Full Moon in Capricorn & Important Decisions

This time we enter Cancer Season (June 20, 2024) with a Full Moon in the 1st degree of Capricorn the following day June 21. I’ve always found this particular lunation fascinating because Cancer Season is all about the good in life, the people we like to be around and break bread with, the summer picnics, the eating fresh fruit on the beach and staying out to watch the sunset, laying in a hammock cuddling with someone whose body fits against ours and whose scent we are enamored with and drawn to, the moments we create memories. And the Capricorn Moon tells a story with Cancer Season of what harder things we have to do or learn to be in right relationship with that cozy, good, nectar of life.

The Capricorn Moon is a checkpoint of big sobriety during this particular season where perhaps we have to be restrictive, bring something to an end, or face cold hard reality. It gives another dimension to Cancer Season feels (Cancer is a water sign, and water seasons are emotional) because that Full Moon in Capricorn brings grief and melancholy. Alternately, the Full Moon in Capricorn can mark happiness or success around things in our lives that were a long game, and we find ourselves reaping the rewards of our long-term efforts. In some sense, wouldn’t the happiest family moments be a kind of long game? Happy families are generations in the making (or generation pattern-breaking in the making). Those happy moments with our closest friends and family are the result of knowing who we are, what we need, how to ask for what we need, plans we made to get together, lives we took time to build.

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It is almost Cancer Season – time where we are nostalgic or we create experiences that are fodder for future nostalgia… 🐚⁣

Or we learn how to open past the nostalgia trap and give into the romance of (literal and metaphorical) summer over and over again without having parts of us stuck on past pathways to a romantic state of consciousness.⁣

Join me for a live and recorded visualization & energy work event to make contact with, energize, and bless that deeply innocent and romantic part of yourself. If you’re like me in any way, being in connection with this fruit, this joie de vivre side of life is way more vulnerable than it appears it would be.⁣

The ceremony of peak sun (summer) can be about deeply saying yes to what the Sun is: the Sun archetypally relates to our most central capital S Self, our heart, our core essence, our inner-child, our inner-royalty, our joyfulness. The Sun also corresponds with our capacity for lucid, intentional manifestation. So it matters what we choose to SEE/VISION on purpose. This literally nurtures creation.⁣

These days I’m having a lot of moments of feeling ecstatic and touching something that is very core to me – a feeling I recognize, that has throughout my life gotten associated with various circumstances (high seasons, romances, peak experiences, etc). I’m always recognizing it more and more as a frequency that I can match with, as opposed to getting empowered or disempowered by specific external events. That’s what inspired this event for me. Touching the heart of the matter and setting an intention to greet the Sun within and connect with that part of us that creates life by radiating from the center out.⁣

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June 28 at 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM EST / 8:30 – 9:30 AM Pacific⁣
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Full Moon in Capricorn themes

  • Releasing control
  • Releasing rigidity and fear in the body (such as movement patterns we adopted to compensate for injuries, but continued to hold onto after the injury healed)
  • Letting go of particular roleplays
  • Questioning professionalism and what that means or looks like in practice versus in theory
  • Feeling an emotional sense of gravity around making choices or decisions that are important or necessary
  • Feeling an emotional sense of gravity around our personal, current reality, the weight of our previous choices and how they’ve led to this moment

Some things I want to invite you to notice or think about:

Choices that move the needle forward

With Cancer and Capricorn one of the major themes is how the life that we are constructing makes us feel, and how our feelings inform the life we are constructing. For many people, there are some places in life where we simply compartmentalize how we feel in order to get the job done. We have this ability to clock into work and leave some of our personal issues behind. Or parents can create a fun day for their kids and not let their money issues or arguing reach the kids. There are certain kinds of decorum that let us “have it together” and be a member of society without leaking our emotions out all over the place.

But… that can quickly crystallize as well into not feeling, into repressing. Then the way we are structuring our lives becomes hollow, we can grow numb, or we feel like something is missing. We’ve mistaken surviving for living.

At various points in our lives we will feel the tug of depression or pain as a signal to make some kind of important, necessary change in our lives. What I’ve found interesting about this from a Cancer/Capricorn perspective is that the emotion itself can be so dramatic or oceanic and intense, but once a person meets the feeling, hears its wisdom, sets themselves in motion to meaningful participate, the emotion changes into joy and happiness, a sense of dignity is restored in one’s life. Not because things are perfect, but because we’re building toward something.

If we simply take the time and make the space to feel, and perhaps to resource ourselves with some kind of council when we are stuck – sometimes a natural next step bubbles up from that space of feeling and we hear the way life is wanting to move through us.

Developing Competency

Capricorn is a highly competent sign. While it can at an extreme be repressed, generally Capricorn is the aspect of us that can do hard things.

But developmentally speaking, this connects to our scared inner-child who meets some kind of early challenge and either develops some kind of coping strategy (that is sufficient but misguided)… or is met with the provision of a fatherly energy who guides and councils the young intiate.

I met a woman recently who had nightmares as a child like we all do, but her father taught her how to lucid dream and change the nightmares. I thought – how archetypally (and here literally) fatherly. The father points to wisdom, helps children face their fears and expand into being able to meet the world. Perhaps had she not had this experience, she wouldn’t have as powerful a relationship to the dream realm as she has now. Maybe she would have shut off her channel to dream (to cope). But no, she had provision that allowed her to face her fear and grow from it and that enabled her to go deeper into her purpose as a dream teacher.

This full moon, I’m thinking about how it’s not enough to just muscle through hard things and do them, but how sometimes we have to slow down and really receive the provision of guidance from our higher self or from a guide (mentor, teacher, friend, parental figure, etc) we have allied with.

It’s different to just do the hard thing and be scared and contracted on the inside (and never let anyone see that) versus doing the hard thing and having meaningfully nurtured yourself to be able to do it.

Take a good look at the place in your life where you are being invited into maturing and notice how your approach might change if instead of focusing on getting the results, you reflected on what would actually resource and nurture you to become the person who can get those results.

Also take a good look at the places in your life where you are collapsed and feel victimized by how hard life is and how you ‘can’t, ‘just can’t’ do something. It might not be the point to muscle through and “just do it”, but that spot might be a place you need help. Responsibly asking for help or finding a real ally is a form of maturity, too.

A personal reflection/noticing

For a few years in a row, Capricorn Full Moons have really caught my notice, largely because they have all involved this question of home (Cancer Season). In 2021, I was trying to buy a home in Portland for a couple months and it was around the Capricorn Full Moon that I gave up the search. People were buying homes at 30-60k over asking price and I only qualified for so high a loan that I was simply being priced out of the houses that were in my range. Realistically, the search was proving improbable and it was taking more energy to search than it was worth it. I felt a heaviness and a necessity around letting go of that desire.

The next summer 2022, I was having the time of my life traveling. On the Capricorn Full Moon, I was at a retreat early with the host and we picked up an elderly man (Capricorn) from the airport. I was just starting to fantasize about buying a villa in Crete instead and I was happy it hadn’t worked out for me in Portland.

The following summer 2024 around the Capricorn Full Moon, I had just left Greece and was back in New York for a trip to you guess – look for housing. This was when I got the lightning bolt clarity to move to Greece instead, and I called off the plan to move to New York City.

And this time 2024, I’m back in Greece and I found an apartment to move into here. I’m writing from a temporary airbnb about this upcoming Full Moon in Capricorn. It’s not every full moon in every sign that I have so clear a thread about. Something about this Moon in Capricorn has echoed through time, left an impact through time. Isn’t that what Capricorn does?

Having the courage to try

I was really touched by an IG live of Sahara Rose’s where we spoke about what she learned from breeding butterflies in her apartment. The key metaphor is that when butterflies hatch from their cocoon, their wings are wet and they have to start trying to fly to dry their wings. They will flap and flap but not fly right away. But if they don’t try to fly at all, their wings will not dry, and they will never be able to fly. She made this a metaphor to how people tell her they are going to follow a big dream of theirs “when they are ready” or “when they are on their feet” and she’s saying they have to start doing it now.

We have to remember that this emotional mood of a Capricorn Moon is this desire to want to be competent or to be at a certain destination in time or maturity, a place where we feel able. But paradoxically, Capricorn only achieves that ripeness of capability because of a long road behind it of learning experiences, all of which were imperfect! You have to start somewhere, and not get so drunk on Capricorn’s popular lament of “I’m too late”.

While it is appropriate to take certain steps to be ready for certain things especially things of a riskier nature (like someone whose never rock climbed before wouldn’t just free climb without a rope for the first time out in the wild – that’s just reckless) it is also true that there are things we can do right now that sure we feel insecure about, but we have to lean into this to be able to get to the next step. It is through actively participating with the process that we will learn and grow.

If we aren’t taking any meaningful risks, if we’re always just trying to stay comfortable, we are merely stabilizing our own comfort but we are not growing or advancing. Rest and rejuvenation is an important part of life and an important way to resource ourselves, but we’re not meant to stay in the shell forever. The Cancer Season Full Moon in Capricorn is about that – it’s recognizing where we can brave the cold snowy mountain instead of staying inside our warm cozy blanket by the fireplace. And recognizing where those hard calls and hard choices actually contribute to the life we think is so cozy and romantic in the first place.

{Top image source: https://www.tumblr.com/cottageaesthetic)

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Sabrina Monarch

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