September 2015 Horoscopes


September 2015


Aries/Aries Rising: This month holds visionary impulses for you. Beyond just flying with them you have a lot of work to do in consistently developing your craft. Grace will meet you at your efforts, so go full blast into it. Venus is in your house of creativity and romance all month, and your ruling planet Mars most of the month until it enters the house of craft and refinement. If you find yourself getting lost in the micro-picture, know at the same time you are entering a labyrinth so rich you will see what you’ve uncovered when you finally have a moment to back up. Saturn leaving your Soul sector mid-month is happy for you, but do prepare for a few last pinches to your most sensitive spots that can remove layers or defenses from you that no longer serve you – and in their absence, when Saturn enters your house of philosophy, you will begin to see in a formidable way the bigger picture. It is good to have Saturn in a fellow fire sign – you’re going to feel some ease and support with this as it matches your honesty. Saturn is being like a wingman here for your truth, helping you embody what is natural for you.


Taurus/Taurus RisingCommunications are becoming very intentional and methodical this month for you, as Mercury is in your house of refinement and craft all month. This is helpful for articulating and translating what has before been left unsaid. Saturn leaves your relationship sector mid-month and goes into your Soul sector – you’ll have some insights around your desires and capacities within relationship. With Saturn moving into the Soul sector, you’ll be moving more deeply into themes of personal security and how you effect that security. Saturn will be helping you fortify your connection to deeper resources of security through philosophy and cosmology, so you can be looking into what ideals are true and which are false for you – what brings you ultimate comfort versus what forces you to hold on, control, or tighten your grip. Jupiter’s recent ingress into Virgo is good for your vitality. Consider it a creative act to be on top of your game. Work isn’t simply work – it’s a series of life upgrades. Instill romance and your Venusian magic into all the small things you do, and it will begin to draw more of the same to you.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: This month is great for expanding your network and your center of personal authenticity. Saturn moving out of a fellow Mercury ruled (but Virgo ruled) house means you are finishing up some last few lessons around health and organization, and now Saturn moves into your house of relationships. The point will be to engage authentically, not to simply adapt to the desires or expectations of the other (however automatically easeful that could be). You’ll attract more resonant relationships if you are forthcoming with your truth, and so this may also create a shift in existing relationships where that is needed. With your ruler Mercury in Libra and in the house of romance and creativity all month, you’re having a chance to really show off your people skills. Listening and again, offering information so you can be seen in truth, is great for this placement. Don’t worry about your truth shifting – it naturally does according to new experiences and new insights. The most important part is simply keeping up and staying current with it, trusting that events and relationships will fall into place according to the highest good.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: Juno the Goddess of committed relationships will be entering Libra and so at some point, squaring your Sun/Ascendant – heralding a new phase in your relational world, and perhaps a new orientation within your identity around who you are in relationship, as well as what commitment means to you or how you are truly willing to engage in that. Something new is coming with this – you are letting go of older patterns and coming into new understanding. With Saturn moving out of your house of romance, thank it for the lessons, but now there is more of an adventure to be had in the realm of philosophy, and ways that beliefs can alter the health of your life(style). It’s time for all inherently disempowering ideas to be challenged and reforged. You’re also building a new relationship to your body, to fitness, to physical-mental-emotional wellbeing. Now is an excellent time to forge well-being through conscious effort. If you don’t know what this looks like yet, the nature of the seeker is that it shall find – just direct your attention. Experiment. Organize your life for optimal circumstances.


Leo/Leo Rising: While the Sun is out of your sign and brightening up your Venus-ruled house of inner-values, you still have Venus (direct the 6th onward) in your sign all month and Mars in Leo most of the month. Mid-month, Saturn enters your house of romance. This does not mean limitations in romance – actually with Saturn in another fire sign there is a natural ease here to take advantage of. Enhanced creative discipline. The final trials of Saturn in Scorpio leaving your house of ego before that are related to parts of your ego falling away, which is refreshing if you are willing to part with the psychic deadweight. The process will feel gentler if you identify with letting go of what is no longer serving you. There is support to get more serious about your work, and to adjust your value systems to something innately more supportive of that work and what you uniquely offer, which also lends itself to innovation. Do dream big. This is a time where you can effect a lot of positive momentum with relative ease. The more you cultivate habits supportive of your solar purpose, the more you will be met with cosmic assistance and a newly empowered resourcefulness.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: You have been following a stream and connecting information, investigating possibility, and getting really deep into something compelling you – and with Saturn moving into Sagittarius and your house of ego it’s about to get more personal as you take in what you’ve gathered from the outside. You can be imagining more possibilities for yourself, as your self-image is undergoing reconstruction according to a new and mutable story. Jupiter in your sign now is also opening up new possibilities for you as it is also inviting you to close out finishing philosophical storylines – exhausting certain beliefs to make way for upcoming changes and expansion. With so much possibility here now and felt on the horizon, it’s easy to feel optimistic, and projects begun during this time can be infused with that boundless spirit at the root. Your deeper sense of surrender to the true impulses of your heart and acting up on that as you trust your vision more is unlocking deep reserves of personal and spiritual liberation.


Libra/Libra Rising: This month is packed! Venus in Leo lives in your house of Higher Mind all month and Mercury is also in your sign all month and in your solar house of action, discovery by experience, and impulse. This should be brilliant and if it’s a little mad-sciencey you’ll get the hang of it. The symbols and information you are accessing are certainly all very new. The more you can ground this exciting energy, the more sustainable it will feel. At times it is like putting infinity through a funnel – so instead of worrying about capturing it all, sticking to essentials and discerning a focus will help. If you begin to define a purpose, you can structure your input and output accordingly. Jupiter’s transit through Virgo now also places it in your house of spirit – expansive visions, greater understanding of meaning even in the small things. All in all this month is like a wash for the spirit – enjoy it – you won’t need to hold onto passing images – they will return, like the Sun setting and rising again. Create something beautiful.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: The Messenger God spends the whole month in your most transcendent house – your solar house of spirit, so the messages you receive or transmit this month follow suit. With Venus in Leo in your career house all month, you are still having a great time showing up for your responsibilities in life, perhaps with all of the redos and refinements from the retrograde period you are now seeing more of a payoff with more chances to be in your element. While you are significantly open this month to a lot of perspective and information, there is also an essentialism occurring, a paring down or greater discovery of what you value and going full speed into that. In general you do well with Virgo season – getting organized and getting particular helps you get into your zone. With so many dreamy undertones to this month, you are really making the most of it by rooting into the practical arena, staying informed by your higher guidance, getting organized, and putting in the sweat.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: With Saturn in Scorpio you have been asked to let some things go, but with Saturn coming into your sign the 17th you are getting into a phase of greater clarity moving forward, more support to enact the new. You’ll feel the shift when Saturn passes your Sun/Ascendant. The feeling is finishing obligations versus getting to construct new opportunities. Mercury is in your house of Higher Mind all month, lending your thoughts and information absorption to be full of innovation and ingenuity. With Venus also in your house of philosophy and expansion all month long, the bountifulness of this month cannot be underplayed. Your ruling planet Jupiter moving into Virgo helps you stay grounded and organized amidst all of this exciting energy, but also Jupiter entering your Saturnian house of career heralds a cardinal shift. There is so much creativity at your disposal, with also resource to ground it to something fortifying for your lifestyle over time. Consider this a major head start.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: Venus having been in your Soul sector so long, and continuing to stay there all month continues to dig in the radical nature of this transit – that being that your heart will empower you from the root. Mercury in Libra is in your house of career and greater social authority all month as well – so while you’re networking and building important relationships, there’s this sultry base tone that’s going to influence it all – that being the amount of love that is going into all that you do. The kind of love that challenges your judgements, perceptions, and conditions. A consistent practice of transmuting the dark matter of the heart into light. Saturn will leave your house of Higher Mind mid-month, but before it’s exit distilling with you some major and groundbreaking insights, or transforming existing ones. When it moves into your house of Spirit, there is more theme around unconditional love and expanding your material and physical prospects through the unseen, through magic in a way, but what is really just love.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: The guru planet Jupiter entering your Soul sector brings with it its gravity to that aspect of your life. Here you learn about what your attachments are and steadily let go and identify with more and more transcendent sources of security, while also more deeply discovering your inherent connectivity to the all. Jupiter being in an earth sign, Virgo, you’re beginning to see more impact holistically in your physical life and your sense of wellness. Mercury (a lower octave of your ruling planet Uranus) is in your solar house of philosophy and expansion all month, so you can easily be in touch with symbols that bring to your awareness more possibility than you knew existed. Saturn leaving your solar career/authority/structure house mid-month and into your house of Higher Mind begins a new era of unique understanding and intellectual exploration. With such power packed transits this month, you’ll continue to dig into reserves and resources that have always been there, but are only now being uncovered.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: You are so naturally tuned in. Saturn moving into Sagittarius and your house of career means really putting that truth out there into the world, which is maybe your own blindspot. As well as discovering what the boundary or limitation of that truth – maybe there is something more to it. Venus having spent so long in your house of refinement and staying there all month should not have you feeling like you’re not ready or not good enough yet – it’s just about the process, and you have a lot of ethereal matter to ground and diligently piece out so it makes sense in translation. A lot of this month is about sharing, in such a way that there is mutual empowerment… with Saturn in Scorpio, ultimate boundary, finishing out through your house of philosophy, you’ve gained considerable more insight around how to navigate the real world without threatening other people’s sense of reality with yours (or you got stung). But now hopefully you can sense where there is invitation, where the world itself is listening.

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