Natal Nodal Axis in Leo and Aquarius with Squaring Planets: Interpretations

The following interpretations are for people who have their nodal axis in Leo/Aquarius (South Node in Leo or Aquarius, North Node in Leo or Aquarius) and a planet or planets squaring the nodal axis from the signs of Taurus and Scorpio. Out of sign squares apply also. These interpretations can also apply to individuals whose nodal axis are in the 5th/11th houses with planets squaring the nodal axis.

When planets square the nodes, it means the individual has gone back and forth between either extreme of the nodal axis, without fully integrating the function of the squared planet(s). As a result, these individuals do not just express familiarity with their South Node, but express the entirety of the axis. Their ongoing challenge has been to balance the axis; and the archetype associated with the squared planet by sign and house is what can’t seem to be integrated, or a force that appears in the individual’s external environment and throws them off balance, sending them vacillating between either extreme of the nodal axis. Planets squaring the nodes are called “skipped steps”.

Here are some repeating patterns I’ve noticed and meditated on regarding people who have their nodes in Leo and Aquarius with squaring planets (“skipped step” planets). These scenarios are the result of having developed both nodes and working to achieve further balance. Since I am running through a large list of possibilities, some but not all may apply.

Creatively Developed Nervous System

  • These individuals can be very playful with the discovery of how their higher mind and nervous system works. They may have a personal relationship to ways they receive messages via dreams and various extrasensory perceptions which are not just mystically endowed to some, but are just the result of learning how to play one’s consciousness like an instrument. When this connection is made, people can feel harmony with their decisions/environment/higher self via signals like chills up the spine, or tingly sensations in the crown, or other energy centers. Other extrasensory abilities like seeing auras also applies.
  • While psychic phenomenon might be readily associated with the water signs, Aquarius is a very psychic energy – it relates to the quality of hivemind, or a shared collective consciousness; a common database to which anyone has access. People with emphasized Leo/Aquarius karma often have developed a personal capacity to access this database. They may have the ability to access it through their creative endeavors, and therefore “channel” their creativity.
  • These individuals often have utilized psychedelics, not just for fun (thought often that was part of it) but truly it has altered their consciousness in a way they retain even when not doing psychedelics as frequently. They often retain the sense of connectivity, in which they are aware of a kind of tapestry holding phenomena together (Aquarius). This awareness has also boosted their confidence that their own existence, and the quality and development of their existence, has a collective affect upon all beings. Therefore, as they go into their own creative development (Leo), they often find ways for it to be relevant to a broader audience.

Interpersonal Charisma

  • Since this person has been going back and forth between creative self-development and finding identity within a group consciousness (or solo inventor consciousness), this person may have the ability to shine creative light onto others: to transmit creative self-development to other beings. This goes beyond simply encouraging or acknowledging the gifts of the other: it is like shining the light of the Sun onto another person’s undeveloped seeds or just budding sprouts, helping parts of them actually grow and blossom. It is a transmitted creativity.
  • This person has some awareness of the inherent nobility of the soul and will carry themselves with a certain degree of nobility. This creates interpersonal magnanimity when a person is in touch with this: they receive positive impressions back in the mirror from others, and also uplift the special or noble qualities in others. This person has become aware of how their social ‘performance’ vibrates with the collective environment; and they do tend to notice how their environment reflects them. As a result, they can also take cues from the environment as to what they might creatively develop within, or what within them is losing spark and is not creating the same reception as it once was. It is, in multiple ways, the ability to be the performer and the audience all at once.
  • This person will not always be shining the Sun (solar power of their essence) onto their interpersonal interactions, and may also vacillate between aloofness. It may not be a fully conscious switch. If a person’s need for isolation and aloofness is not fully owned or made space for, this person may utilize drama (Leo) to have an excuse to detach from people. Or, their detachment causes interpersonal drama in the sense that the other feels abandoned or even traumatized by the other once the other has removed their attention/sunlight.
  • These individuals may have acute, intellectual insights on the nature of their own charisma or others’. Instead of just having that kind of spark or “it” quality, they will be able to articulate how and why they do it. On some levels, their ability to pull these strings at will creates inner conflict in which they do have to assess their motivations and reasons for charming/romancing others and when and why they wish to utilize this ability.
  • The ability to attract attention from others and to animate (bring to life) others.
  • Some of the most personal encounters are also depersonalized, in that this person is able to connect on a heart level with just about anyone. *Everyone* is special.
  • It is not just that this individual can see/recognize the light in others, but they can define or express the uniqueness of that other in a way that can be revelatory for the other, when shared.
  • When charisma is not developed, the individual may instead be very “far out” or alienate others; or may not totally distinguish their own reality from another’s, therefore they don’t connect with others unless their own reality is validated. In this case, a smaller pool of people will be attracted to interact.

Extremes of Drama and Trauma:

(Image: Tesla)

  • In an ongoing effort to have higher, objective understanding of oneself, this individual may experience shocks, traumas or dramatic life events which trigger enhanced self-awareness within the interpersonal field (relationships, family). The ego or personality may not be attracted to extreme displays of drama, but on the Soul level this individual may find themselves in dramatic situations which trigger said enhanced self-awarenesses. Reality is the theater – and it is certain extreme, or climactic situations that draw this individual’s attention. This scenario is made more extreme by cases in which an individual’s creative vision obscures what is actually happening, therefore, what is actually happening sneaks up.
  • Common sources of trauma with this signature are issues of not being seen for who one is – potentially being the narcissistic extension of some other. This can be a family imprint (narcissistic parenting) and/or a relationship/cultural imprint. There is also the potential for this individual to utilize relationship as narcissistic extension, by impressing their creative agenda on the other. For various reasons, people do often adapt to other’s creative agendas but can at some point have enough of it and withdraw. When the other stops playing the part, one person is left feeling shocked/traumatized. An ongoing lesson has been to understand the different creative realities of different individuals and to build bridges between these realities.
  • The vacillations between hot and cold, warmth and aloofness, heart or mind, and the ripples this creates interpersonally.
  • The potential for creating stories and narratives around personal events which radicalize/dramatize them, or using stories and narratives to remove the emotional charge from events, as to detach from them.
  • At times, the need to invent something or bring forth one’s unique gifts in a way that could be timeless (like creating a great work) can overpower one’s interpersonal life – one has to find the balance between heart connections and relationships, to the impulses of the timeless self. The personalization or non-personalization of brilliance.
  • Ego trips that overshadow the heart (in oneself, or one’s field).

Intentions Within the Soul – Why would someone switch back and forth between the polarities of Leo and Aquarius? Some possibilities:

  • The concept of objectivity wherein one is not part of the picture (one only observes) does not actually yield a true picture in a reality in which everyone and everything is interconnected – including oneself. For one engaging in the Aquarian side of reality which is objectivity and viewing things from a detached angle, some experiences require involvement and one’s personality and/or heart (Leo). At some point within the lens of inquiry, further information can only be discerned through getting personally involved and engaged. At the absolute threshold of limitation within this scenario where one has denied the necessity to get personally involved, the external environment which one is detached from may directly yoke in, or involve, the detached viewer, via some kind of drama.
  • When one is focused on their own creative self-actualization (Leo), one’s own reality and consciousness can become a limitation. One needs new feedback or a shift in scenery (Aquarius) – to peer into different structures of reality. At an extreme of self-involvement, Leo can lose its ability to relate with others. One is lost in the performance of one’s persona and has lost the ability to let others in, or to be vulnerable. At this extreme, interpersonal events naturally become traumatic as they threaten one’s defense structures. Without the persona to wear as mask, these individuals have to ask new questions, become more objective (Aquarius) to understand how their personal creative-actualization process led them astray or disconnected them from their social reality.
  • As with all polarities, each side of the polarity does need to be integrated with the other. When an extreme is formed, the opposite side pulls the individual with equal force. Individuals with this signature of skipped steps to the Leo/Aquarius nodes have the interesting quagmire of their own personal complexes being socially rewarded.. i.e. a narcissistic person attracting many admirers who validate the narcissism. It takes quite a bit of self-awareness and contemplation of cause and effect for the individual to wield the gifts of their charisma with the higher intentions of Soul. It is easy to get lost in the abundant play available with these themes. Ultimately a potential is to have strength developed on both sides of the polarity, in which one’s creative actualization resonates with the Higher Self. Instead of dramatic or traumatic events highlighting the dissonance and course-correcting the individual, electric charge runs through the channels of this person’s creative life with ease.
  • These individuals come to know, and balance, the ability to deeply personalize their existence with the ability to see that all things are interconnected. For whatever reason specific to the Soul, the path of accomplishing this balance has not been linear (such as developing Leo first, then Aquarius or vice versa), but the individual has needed to borrow understanding from the opposing polarity at various points in their development. The artist learns technique; the scientist learns that his emotional vibration is part of the experiment.

Collective Lessons:

For those who don’t have this axis highlighted, these are some thoughts on how these themes are universal:

  • Though we are all interconnected, it does not mean one needs to have an anonymous identity or an identity that is sacrificial to the agenda of the group. It is through specialization and the development of individual gifts, that a group environment thrives.
  • Self-development and self-actualization does not happen in a vacuum, rather it is connection and the building of bridges that oxygenates one’s development.

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~Sabrina Monarch

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    Alex Mijares
    June 8, 2017 at 10:46 pm

    Wow! This was an incredible read. Thank you so much! As you know I have my nodes in 3rd & 9th house squared by Pluto in my first and squared by my mercury in Taurus in 7th house……. It is real. So real…. With the current Nn in Leo and Sn in Aquarius I’ve been feeling as though my mistakes in past life with these abilities\traits are karmically being corrected. Its been a long process up to this moment. The gates are open and its time to turn the page

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      June 9, 2017 at 8:23 pm

      Happy nodal opposition tidings! thanks Alex. I’m glad it’s resonated for you!

  • Reply
    October 4, 2018 at 5:37 am

    I don’t have this nodal axis but I have an Aquarian Sun and a Leo Moon and a lot of this resonates with tensions I have experienced in my own development and am coming into greater consciousness of. Interestingly both my parents have this nodal axis, however in opposite directions. My mother had a Leo North Node opposite my Sun, while my father has an Aquarian North Node conjunct my Sun.

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