Monarch Forecast: November 30 – December 6, 2015


November 30 – December 6, 2015

A good friend of mine recently told me she is over karma. She is over the concept of identifying with it to the point that she is excited about stacking up good karma as if that means something. “Karma is a human invention,” she sighed, “and it doesn’t exist except for that we’ve made it exist. So I’m over it.”

My eyes widened. Over karma – though I had no context for making total sense of what she said, I catalogued the thought. Until I came across some text about karma in a Vedic book, more of what she had said made sense. It was a seed – a little light sparked for later’s hatching.

Easier said than done usually, to see out of a deeply engrained construct. Imagine you have been valiantly championing a cause only to discover it’s not really… real. That here you were, negotiating the construction of a house of cards and then the wind came by and swept it all away. In our case, the wind this week is like a switch we could flip or not. Mercury in expansIve Sagittarius will, amidst more confrontational aspects yielding any number of debates or points of moralizing, trine Uranus in Aries – the planet where we are taken out of the known altogether. We can continue to run around in a cheese maze we happen to like and have developed prowess within, or we could blow it all away in favor of…. well, something else, sturdier. More resilient. Perhaps even liberating.

Let’s back up and dissect this a bit.

Our thoughts, our intellectual filters for reality, are mutable in the same way that the quick messenger God Mercury is. Currently we have this filter inflected in the tone of Sagittarius, which is an expansive force that likes to collect information related to wisdom and the expansion of consciousness. On the 7th, Mercury forms a square to Chiron in Pisces, and this will feel like a little bit of a wall for Sagg – not one that is hard or can’t be broken, but maybe a surprising encounter with past wounding. Contemporary consensus culture has us calcify and desensitize ourselves in so many ways, yet when it comes to really being sensitive there is a process that unfolds around healing. Though this square is an ephemeral influence, Mercury moving so quickly, we may gain some sharp information around what direction our healing needs to take us- where if we want to expand outwardly we are needing to attune to the oceanic realms within.

Mercury trines Uranus, which is seeing out of the cheese maze above. Trines are easy aspects that can go overlooked or ignored – so don’t ignore the opportunity at the start of this week to see things in a radically new light. It is perhaps the old way of seeing things that has led to the Chiron-confrontation in the first place.

On the 3rd, we have a Last Quarter Moon in Virgo. This is when the week initiates into a winding down phase. Energy levels can become lower, but more than that it’s just a yin time of month in a yang-dominant culture (in terms of values). There is support to use this lunar time for inward gazing, rejuvenation, self-care, and letting go. The Last Quarter square (which is the aspect this Moon forms to the Sun) is called a “crisis in consciousness”. Here the confrontation is between Sagittarius and Virgo – Sagittarius who likes to be right, and Virgo who likes to be perfect. Sagittarius reflects where we have been moving our energies outwardly for the sake of expansion, yet Virgo wants to fine-tune and narrow in on specific details. Do not stay attached to the idea that your ego or identity around this time is as an outer-player in the world. This may still be a factor of this week – but a lot more is going to be happening within, and you”ll find more peace and clarity if you facilitate that rather than resist it.

On the fourth – Mercury our most active force of this week in Sagittarius, squares Jupiter in Virgo. This sets up a mutual reception between the planets. Mercury rules Virgo, and Jupiter rules Sagittarius. Because of this, the square might manifest less as a mini-crisis and more as an explosion of ideas. There is assistance on both ends to organize information, while both are moving through large and vast concepts or realizations. One potential of this transit would be for any health issues to feel blown up. Take care of yourself, and don’t feed into the drama or fear around mental or bodily distress without ignoring it either – Jupiter can be like a drama planet, magnifying anything it touches. Whatever issues seem to arise with this are likely to be points ready to pop – meaning that whatever the struggle is is attached to something of an older era for you, and you can choose a new direction. Use equanimity as your defense for letting something minor blow out of proportion.

Then Venus shifts into the sign of Scorpio this same day. This means as well, that leading up to this point, Venus is finishing out themes of her Libra transit. This is a time when the most ripe lessons or acts of fruition from Venus in Libra appear. Watch closely what relationships of yours seem to be in a state of thriving, versus which ones are disappearing or fading, or actually just not working. With Venus in Scorpio, the vibe cannot help but to deepen. The collective begins to find deep commitment more attractive, but we know the potency of it, and so we are applying discernment (Virgo sextiles Scorpio naturally). Since the Scorpio path is one of going down the rabbit hole, we are wise about which rabbit hole we dive down. And we know that a life of only living on the surface lacks the richness of the depths, even though taking the plunge risks our sense of personal security. We know that change promises a kind of inner-change too.

Which leads us into a more intense theme of this week that will be building all week: the Mars in Libra – Pluto in Capricorn square. This is a clear power struggle aspect. And one of the more tricky ones when not addressed in the conscious. Inevitably, we have unconsciousness within us. I have not yet met a person without one. It’s how we choose to witness it that counts. A person who acts on the unconscious is in its hold, versus a person who feels and witnesses its matter bubble up and then chooses, in consciousness, how to sort through that information.

But Mars is a planet of instinct and impulse. It doesn’t think before acting. Yet… Mars is in Libra – meaning Mars is likely to weigh out those impulses. Without having that faculty developed or practiced though, the weighing is more or less just a pressure cooker before a decision is made. This is not a good week to go about battles lightly – unless the playing field is equal. Such as if you are having difficulties with a partner, but you know you’ll be able to put everything out on the table, talk it out, and move on. At the same time, while the arena of conflict may be triggered by interpersonal dynamics (Libra), it could have not much to do with the other person so much as a depth psyche process they are mirroring (Pluto). As with any Pluto transit, any kind of depth work you do on your own, centering, and intention-setting, helps you stay out of the fray.

It’s not that we avoid the depth work. That’s not the point. It’s just channeling it wisely.

At the same time of this transit, the Sun in Sagittarius sextiles Mars. This is totally a support for the Mars energy to be working in tandem with wisdom, with light (of consciousness, versus unconsciousness), and with a sense of expanded possibility via Sagittarius. For whatever frustrates you this week, see the channel working thusly… there is support to use it for something that brightens you when you’re out of that tunnel. Especially if you check your beliefs (Sagittarius) so that they are here to help you, rather than limit you.




*Note that breaking down the week through each Sun and Rising sign will be discontinued in 2016. If you want insights about your specific astrology, consider booking a personal chart reading.*


Aries/Aries Rising: Keep cool on the power plays on the relationship front. Control is not a worthy prize. But this is also an excellent transit to step out from under the thumb of anything that has been keeping you down. Apply your mind to possibilities and fresh vistas. Intention is the new aphrodisiac.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: This is a “now you’re talking” kind of vibe – suitor types level up. You’ve leveled up. You may like what you are attracting in the mirror more as Venus enters your opposite sign and house of relationships. But there is still a lot happening below the surface/behind the scenes.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: The dramas are playing out in the relationship world this week, with your ruling planet busily pinging off other planets from the house of relationships. The best bet – there is no right or wrong, but both parties may find themselves altered.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: You may look forward to Venus entering your house of romance this week. The Mercurial Sagg energy may feel overwhelming, it’s a lot of activity in your house of refinement. Think epic organization and attention to health with a lucid order of operations.


Leo/Leo Rising: Mars in Libra in your house of communications sextiles your ruling Sun in a natural Leonine house of creativity – play this up by sourcing information that allows you to act on and manifest your will. You’ll know it when you see it, but attune the lens just so.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: An active Mercurial week in your house of emotions. So don’t be surprised by the volume of, and don’t try to fight, the emotional currents of this week. They are here to take you on a trip (Sagittarius as it were). You don’t have to identify, but you will be assisted if you just stay the course.


Libra/Libra Rising: Venus is moving out of your sign and into the house ruling money – it is a slower, solidifying placement, good for making more methodical decisions around energy exchange after an extended time of being more unanchored and with the wind.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: Stay flexible to the spiritual insights that are coming through and which ways they may be altering your M.O. Of course, this is not the time to become invested in siren calls. It comes down to what feels intrinsically in balance, and what can balance where you are already at.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: There can be a big eagerness felt toward going in a new direction – or maybe that’s what the symbols around you are saying, and what people are talking about. And there is some momentum here… let it strengthen a core foundation.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: A potential battle of this week is old power versus new power – establishment versus the new kid. Internally, externally. Identify which you are (or perhaps you are both but in different contexts) and see to it that connection and dialogue can happen, beyond role playing.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: Mercury in harmony with your ruling planet this week: see what evolutionary/revolutionary insights you can draw in and with what speed you can actualize your most unique potentials that are ready for the taking.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: In ways that are in your power, think about how it’s not about the output right now so much as the baseline frequency it’s coming from, and tend to that inner space. It’s health influences how well your actions are transmitted through the atmosphere.

(Top Image: “Time for a Change” on MOD mag.)

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