Monarch Forecast: February 15-21, 2016


This week is quiet in terms of no major aspects being formed, though Venus and the Sun change signs, so I’m focusing on that this week, as well as including some interpretation around a minor but magical aspect called the Quintile, occurring between the Sun and Saturn on the 18th before the Sun moves into Pisces.

Venus enters Aquarius: The Venusian vibe was Capricorn from January 23rd on – and while it was not a long period of time, Capricorn can really seem to slow down time a la the grind. Maybe even time slowed while you were enjoying yourself. We learned some powerful lessons around boundary and priorities. It’s not too late to ride the Jupiter/NN conjunction vibe and really stay busy refining your craft. The result of this combination with Venus in Capricorn at the same time was that if one was staying busy they found themselves with less time to spare – and while love could be infinite, the ability to share time was a finite resource these last few weeks. This was a great time to cut the excess; to no longer put up with draining influences. Somehow we were working on what we really value enough to spend time on.

Venus in Aquarius brings in its own pragmatism While Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, its old ruler before the discovery of Uranus was Saturn, and Aquarius still carries resonance. It’s not just that Aquarius is a fixed energy, but Aquarius’s ability to be detached lends itself to be an overseer, and Saturn/Capricorn is also a managerial energy. Aquarius takes it up into another level of atmosphere.

Aquarius is a gateway to global friendship. Aquarius is the aspect of reality in which we individuate, or begin to follow the original blueprint of our very innate selves. There is an electricity to this. Imagine the ways your brain fires and makes connections when you are in touch with the things that bring you the most rapid excitement and aliveness – where instead of navigating the mundane or normal aspects of life, you are eagerly sipping the nectar of the Gods and making new potions. It is said that there are no new inventions in the Universe – that when we “invent” something we are simply reaching into Creative space and pulling out something that already existed. We simply become conduits or channels to receive it.

When Venus is in Aquarius, love has the potential to be electric. The thing that short-circuits this Venusian energy is alienation; that is when Aquarius is so out there it is not relatable. Think of the trajectory of many famous people, musicians perhaps, whose art was born of loneliness or a feeling of being very different, yet as their frequency (music) grew, they began to attract an audience and a larger community. The stage of isolation need not be a reason for despair; if you can simply see that if you keep doing your thing, those who resonate with your frequency will come to you.

The quickest way to see this in action would be to make different choices. Act differently, put out a different vibration, and see how you naturally attract a different social environment than you did before. This is always in operation – but add Aquarius or Uranus into the play and events accelerate. Watch for this theme.

Those who are channeling things or are connected to Uranus can very well be ahead of time – think of how fast neurons fire in the brain, or lightning strikes the Earth. Some receptors get it. Others don’t.

This is very well the time to be brilliant, and you may make rapid new connections – friendships, romances – or you may find yourself alone, tuning in your frequency in isolation. Aquarius represents a break from the known, and so think to a time in life (if not right now), that you began to separate from a group of friends because you were changing while everyone else was staying the same. You outgrew your current community – if you were able to meet this with objectivity and even alacrity, you understood you were going to be received by a new community in good time, one that would resonate with your new evolution of self. But so often a break from the known is received as trauma, and different messages internalized. What is the truth? Who or what is really holding you back?

In Aquarius we make the choice of liberation. Liberation is an expanding frequency. Your concept of liberation, or what you value as liberation, comes into play with Venus in Aquarius, and soon after the Sun enters loving loving Pisces.

Sun in Aquarius Quintile Saturn in Sagittarius: The Quintile is an aspect that denotes magic and creation. Creativity is a form of magic – just as magic is the manifestation of will and so is also a form of creation. When planets form quintiles, we have an extra ability to make magic. (The quintile is part of the 5th harmonic, making a five pointed star.) This is an energy that typically requires activation. For this aspect occurring on the 18th, watch for the ability to envision a new persona or aspect of your personality. Saturn interacting with the Sun will correspond to “constructed” aspects of personality, which we can see as a vessel for particular kinds of experience and heights of self-actualization. Celebrities are naturally or intentionally practicing this concept. Does it not take discipline to maintain an image? Maintaining an image does not need to be just for the rigid; the haughty; the proverbial stick in the mud. What if you stepped into a magic suit that was YOU, but just a heightened version of you? What if you did it all the time (and made adjustments and grew into your suit as needed?) That is a kind of personality magic that can take you farther than showing up for the job only a certain numbers of hours a day. What if your vision became your life?

Sun enters Pisces: The Solar season of Pisces invites us to explore our dreamworld, and our transpersonal aspects of personality and love – forgiveness and unconditional love, being vehicles or vessels of the transpersonal. Being of service.

An issue that comes up in Pisces is lack of boundaries or discernment; though I would not suggest this as a deterrent for not diving in to the mystery at all. We can have such a hard time knowing how to tell truth from fiction that we allow others to do it – if it’s not religion, some people even make science their religion “If science says it, it is fact”. So if we take it that distortions of truth or illusions are just a part of this reality, given that most people would say it’s impossible to know why we’re here or what life holds after death… what can we really hold onto if anything?

I don’t say this to disillusion you. I say this to remind you that it is a mystery out there, and that your Soul and Spirit (and guides, if you are into that kind of thing) are your guiding lights. These things which are tangible and agreed upon are also illusory. Pisces, when it gets past illusions, is really gazing up to the Ultimate. And you can too, letting the Universe speak to you.

The best course of action in Pisces is surrender. Surrender to align with the Tao. Get in the flow of your life and the chaos orders itself.



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    February 14, 2016 at 5:18 pm

    Yes… An Aquarian sun myself… With Leo rising & Cap moon – I have been very deep in the process of rebuilding my image to align with my soul. Along this path, so many have deserted me. Those that called upon me before, as “friend,” no longer even acknowledge my existence, let alone speak to me. These several souls, family included, have taught me that my own process of ‘letting go that that does not serve me’ directs me toward the best version of myself. Yet, I must remind myself continually to not take it personally. Even when my blood sisters shun me, I retreat into the comfort of the self love that is so fresh and new still. Patiently, I await to join with those that resonate closer to my frequency. The process is intense and strenuous….and worth the transformation.

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