The Monarch Forecast: November 30 – December 6, 2015


A good friend of mine recently told me she is over karma. She is over the concept of identifying with it to the point that she is excited about stacking up good karma as if that means something. “Karma is a human invention,” she sighed, “and it doesn’t exist except for that we’ve made it exist. So I’m over it.”

My eyes widened. Over karma – though I had no context for making total sense of what she said, I catalogued the thought. Until I came across some text about karma in a Vedic book, more of what she had said made sense. It was a seed – a little light sparked for later’s hatching.

Easier said than done usually, to see out of a deeply engrained construct. Imagine you have been valiantly championing a cause only to discover it’s not really… real. That here you were, negotiating the construction of a house of cards and then the wind came by and swept it all away. In our case, the wind this week is like a switch we could flip or not. Mercury in expansIve Sagittarius will, amidst more confrontational aspects yielding any number of debates or points of moralizing, trine Uranus in Aries – the planet where we are taken out of the known altogether. We can continue to run around in a cheese maze we happen to like and have developed prowess within, or we could blow it all away in favor of…. well, something else, sturdier. More resilient. Perhaps even liberating. …Keep reading this week’s full forecast.

(Image: “Time for a Change” on MOD mag.)

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    Hi Mary, Seems like you had a great vacation–with a few exceptions… Mercy!!!! Thanks for coming to my blog. I am enjoying yours. You have some fabulous recipes on your blog. AND that cinnamon apple cider sounds yummy!!!!!Beautiful colors from the ladies in India…Thanks again.Hugs,Betsy

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