Astrology of 12/14-12/20: The Universe a la Game Theory


This week Mars will enter Pisces and Mercury will station retrograde in Capricorn. We are also in close orb of a Saturn-Uranus trine, which will be exact next week.

Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries are in a kind of effortless conversation – the trine (120 degrees) means the energies will blend harmoniously unconsciously. Harmony doesn’t mean the effects will be good, just that the conversation is a breeze, happening by default. This also means that the potentials of the combination of these planets can be willfully harnessed with larger returns than normal because of the harmonic.

Uranus brings about a radicalization of consciousness and the way consciousness is structured (Saturn). If consciousness is predisposed in its structure to control and dominate (shadow of Saturn), there is more extremism (Uranus) now around doing this. What I mean by this is that the status quo can in fact be radical about being even more dogmatic, even more rigid, even more oppressive or fascist. But as obtuse as this storyline is, it is one facet of a larger diamond of the multitude of ways this transit can manifest. We too can become radicalized as individuals and as mystical beings; aligned to our direct connection to our higher self, and from this place take action in making the world a better place. Strength at this time, relative to one’s reactions to the fascism storylines, can come from discovering both more deeply rooted and more transcendent sources of power.

It then became apparent to me as I was writing that the Saturn in Sagittarius – Uranus in Aries trine is the video game, digital quest, journey for meaning and self-discovery theme. If we want to radicalize consciousness and have fun exploring the very nature of reality, and even feel vitality and purpose as we take on challenges or combat with “bosses” and get to the next level: we can adopt certain ideas that are playful, game-like in nature such as every time you are learning a skill, there’s a bar above your head slowly filling, like in the Sims.


It’s as though we can leave the matrix of the narrative that we are conditioned and told exists, and enter into one based on the imagination and other illuminating information that’s entered our fields over our lifetime(s). A matrix or game-theory around how reality actually works based on one’s direct experience with it. This radically imaginative space is where we invent and discover new paradigms for ourselves and by extension, create a new type of community. New ways of perceiving and acting within reality could accelerate and evolve consciousness and help us to be more in tune with both our higher selves, our relationships, and the natural world. The natural world operates off of principles and natural laws, which a lot of humanity has long chosen to live outside of. So the natural is actually in a lot of ways, radical. Returning to the natural world doesn’t mean regressing; it speaks to inviting new technologies into consciousness that are more advanced than the things we are currently doing. The natural world is full of epic technologies like the law of attraction, psychic communication, lucid dreaming, chakras and energy centers of the body, channeling, prophetic dreams, plant spirits, manifesting dreams into reality, communicating with ancestors, clearing old karma, kundalini, tantra, etc. and things we haven’t even discovered yet. I notice a common theme that it’s perceived that people who go into these alternate avenues of reality are out of touch with the outer world at large or if they are prominent in the world somehow, their mystical life is secret so they can be taken seriously within a reality that does not outwardly acknowledge or respect these fringe realities. With Saturn and Uranus in conversation in this way, it becomes a point of inner and outer dialogue: how can I be weird and normal? How can the world get more weird so that it’s actually more normal to do these natural things? And actually, what constitutes normalcy and fringe? When the status quo is itself organized around damaging, oppressive ideologies, what’s the point of fitting into it along the normal tracks that already exist? Is there a new path?


The astrology of this week draws an opportunity around examining how we see ourselves in relationship to larger forces and the way the Universe itself will actually validate that. What happens when we free ourselves from our very own status quo where it’s become too rigid or limiting? And how can we advance our perceptions of reality – level up – so that we can meet the uniquely new challenges we see right now? Saturn-Uranus in this conversation can speak to advancements in consciousness where we can discover new ways to adapt to realities that have already formed into existence (innovative resilience) and where we are able to move into a space of actually creating reality with consciousness.

There’s so much more information about alternate perceptions of reality that create freedom relate to these transits and the overall revolution within consciousness than I can realistically provide here. Check out the teachings of Abraham Hicks or Bentinho Massaro — there are some amazing conversations unfolding about what “new age” spirituality is beyond its superficial depictions, an electric conversation around how reality functions on a phenomenal level. These new lines of spiritual thought gaining a lot of traction and being magically articulated now involve a Universe of like attracting like, of reality being related to frequencies and vibrations, of being able to play and co-create with reality based on how we align with frequencies. Abraham Hicks and Bentinho Massaro are extraordinarily articulate at describing the nuances of this kind of reality we are collectively beginning to consider and experiment with now. Bentinho Massaro has an entire free academy called Trinfinity Academy with course modules around spiritual enlightenment and spiritual empowerment. Both of these teachers speak to an accessible spiritual reality of enlightenment which can be applied to our actual lives, not a spiritual enlightenment that takes place in robes or caves.

I would like to challenge the idea that people who experiment with reality in this way are somehow avoiding reality or becoming delusional: I think that to meet the world of today as rigid old structures are collapsing or initiating last-ditch efforts to survive, we NEED innovation, and this is one way to do it. The status quo and those who abuse it may hold institutional power, but they do not have a stronghold on the power of nature or the design of the Universe itself.

Here’s the week, with some possibilities and things to think about:

December 19

Mars enters Pisces: 1:23 AM PST

  • The kind of fight or struggle that this Mars implies is around water and flexibility: the ability to, depending on the circumstance: tread water, stay above water, find a raft, not drown, dive, swim to shore, etc. The “other” in this situation of combat is mysterious or all-encompassing, anything that is attributed godlike power. If you think to a captain of a ship at sea, it is the captain against or with the ocean/Neptune as a force. The reality of the ocean itself will challenge to the captain to align with larger forces.
  • The ethereal nature of Pisces and Neptune is really quite reflective and holding space of projections: if one is at war with it, it will be at war back. If one thinks it ignores or abandons them, it will do so. If one thinks it will love them and take care of them if only one is “good enough”, it will withhold love until the valued tasks of worthiness have been completed. Pisces and Neptune’s nature is on the spectrum of illusion and ultimate truth; while also very much being a mirror.
  • When Mars is in Pisces, an intention can be to align the will with the Oneness. By meditating or taking time to reflect and re-identify with the spiritual element of one’s life, it can become a lot clearer how one is supported to move through the day/through life itself. It’s not that certain activities are spiritual and some aren’t — it’s that in Pisces, all the details and forms are like waves; and Spirit is the ocean. When we tune in with the ocean itself, riding the waves is a form of excitement and zen.
  • Seeing past the world of forms and appearances; illuminates truer natures behind these forms and appearances, which are symbolic in nature.
  • Vitality of fantasy life, dreaming, and the ability to willfully imagine. For those who like to travel in dreams or lucid dream, Mars in the sign most associated with dreaming can lead to more vivid dreams. The quality of these dreams may involve a kind of “burning through” element, like powerful dream images that when you reflect on them, burst through some kind of confusion you had: the symbols make something abundantly clear for you.

Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn: 2:55 AM PST


  • Wrapping one’s mind around extraordinarily dense matrices of thought, something historical and collected over time.


  • The aspect of feeling responsible to think and talk about what is wrong or bad, (to be responsible and address problems), and pain/nerves around this settling by making responsible choices.
  • Becoming attuned and aware of where our thoughts are control, shame or duty-based. This is a common consequence of patriarchal society and cultural conditioning, as well as any kind of authoritarian imprinting one possesses. When the awareness appears, the ability to soften it with compassion or some recognition of what you are doing well or how you are doing a good job. Necessarily this involves going within and becoming more selective about what standards we want to hold as a metric of achievement or success.
  • The time to consciously reframe or reconstruct thoughts and one’s way of thinking in a way that you can see it creating positive results over time.

Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries:


  • Channeling higher intellect and objectivity (sparked ideas, revelations) about things and constructs which are already well established and/or growing.


  • Consider higher electric pathways that are analyzing the nature of the status quo – how what is normal now was originated, how normalcy is constructed, the consequences of colonialism, the consequences of patriarchy, collective traumas – for many these electric pathways are starting to become more and more formidable and grooved.
  • The experience of seeing, reading about, or otherwise learning of an oppressive reality for one who is experiencing oppression but just being made aware of ideas and language that directly depicts a reality they had already been feeling. This can be massively validating and freeing.
  • The imagination of Utopian ideals that do not exist here in form yet (that you can see). Spending time thinking about those ideals and beginning to channel pragmatic methods that those ideals can be implemented, even if just in your own life. In a very real way, accessing the archetype of the inventor, pioneer or trailblazer.
  • Innovation and radicalization: to drop the weight of what we are holding onto out of duty or a sense of responsibility and radicalize the consciousness into a cognitive space of total (or at least highly expanded) freedom even if this is not the actual reality: using this space to access ideas which can become reality as we condition and cultivate them into existence. This can mean tuning out extra noise.
  • When a reality is bleak and sobering, actively tuning into sources of information that light you up and inspire you, and present innovative processes.
  • The status quo does have the support here to become more innovative and to adopt more advanced technologies. The innovation is highly correlated with leadership (Uranus in Aries), and to get positive things moving in the world asks for some relationship, cooperation, and listening (Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus). Positive relationships, relative to old paradigms… are the revolution.
  • Consider the motivations of games, or specifically video games – play based matrices… They are so ripe with symbolism related to higher learning through direct experience and advancing to new layers of reality. Picturing the completion of various phases of the overarching story as “levels”.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

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