or the effort and heart that it takes to work on elevating collective experience. We have to take a look at where our judgements make us want to run from something or free ourselves of something, when in another way, it is part of our individuation and our freedom at this time to become more aware of reality. Anyone can trip out on the astral plane, plug their ears, sing that they can’t hear anyone, and feel bliss. is that really that great though, as a stop point? What about bringing that down to earth, down into space and time, being a free mediator between the realms of total freedom and confronting where society, in this time and space, could use a little more of that? Make this freedom, the freedom that is a state of mind, real as well.
  • That at some point, beyond normalizing what is radical, beyond forging oneself as an activist, beyond shaming or moralizing, creative solutions are needed. And that while we creatively form these projects, gifts, offerings, to improve the world, our beliefs and our impressions ought to be constantly malleable. We will be surprised. The creative undertaking, the bringing of a vision into reality, always morphs the reality we started with. We cannot depend too much on history or what we think is tried and true. We have to innovate.

Here’s our week:

August 16

Venus in 19 Cancer square Jupiter in 19 Libra: 11:40 PM PDT

  • Given the greater background of Pluto making up a t-square with Venus and Jupiter, with Jupiter as the focal planet, there can be tensions at this time around what feels good versus what is responsible. Tensions between going to excess and indulging versus making choices that seem better in the long run. Some routines or commitments may want to shift at this time, and our emotional response to our habits and structures is a way of gauging what is needing adjustment.
  • In a lot of ways, this transit can get us to kind of fly away with excess and maybe feel a little guilty for doing so, or feeling hesitant about doing so. Part of balance is about letting various extremes be reached so that we can find equilibrium.
  • Critical turning points in honesty with ourselves and others become emotionally transformative; can transform our value systems.

August 20

Mars in 20 Leo sextile Jupiter in 20 Libra: 9:42 AM PDT

Mars this close to the Sun can obscure it (just as how you cannot look directly at the Sun), and we might tend to see Jupiter in Libra more readily, with Mars behind the scenes.

  • The will to apply our creativity and strength to an area of life we truly value; frustration and anger if we find ourselves restricted in having to apply ourselves toward something that we don’t value.
  • This can mean that people are putting on pleasant appearances, really extending themselves to be pleasant and agreeable, or saying nice things — while their actions may or may not line up to this presentation. This can vary depending on the relationships involved.
  • Opportunity: In situations which for some philosophical reason, it matters to be kind and pleasant and agreeable – charming – there is an ability to lift up, transform, some of our more petty qualities. Turn the inner-Leo-diva into truer regality. This goes beyond being two-faced, and showing one side that is pleasant and then secretly or behind-the-scenes being annoyed and judgmental. It means that we rise to the level of our charming appearances on a transformative inner-level. Our expanded sense of charm can teach us about ourselves, and change us, rather than be an act. One reason for this can be that the human relationship that opens up as a result of that charm can open the heart. The lion of Mars in Leo more readily communes with its inner-kitten, that’s actually super sweet.
  • The awareness that listening to, and serving another, is a creative act that builds more generosity and abundance. Listening selectively, or only being interested if there can be something in it for ourselves, trying to ‘get’ things from others, attracts scarcity and the need to continually try to ‘get’. Pay attention to where you have ample room to give and see that giving actually attracts the kind of things you were wanting to receive.

Sun in 28 Leo trine Uranus in 28 Aries: 11:23 PM PDT

(Image: http://danielaruizde.tumblr.com)

  • Coinciding with what is coming through at the New Moon Solar Eclipse, we are planting a new creative seed – this can have to do with our individuation, our most authentic self. We don’t have to be someone else to shine – we shine by bringing forth our individuality and its flavor to the fullest. We may be inventing our path, or doing something first.
  • Creative synthesis, re-membering of what is fractured.

August 21

Solar Eclipse (New Moon) in 28 Leo: 11:30 AM PDT

(Image: http://danielaruizde.tumblr.com)

For more in-depth information on this eclipse, check out the 2 hour August Eclipses of 2017 webinar recording that I put on with Ichrak Dahou of Atlas Astrology.

  • Solar eclipses are powerful portals! Use this transit time (convert for your time zone) to form a visualization or prayer around what you would like to create. In the spirit of Leonine generosity, also extend this vision and prayer to the collective/all beings. Try not to leave this moment unmarked by consciousness and intention – set aside the time if you can. If you are busy with some other obligation, just stay very present and visualize at the same time.
  • If you’re not sure what you want specifically in material, tangible form – think about the emotional feeling you’re looking for and act it – feel it. Also when in doubt, pay attention to what you’re already grateful for. This is not something unattainable here. Even when envisioning a dream or a goal, it’s something that already exists on some level of reality.
  • Your anger, disgust, upset might be intelligence for you, and you can interpret what it is asking of your Soul to develop or nurture – but do not let yourself get out of control in it. This is a good Solar Eclipse portal for accessing bliss and bringing it into reality – so like we said earlier, it need not be socially irresponsible fluff in spiritual bypassing land. But as far as being centered and spiritually blissing during this portal? If you know how to feel good, go for it. Set an intention you’d like the consequences of.

August 22

Mars in 21 Leo trine Saturn in 21 Sagittarius: 6:20 AM PDT

(Image: David Deiruelle)

  • Relative to the portal that has opened from the eclipse, this can speak to the power and ease at which it manifests into a tangible reality. Don’t worry about the thoughts or anxieties which come up that you can’t control or make go away; think about the thoughts and feelings you *willfully choose to generate*. If you find yourself vortexing around some anxiety or fear, just take some conscious time to catalogue and take note of what you are grateful for, what is bringing you happiness, as to spin the vortex toward something you’d actually like to create.
  • Once you have creatively harnessed your will in this way, think about any realistic actions you can take toward your new vision, and if that’s in your flow, use this transit to act on it and thus form a bridge from that vision into reality.
  • Image: a house that contains a workshop forms an observable landscape with three distinct layers. The farthest back layer is behind the workshop, and is a mystery. You can’t see through the windows. The middle layer is where the mystery appears to become dense and made into matter, like a woodshop where shapes have been designed and formed, and tables are sitting out to be varnished. The third layer is what concretely exists already in the rest of the house. The most tension and dynamism is in the transition from the mystery layer to the middle layer – the forging, creating, and conditioning of form.
  • Sometimes we block our creativity by refusing to think or daydream about what we’re wanting to create, because we’re judging ourselves for not already doing it. Some creative ventures have a gestational period in which for a time, it is productive and truly worthwhile just to imagine it. Give yourself permission for the entire arch of this process, including the parts which feel like you’re only just thinking about it… that’s part of the creative process!

And after all this Leo season fire, the Sun enters Virgo at 3:21 PM PDT (August 22). Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week!

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~Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She also enjoys kundalini and ashtanga yoga, hiking and creative writing.

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