The Monarch Forecast: January 18-24, 2016


There is a dreamy link-up between Mars in Scorpio and Neptune this week. We are examining the ways in which our energy field is merging with something else – whether it is another person, a new dream or goal in life, Earth, the Universe — how our actions penetrate, and how this is part and process of creation. Mars-Neptune is a subtler energy of the week but a very potent one when accessed. The most obvious energy we are encountering is that of Mercury retrograde entering conversation with the Uranus-Pluto square (the huge change factor of 2012-2015 that is back again for one last finale). Big messages are coming in about how we have changed or how we are wanting to change – and the message, depending on how friendly you are with Pluto, may feel alarming in nature. This is a week where it easy to be hard on ourselves but there is a potent edge to this that can be directed for major life morphs. …Continue reading more about this in the full forecast for the week.


(Image: Christopher Lorain)

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