Astrology of 12/7 – 12/13: Chirotic Moon


Chiron stationed direct last week and can bring up a lot of pain. This can be sadness with or without a clear reason or catalyst. Between the First Quarter Moon in Pisces and a Full Moon in Gemini both closely aspecting Chiron over this week, there is a lot of healing moving through the emotional body. To learn more about the Chiron archetype, you can check out an article I wrote on Chiron here. Chiron is associated with pain and the experience of initiation, that by having painful experiences we become initiated into new layers of reality and even new transpersonal capacities. If you are feeling this movement through you, be compassionate with yourself and allow the insights and feelings to come through. It might be deeply comforting as well to be around water, to bathe and unwind. The emotions can end up feeling good and purifying when they are given the space to flow.

I’m excited we have a recent victory of NODAPL to celebrate in terms of Obama denying the permit for construction, but this is a battle in the larger NODAPL story AND a battle in a larger ongoing war of oil/crude energy and corporate oligarchy and may we stay vigilant and keep showing up for this fight. Based on the astrology of the week alone, I wouldn’t be quick to believe headlines or just words – there can be twists. And we still have the obscuring cloud of Neptune on the South Node. All in all it leads us to be more present with the specifics of the process (North Node in Virgo), rather than fixed on those absolutes which seem to not promise stability anyway. I have been meditating on something I will offer which is that simply showing up to address these issues is really powerful in a transpersonal way. We don’t show up when we believe the fight is too large and that we are already doomed. But this isn’t true. Show up! Write letters, pray, get involved locally, and care. On both a direct and an energetic/metaphysical level, this matters so incredibly much. The same applies for any micro/personal life storylines that call your attention and presence at this time.

Here’s the week:

December 7

First Quarter Moon in Pisces: 1:03 AM PST

The Moon is in between the South Node and Neptune, and approaching Chiron. Some emotional summation of the past is occurring, though it may not be a past you have full, logical record of – more like the past that is imprinted in the emotional body.


(Image: Wladimir Moszowski)

1. Nebulous emotions; feeling sad or hopeless.
2. Being sensitive to the pain of others or of the world but thinking it’s personal – and yes, we’re all connected, and this is valid – it’s a matter of getting lost at sea, and being truly overwhelmed by the suffering of the globe.



1. Our beliefs about how reality functions on a phenomenal level grants us access to particular realms in the cosmos. The same way that we can limit what we get to experience because of fixed and limiting beliefs, we can also expand our relationship with the Universe by being open to new understandings of phenomenal reality. For example – you can enter contact with the Ganesha, archangels, with Christ, with plant medicines – anything. The belief or deity itself isn’t the ultimate, but instead just one of many gateways into the ultimate.
2. The possibility that everything – the totality of our experience – is benevolent, and that as we align with what life is asking of us, we experience the natural healing that is possible by engaging in life itself, rather than attempting to escape it.

Venus enters Aquarius: 6:51 AM PST

Venus will stay in Aquarius until January 3.

1. An introduction of irregularity to the status quo or routine of interpersonal relationships (diverging interests, appearing to grow apart). This is not inherently a problem, but can create insecurity.
2. Venus is a planet of relationship, while Aquarius is where we experience detachment, liberation, and the desire for freedom. Relationship itself brings up the basic interaction between autonomy and individualism versus cooperation and relating. Venus in Aquarius still inspires connection, but it favors connections that are electrically resonant at an accelerated level at that very moment. Some connections naturally have space and openness for a lot of space and/or interaction with other people, but other connections feel more security with frequent communication, exclusivity and/or routine. This can be a time of radio waves between people recalibrating which is in a way, disruptive, and challenges the possessive side of Venus.
3. If you spend a lot of time and energy thinking about what you don’t want or what you are liberating FROM, you may continue to attract experiences, arguments, confrontations, etc. that validate your internal knowing of opposition toward a particular frequency. If this is done on purpose it can be energizing (increasing nuance and depth of self-awareness). But often this is not done consciously, and it locks a person in place, ever-combatting the reality they don’t like while also upping the ante.

1. Each time we align ourselves with who we are – unique self-expression – we attract people who resonate. It can be very literal such as making friends with a stranger because of a gemstone you’re wearing that they have a relationship with and strike up a conversation with you about it, and it can also be energetic. Image: being a radio tower – people at a distance are picking up on your frequency and as the frequency magnifies through consistency (fixed air Aquarius), the meeting or exchange may eventually occur. The only limit is the imagination – and the imagination is limitless. 🙂
2. Awareness comes through around where you see yourself (as an individual and/or within relationship) in the future, essentially an ideal. By virtue of this ideal popping into mind, you are ready to start to cultivate and integrate it.
3. A love language of Venus in Aquarius is shared interest in art. It is also about meeting in groups of people collected around a common vibration or interest. This can be a really magical time to meet people and to strengthen existing connections by sharing novel experiences together.

December 9

Sun in Sagittarius sextile Jupiter in Libra: 1:39 PM PST



1. Seeing things that your loved ones can’t, and not being totally sure about how to approach it. Extending oneself as to illuminate a loved one that more or less, “hey you’re really fucking up right now” is tricky. Or maybe even just, “You’re not living up to your potential, and it pains me to watch.” Not saying it’s good or bad – but tricky/an actual ethical dilemma – and there may be some deliberation on how to have those kinds of conversations or if a different type of relating and encouragement is possible. Sagg has a good time with truth bombs and has to kind of work at finding the tact. If you are deliberating this one, ask your Spirit for guidance and you may find a lot of expansion and insight through that dialogue with higher self.



1. Finding and doing whatever boosts your self-confidence and going out and meeting new people. The social world is electric right now and full of luck, the potential to meet people where there is a sense of mutual expansion, and the potential to meet people who end up introducing you to people in the future who have some positive influence on your life. Simply knowing that you are bound to experience luck also happens to heighten that reality… so prepare for the occasion and enjoy it.

December 10

Mercury in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces: 12:26 AM PST


(Image: Victo Ngai)

1. Infinite, boundless potential can only fit its receiving container.

1. Discovering one’s inner-authority opens up spiritual life in a new way… example: the movement from a conception of God as some external being that grants or denies your wishes, to the recognition that your intentional emotional/vibrational frequency itself can act as a magnet.
2. To intentionally construct a container for spiritual experience – example, seeing what happens to your reality if you decide to continuously meditate on the concept of infinite self-worth and alter your thoughts to fit in those parameters as a kind of intentional self-conditioning.

Sun in Sagittarius conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius: 3:51 AM PST

1. Dismal spirits in relation to doing something that’s not true for you… “this isn’t who I am.”
2. Judgements of self based off of social comparison – which can look like wanting a status symbol because it means something to other people, OR not letting yourself want money because of a belief that money is the root of all evil, even though you do have a desire for abundance and ease that money could be a part of.

1. Consider how accoutrements as physical, tangible symbols of self can expand and enhance your reality.
2. Robust happiness – especially if you feel accomplished, however you genuinely justify that. This would be a good transit to go the extra mile in accordance with your integrity, or being ‘suited-up’ for your experience, versus cutting corners.
3. If you want money, a (literal or energetic) promotion, the resources to travel – whatever symbolizes success to you, this is a time to plant a seed in your consciousness that you ARE the being that is resonant with that eventual future, and to essentially commit to what that looks like tangibly.
4. Releasing excess that feels heavy, obligations/expectations/conditioning, whether this is materially or in the mind (especially before the moment of the exact transit).

December 11

Sun in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries: 10:56 PM PST



1. From dogmatic frames of being, instead of adapting to change in innovative ways, one uses the Uranian energy here to radically uphold the past – one is on the defense in regards to change, rather than an adventurous accomplice. This takes a good deal of energy to do regardless.

1. To really go for it – be daring, step outside of yourself, take a risk/leap! Saturn is close by so calculated risk is a thing – but if you can readily imagine the support, the only thing standing at the threshold may be if you take the initiative or not. (think… Fortune favors the bold.)
2. Getting a feel into how being in touch with nature and your nature connects you with humanity – your actual self is serendipitously in tune with the greater network.

December 13

Full Moon in Gemini: 4:05 PM PST

1. We’re being thrown for a loop on a lot of accounts: information opposes truth, plot twists. Distortions in the media regarding news and developments of current events.
2. Lying, deceit – it can be made apparent where we still are gullible into believing hollow words. Those who resonate with being inherently good at heart yet do not study the intentions and motivations of others are the most succeptible to being shocked when others have negative intentions, but say all the right things. Not that anyone deserves to be lied to. Innocence is simply something that some take advantage of. The inherent goodness/inherent innocence needs as well its own training, strengthening, and strategies. We also protect that part of ourselves when we are discerning.
3. Issues of representation & propaganda – logic and language is used as a vehicle for beliefs and philosophies… the validity or truth of the philosophy does not have to hold up for the logic to appear compelling.

1. Considering how we use language to bridge understanding – and how we can subtly speak different languages with different people to engage in a diverse variety of social experiences and contexts.
2. How our run-ins with the trickster archetype enliven and expand our realities, keep us on our toes where we previously slept.
3. Connecting with the dimension of self that is truly clever.
4. When we are connected to knowing, to a deep sense of intuition, and even as well some understanding of the benevolence/infinity of the Universe, we can access or discover language to convey that knowing. This can be a time of powerful words, speeches, and powerful rhetoric.
5. This Moon is happier when there is fluidity and freedom of ideas to pass in and out, like a kaleidoscope of the mind; there is a pleasure in thought, in contemplating different facets of reality, the point is to shake up the known – novel and intriguing ideas come through but they do not all need to be believed – sometimes the truth opens up because we allow ideas to sift through our consciousness without needing to classify them as true or false.

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~Sabrina Monarch

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