Jupiter enters Pisces: Astrology of 5/12 – 5/18

We are in the midst of Eclipse Season (a Full Moon eclipse approaching May 26th) and Jupiter enters Pisces this week. Venus links up with the North Node of the Moon. The building toward the Full Moon is always a rising of energy/momentum – with the Full Moon being a peak expression. Jupiter entering Pisces turns the radio dial way up on matters of spirituality, peak experience, love/unity. And Venus joining up with the North Node incarnates a lot of love and connective experiences. 

Eclipse Season as a vibe is a little like the bottom dropping out. A little dose of chaos. One of my astrology teachers Rosie Finn (listen to our interview about eclipses here) taught me that eclipses are a time where our soul work gets amplified in our life. It’s not unusual during eclipse season to feel like a lot of elements/contingencies/possibilities are dusted into the air and we’re not sure what is going to settle or if it is going to settle. This can highlight our need to grasp onto forms of security or try to lock things down, but there is a major opportunity to notice our security drives and impulses.

The other night I had the opportunity to notice myself being activated/triggered by something in my experience and my desire to run away from it by soothing the feeling or immediately alchemizing it with some technique at my disposal (movement, EFT/tapping, breath work, etc.) but I just sat in the fire of that pain and went all the way into it, and watched it teach and show me things. The voices from others I’d internalized. My beliefs. My patterns. Then it moved. But I saw an underbelly of my experience that I often try to avoid, calling my name and asking me to listen to it and learn with it.

Jupiter entering Pisces and Venus joining up with the North Node are immensely positive and full of potential. These transits remind me of a kind of energetic law that is already operating in our systems/bodies under any astrology: when we’re presented with a newer level of blessing or abundance in our life, we also meet our fears and the edges of our capacity to receive. When we deepen in compassion, we expand our range to touch pain we couldn’t hold before. Thus, love and pleasure are not escapes from life… they actually open us more to our full range.

I love this astrology for tor the opening it speaks to – more love, more trust/surrender, more dissolving into the truth – and I also recognize that opening is vulnerable and it takes courage and strength to open and be open. Eclipse Season is a beautiful time to observe the ways that life is directly touching or even penetrating your soul. It is an initiatory and magical season, that without the astrology we might just say is a normal calendar day in the month of May… but it’s not. 🙂

Eclipses favor our capacity to unravel ourselves into deeper levels of truth more than they support us adding another buffer or layer on top of the truth. As this field is what we’re working with, take note of where life is simply showing you yourself and presenting you with the opportunity to unravel more. There is a slipstream we can find ourselves in when we are not hiding anything, when we just are, that it is so much easier to let creativity and source move through us because we’re not blocking it out with a bunch of extra stuff. It doesn’t mean the unraveling process is comfortable – just that it’s ultimately sacred and a type of homecoming that is certainly being highlighted now.

Welcome back! Or in case this is your first time here, I’m Sabrina Monarch and I’m a soul-centered astrologer. I love providing perspectives on the opportunities of transits and putting into words what the zeitgeist feels like at this moment in time, to support you on your path & open a dialogue between us and the cosmos. If you would like to receive these weekly forecasts to your inbox and be notified of upcoming educational opportunities, sign up for my mailing list here.

I broke YouTube hiatus this week! in general I’m taking a brief YouTube hiatus to focus on a few creative and astrological projects & putting the finishing touches on designing/publishing my novel this month 🥳⁣ But…

⁣I really enjoy making the videos and the new connections I’ve gotten to make with people through YouTube so I look forward to being back more consistently.⁣

⁣There will still be forecasts – they will mostly be text version only for the time being.

Here’s our week after an announcement!

Forthcoming fiction novel: The Garden of Sleeping Hammers will be coming out late spring of this year! I’ve shared a reading of the first two chapters on a recent Magic of the Spheres episode, which you can listen to here. Thank you to Alex Maune @chthonicbacchae for the cover artwork, and Liina Koivula @local.smoke.pressfor the text on the cover and helping me design/format the book behind the scenes. 

Here’s our week:

May 12, 2021

Mercury in 13 Gemini trine Saturn in 13 Aquarius: 11:33 AM PDT

  • Mercury-Saturn contacts generally relate to careful/cautious or sober thinking, criticism and critique, or building an argument/case/perspective on solid and thoughtful evidence. With Mercury in a trine to Saturn, some of these dynamics may be occurring effortlessly/easefully at the moment.
  • Saturn in Aquarius can be likened to a well-constructed channel. A channel here simply being a vessel for information. Everyone has the capacity to be a channel when they tune into a certain frequency and take steps to become receptive to that certain frequency. For example, the person who writes in a dream diary every morning finds themselves having more dreams! The act of recording the dreams was also an act of strengthening their dream channel. Understanding how channels work is a key to energetic mastery. For the person who idly complains often or the chronic complainer will also be presented more things to complain about, because that’s the radio station they are tuned into.
  • At the social/collective/external level there are certainly influences or systemic realities at play. A potential for liberation exists within Saturn in Aquarius which is how we organize our consciousness to be as free as possible, while also being connected to the game and the conditions of life. Just as we integrate the soul and/or higher self into our basic day-to-day personality, we also integrate as individuals in society. Aquarius relates to the complex social arts of both separating from the consensus reality and integrating into the consensus reality while also maintaining one’s uniqueness or unique vantage point.
  • Certain freedoms are available to us if only we take personal responsibility for them. Something to be aware of during this harmonious trine between fluid, flexible, magical Mercury in Gemini (a quick-witted dynamic placement) and Saturn in Aquarius is how reality reflects our thoughts and beliefs and narratives. If we don’t like our current experience, it is time to trace that experience to the thoughts that seeded it – to track any way that we have personally participated with the situation. Because that is where our power and sovereignty to create a new story is.

Sun in 22 Taurus sextile Neptune in 22 Pisces: 10:45 PM PDT

(Image: NASA)

  • A transit like this speaks to me of the experience of the sublime – exquisite moments of vision, magic, or a fluttering of the veil, when life enchants us with images, scents, textures that bring us to an awe-filled presence.
  • The Sun relates to our capacity to perceive by shining light on something. When you turn a light on in a dark room, you can now see individual objects that were hazily merged together before in the dark. This is part of the Sun’s connection to linear, objective, reason – the capacity to see something ‘as it is’. However, the quality of the Sun’s light is not necessarily objective. It could be tinted, like choosing a specific color lightbulb. Herein is an opportunity to be creators, in this reality – to be intentional about the tint of our perspective.
  • This kind of consciousness game is nuanced. It could be used to evade or not see certain truths. However, certain filters are true for us to see through – like the person whose dharma involves being an artist, to see the beauty in the world.
  • If you have an intention or a perspective tint by which you’d like to see and participate with the world, you can do that. This week I’ve been reminded of the importance of gratitude, and how tuning into that frequency and seeing the world through that frequency rests so pleasurably in my nervous system and actually increases my abundance. Kind or compassionate people see through according lenses of kindness and compassion, illuminating more deeply those channels of perception. We are like dreamers in this reality, and choosing how we see is a form of lucid creativity.
  • At an additional level of skillfulness, when we choose to see the reality through a tinted lens so to say, we also may have to be open to being disillusioned and still keeping the faith or devotion. For example, I can choose to keep an open heart and see the world through that open heart even if that means being with the truth that a particular connection isn’t going to work out (as much as I wanted it to or rested my hopes upon it) – and I can still keep my heart open there with that truth and with other emerging opportunities. If we are too rigid about how we want everything to play out and not willing to be also penetrated and altered by life, we may be misusing the lens.

May 13, 2021

Jupiter enters Pisces: 3:36 PM PDT

(Image: Randal Roberts)

Jupiter will stay in Pisces until Jupiter retrogrades back into Aquarius July 28, 2021 – December 28, 2021. Then Jupiter, back in Pisces, will stay in Pisces until May 10, 2022.

  • A transit like Jupiter in Pisces really speaks to spiritual awakening, spiritual opening, celebration and big opportunity! If our lives are already swelling in a direction of aligned momentum and we feel in touch with our truth, this time period can feel like a multiplying of blessings. It gives me an image of a person approaching a large crowd at an outdoor concert and realizing that all of these people are their family and they love all of them so much. A lot like a dog’s enthusiasm to see their person, but multiplied for all these hundreds of thousands of people. These peak moments of spiritual ecstasy where all of our cells are ringing with celebration. It’s an energy felt inside of the body but is also much larger than the body, and so it confronts us with the opportunity to be open to receive as well as to be open to let things pass through us without holding onto them. It washes over us.
  • I do not always see Jupiter transits as easy, though. This rush of cosmic juicy energy can also touch parts of ourselves or our lives that clearly aren’t aligned with truth, or it is becoming apparent that something that was once true to us is changing. Consider that same ecstatic image of the outdoor party, but viewing it from a tower with bars over the window. Sometimes the presence of ecstasy or massive opportunity shows us the places we are not open to receive or are currently engaging in karmas that we feel too entrenched in and must address.
  • I think that the journey of Jupiter in Pisces will be like finding out and discovering how we relate to this flush of cosmic party wonderment energy. Like the party is happening now and how are we going to relate to this dream image? It also reminds me of films that are based on one night or one life-changing party – like THIS IS THE NIGHT! The party takes unexpected turns, becomes archetypal, and becomes a theater for people to really transcend their previous limitations and give new life to an emerging aspect of themselves.
  • Part of working with Jupiter (or people who have big Jupiter energy) is expecting and anticipating good things, and by virtue of that actually manifesting them. While others might be like, “eh, time to turn in and go home…” the Jupiterian knows that something amazing is about to happen and they stay available for it, and something magical does appear in the space which one has made. (Of course, one could go home and enter a magical paradise of their own, if that is calling them! The point is staying open to the unfolding adventure, staying open to the play.)
  • This would be a fantastic time to exercise your optimism and your belief in a better experience, a better day, a better encounter, a better world, a better universe. I think those movies of one night are coming to me like the for the moment there is just this one night – and can you dissolve into it? Can you merge with the deeper, emerging celebration of all that there is? Can you go all the way into your emotions and transform them with your presence and movement? Can you say yes to life?

May 17, 2021

Sun in 26 Taurus trine Pluto retrograde in 26 Capricorn: 2:48 AM PDT

(Image: serge lutens)

Neptune in 22 Pisces is roughly at the midpoint of this Sun-Pluto trine. See Sun-Neptune sextile aspect earlier in the week.

  • The creative concerns of these two planets harmonizing in earth signs may have something to do with practical, material, or tangible matters – money, food, physical health, home design, fashion, or anything where we bring an idea or non-physical form down to earth.
  • The earth element is more dense than air, fire, or water. It can relate then to things that take longer to build/create, and also longer to dissipate. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, relating to stuck or stagnant patterns in our life, body or psyche as well as the gardens we cultivate – our relationship with our body, self-esteem, wealth, pleasure, and so on.
  • We can feel very pleasantly engrossed in earthly matters and projects (so merged, so connected) as well as perhaps burdened by the heaviness of being pinned down to earth. It may be important to remember, considering the transpersonal influences of both Neptune and Pluto involved here, that there are always doorways and gateways between the purely concrete/physical and the energetic and emotional. We can turn our tangible activities into moving prayers just by pausing and setting the intention.

Venus in 10 Gemini conjunct lunar North Node in 10 Gemini: 1:38 PM PDT

(Image: Abhinetri)

  • Planets conjunct the North Node of the Moon relate to what is presently *incoming*, a flood of energy incarnating to form on Earth. The North Node itself has that incoming energy, so while the North Node has been in Gemini, we’ve been reviewing our beliefs and opinions (South Node in Sagittarius) and have had many opportunities to engage new ideas (Gemini) that might freshen up our perspective. Something particularly magical about this time that I’ve noticed is that when we really drop into connected conversations with a variety of people, synchronicities and connections will naturally emerge that we could not have found if we only focused our perspective singularly on one source of information. It is through being with the chorus, the whole symphony, that we notice the gestalt or pulse of the entire song at the moment.
  • Gemini has strong pollinator energy, to me! Through engaging with variety, and splicing ideas from different worlds and sources together, Gemini pollinates. Gemini builds bridges between worlds through communication, and being able to navigate entirely different worlds from one moment to the next. 
  • You may be noticing at this time that if you tune into connection (a principle of Venus) more often than not and follow that thread, life is presenting you clues and signposts everywhere you go. You may not be able to decipher the clues in the moment, but as the story builds you notice that it was only because you had a particular conversation yesterday for example, that you are attuned to notice the opportunity knocking at your door today.
  • Be mindful about where life and truth and connection are asking you to be more flexible. Sometimes a plan is very true, and it is true to stick to it – and other times it’s just an agenda that obscures the truth of the unfolding moment. Where are you being encouraged to be more flexible and allow more flow?

May 18, 2021

Venus in 11 Gemini sextile Chiron in 11 Aries: 4:44 AM PDT

At this moment of the Venus-Chiron alignment, Saturn in 13 Aquarius opposes Moon in 12 Leo, which forms a trine between Saturn and Venus, and Chiron and the Moon, as well as sextiles between Venus and the Moon and Chiron and Saturn. Here are some thoughts about this harmonic alignment…

  • What strikes me here is an opening to explore our innocence – not a masked innocence where we turn the other way from something – but an inner authenticity or cleanness that can emerge when we have reconciled with some deeper truths within ourselves and can touch into something core and true.
  • One energetic as an example could be the armoring one creates after experiencing a broken heart – rather than accepting the grief, deciding that one is going to rise above it and just become better and ‘I didn’t need them anyway!’. While this kind of mindset may enable forward momentum in some regard, it also sidelines or suppresses the tenderness of the hurt part of ourselves. If we are actually in relationship with that level of vulnerability and can love it, it may open doors to reconciliation that stays in touch with the heart and with the tenderness of life.
  • Whatever the pattern is that you tend to play out personally, look for the opportunity to love the deeper thing and the tough-self that masks it (and by loving it, disarming it). I think this alignment of planets is a unique opportunity to love a puffed-up part of ourselves back to humility and connection.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! If you would like further guidance, I have been increasingly focused on longer-term experiences in the form of the Evolutionary Astrology Intensive, higher level courses for alumni, and 1:1 mentorship – helping people form a depth relationship to their natal chart and personal transits over time, to develop themselves, to be in their power, and to reach their goals, all through the soul-making lens of evolutionary astrology. I would love to support you in building your relationship with astrology. The intensive will be open for enrollment again at a later date and I am soon to take on new coaching clients.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

(Top Image: Moebius)

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