Monarch Forecast: December 2015


December 2015: Forging Ahead

This month we have an exciting New Moon in Sagittarius on the 11th. This is a time where placing our visions into the world come with more stick, like it was before just uncooked pasta that would not stick at the wall when you threw it… but now it’s cooked. That being said, if you are thinking about launching something, don’t get trigger happy before that date. Wait.

The vibe of this month is entrepreneurial, starting with that Sagittarius New Moon but also a Saturn – Uranus trine in the building (not exact this month). Saturn and Uranus have somewhat opposite functions but come together. Saturn is where we are constructing and building, conditioning, and Uranus is where we are deconditioning. Sometimes it’s not just a matter of undoing what has been built, but Uranus takes us out of the known altogether. The man who was suddenly struck by lightning and then was visited in his mind by symphonies ~ Uranus. That flash of insight you have – Uranus.

Culture needs Uranus’s vision, though it’s not to say Uranus is always accessed in the most clear of ways. Progress cannot and needn’t come at the cost of freedom, but any kind of political regime that has promised freedom by mass control is an example of distorted Uranian energy. Uranus can be a force that we use to take us into the future, or it’s a way of putting a deadened past on stilts and bringing it back to life. Think of a city that has been destroyed by a natural disaster. Afterward, the city decides to reconstruct it to look exactly as it did before the disaster. This is one reaction to trauma (Uranus) – to rebuild the status quo.

Because it’s a TRINE between Saturn and Uranus and not a stressful aspect, this is also going to be a more subtle energy. It’s not the kind that is likely to hit you upside the face. All this means though is that it will require some intention and diligence on your part to access it.

What exactly you are accessing is innovation and ingenuity that is palpably real on the Earth plane. Meaning you have a vision, and then you know how to enact it. It’s an idea, something not yet manifest, but you possess the ability to design and pioneer a path. (Uranus is in Aries… after all).

Think of what energy is stuck or stagnant in your life this month. This is a good month to begin brainstorming plans. One piece of magic for Saturn in Sagittarius is to go ahead and write lists, design structures, and make plans, without the expectation that you will carry them out or that they will pan out as you planned. Really you are just flexing your muscles of overarching organization: your ability to be a visionary manager of life. When you come onto something good, something that sparks you, then you will know it’s time to enact the martial will – the side of you that will actually take the steps to carry it out.

Watch the ability of the mind to be quicker when it comes to planning and hatching visionary schemes this month. That’s Uranus – quickening whatever it touches. Though in astral reality, it is Saturn that is slowly catching up to Uranus. This can reflect a way in which we have already possessed a vision or a dream, but have not yet found the structure to house it (Saturn).

On the 25th, Uranus will station direct. It has been retrograde since July 26 of this year. We are likely to feel stationing planets expression more intensely; for this time of month watch for what’s making you feel an itch to move, to be freer, to quicken things along. This will be a globally reflective moment in relation to this archetype, so make your larger declarations or moves after it goes direct. Think of a pendulum coming to a stop, and reflect on momentum accordingly. When it’s stilling at the center, we are still also. But the effects of the transit are ringing in our ears, nonetheless. Harness the gravity of this stilling by opening your mind for insights at this time and watching with a sense of objectivity/acting with clarity.

The 25th is also the Full Moon in Cancer – so as Full Moons also tend to be harvest times, this is another reason why the Uranus station may feel like a moment more of observation than of action. The Full Moon will reveal in more clarity some of what was seeded at the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 11th. Your source of information on what is coming into being of your intention will be felt through the emotional body, as it is a Cancer Moon. Acting in integrity will smooth the ride – doing what YOU know is right. It’s the Capricorn Sun time. This can amount to doing the right thing even though it’s the harder thing to do, but knowing that you will be feeling the harvest of your maturity but likewise, feeling the sadness of having missed the boat. And don’t just wait till the Full Moon. Start early, get the big, heavy Capricorn ball rolling in the best direction you can, and allow the image and meaning of that to evolve naturally for you: forget the crusty obligations, but build the ones that ring true.

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Horoscopes for December 2015

*Note that breaking down the month through each Sun and Rising sign will be discontinued in 2016. If you want insights about your specific astrology, consider booking a personal chart reading.*


Aries/Aries Rising: Adversity at the start of this month is but a catalyst for new vision and growth, keep equanimity about yourself to take in the insight. Initiate new visions on the 11th. Until the 21st the vibe is about expanding and exploring; after that there is going to be more of a feel of laying down the ground work to build a container for what you are wanting to call in in a more permanent sense, beyond the love at first sight.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: The big theme of this month for you is merging resources and energy with others – your ruling sign is in Scorpio and in the house of relationships for you. So this means self-reliance was chic until it’s not. There is something you don’t have to do alone. Or someone who is needing your help. Alone time is for refining your value and identity – but it’s not meant for a shelf life of collecting dust. When the timing is ripe, it’s ripe.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: Mercury-Mars squares are fairly infrequent – and this one occurring at the end of the month involves Mars coming to break down any calcified thought structures of the depth psyche – basically deep mental blockages, with Mars being in your house of play, and in the sign of rebalancing. Seriousness abounds, yes. But only for you to lighten up.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: A Full Moon in your sign on the 25th – this is a time when your warmth is in the full spotlight. And since it is a truth New Moon on the 11th, think about cutting out the excess in terms of low-rent relationship or non-authentic communications. You got a lot of love to share and the resources to elevate it this month.


Leo/Leo Rising: Big energies for you around the 14th: handle drama as you must, but there is going to be a sense of inflation around, so it’s an energy you can use to magnify something consciously & run with it to expanded vistas (rather than getting swept up in a storm). Self-love is the magic of this month, readying you for the 30th when Venus will move into your house of romance.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: Shaking out of any ruts is going to take some conscious willpower – but once you’re going, you start to feel like you’re coming into a truer state of balance. New Moon on December 11 in your house of identity – set an intention for where you envision yourself to be by the end of the lunar month and you may be surprised at what exciting things come of it.


Libra/Libra Rising: Your ruling planet in the sign of Scorpio all month means it is not just a sultry month (that too) but that there is some kind of groundwork being formed. Rushing into things doesn’t feel super hot to you but making intelligent choices and acting at just the right timing? Scorching. But on point.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: Venus in your sign = more graces for you, more amorousness in general. Even if the vibe turns out to be serious or commitment heavy, there is a feeling of play to it as well (I mean you know that world better than anyone, right? So it’s not like it fazes you.) More intense/obvious power dynamics at the start of the month. Take note.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: Mercury in your sign most of the month is lending you a quickness – not that you didn’t already have a bunch. This is a time when there is just a lot more information and possibility than usual around where you are taking yourself, and your life – not to mention it’s solar return zone. Good month to be writing and making lists, letting it flow and cataloguing it.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: This is a month where love can get radical… how really depends on how you like it, but don’t be surprised if you’re surprised. If you want your love life to get better or be amped up, this month it’s going to be elevated when you think outside of your norms or deconstruct that. Attractions to people you wouldn’t normally find attractive are possible.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: Though more subtle than an inner-planet’s retrograde/direct motion, your ruling planet going direct this month is noteworthy. Some deeper internal shift has occurred in this time that can now be mobilized (on the 25th and after). Venus in your house of career has you being pragmatic and strategic about bigger moves.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: People act like reality checks have to hurt – but you might know better than anyone else that sometimes reality itself is what feels like the redemption. What about when the delusion at play is one that not a happy dream, but a sour one? You are getting magically pragmatic this month – seeing your prospects in a TRUER light.

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