Week of October 5 – 11 Horoscopes


October 5 – 11, 2015


Aries/Aries Rising: This is a harvest time for the innovation you’ve been moving forward – all the cool things you’ve done without needing external validation because there was no audience, no one there, because you’re bringing something into existence that is not familiar here. So now you can begin to find more likemindedness in the world. The attention and receptivity toward your efforts is building. The really constant message is to keep getting out there, keeping moving in the world, making contacts and meeting people. It becomes a matter of who are you really, to think of not sharing? Step into your courage and know who you are.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: This week offers you a radical realignment with the plane of TIME… may it be something that you are in rhythm with, rather than negotiating with (however subtly). Your creative abilities to align with the natural rhythms of the earth are rewarded with a deeper sense of expansion into being able to manifest your desires, as the Earth is a natural provider. Of course patience is part of this, yet there are influences this week that amp things up. Think of creative new ways of perceiving reality, as though if at any moment you imagine yourself at a disadvantage, you can back up and see something greater occurring, some more powerful alignment instead.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: A lot is moving through the emotional body this week Gem – some bountiful attitude changes as well. There is something to be said for owning your own power and coming into contact with it via the nebulousness of something external not providing the desired satisfaction.. ‘what you seek you already are’. So whatever is keeping you from feeling or seeing that comes up this week to be released finally. There is a mix though, of brightness and cheeriness and solid heart connection with others while at same time you are going through major internal processes. More support (within and without) is ready to show up, the more that you speak your heart, as well.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: A lot of information is entering your sphere at this time that can be deeply fortifying or transformational for your relationship world. Now is an excellent time for letting go of entrenched relationship ideals that don’t actually serve you or are not realistic – what does the relationship itself want as an entity and what is the underlying purpose of the union? So much of this week is about discovering other options that can very well be freeing of your mental energy, as you discern where focus exists to launch you into a state of expansion and increased happiness, versus where is just not the path for your mind to wander, lest its vitality be compromised in pursuits not worth your time. Choose where you launch.


Leo/Leo Rising: Powerful new directions can be initiated this week, originating from the mind. How are you in a state of being as an intellectual and where are your premises taking you? Now is a time to allow mental agility to work in your favor – as you entertain new ideas that can take you out of any stagnancies. It is also auspiciously of interest to look into what kind of philosophies are attached to your values, and if they are self-limiting or not. Sure, be grounded and realistic even but realistic is subjective – some possibilities exist only as you entertain them enough for them to be magnetized toward you. Deciding what kind of self-value you want to embody becomes evolutionary.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: This week some major developments and lessons are in the form of seeing how your impulsive sense of discovery, in what you are becoming in each perpetual moment, can actually be in greater balance to two things: first, a depth Soul process within you right now of creative actualization, and second, the greater nature of reality. (Why assume the wrong place and the wrong time when maybe things are just lining up out of view?) The more you know yourself, the more apparent it is that you are tapped in. There comes a time when your intuition is strongly green-lighting you and there’s a need to say yes – to allow yourself to be surprised and delighted by the result of how well it actually goes, even when it was all before an unknown.


Libra/Libra Rising: It is all the more your time in the Sun because of how busy the world has been this Mercury rx in your sign reflecting on the things you are drawn to the most. However conventional or unconventional it ends up, your instinctual ability to tune into other people as a way of knowing yourself is unmatched in the zodiac. With that being said, now is a time to happily be out there being you. Your way of articulating things you’ve come to know through your direct experience can be more relevant and more deeply resonating than you know. And perhaps voicing these things allows you to let any layers of self-judgment wash away, as you find a deeper openness in the world around you that comes with vulnerability.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: This is definitely a time where expanded vistas in the mind can open up and rearrange any old mental constructions that served you for a time, but that you’ve now outgrown. And this is definitely an adventure, with luck coming in the form of aligning with and exploring your own innate individuality, as this will continue to draw experiences and relationships into your life that match a frequency you are putting out, so there is always a frontier. If you don’t like the story it’s just time to look at it from farther away and get a glimpse of why it’s still playing out. This time offers radicalization. Language itself is like a key into new realms – check your words and what they reinforce – pick something new if it applies.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: Your ruling planet Jupiter links up with Pluto in an exact trine by the end of this week but we’ll be feeling it for a long time. For you it has a lot to do with your earth plane, how you are interacting with physicality and material resource. This transit is inviting in overhauls of self-perception, where there can really be an opening to engage in more self-worth as well as let go of false-worth… to tap into your actual truth and let go of anything blocking you from that. This is a life-change kind of transit: and you may take the invitation whenever it’s offering you an upgrade. You’ve earned it, truthfully – now accept it. Sure there will be responsibility – but that’s with the territory of growth too enchanting to pass up.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: As it turns out aligning with your truth has been (and will be) a surefire way to launch your ambitions… there is just more traction and support for things emanating from your core of truth and doing what you love rather than not. There can be a calling for more strengthening relationships to enter your life – ones that are in natural harmony to your emotional world than not, ones that naturally ‘work’ more than ones in the past, as well as relationship challenges that are coming up being highly relevant in a personal way, evolving you and sending you on your way with epiphanies and more connectedness. Just keep showing up for your truth and watch what happens.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: This is a dynamic period of change – and with this comes letting go of whatever it is time for you to let go of, what is really no longer serving you. The Soul potentials of this week run deep – Jupiter in your Soul sector trines Pluto in your house of spirit, meaning you get a huge glimpse into how your philosophy and beliefs help or hinder you to manifest your desires, as well as how your alignment with the Tao and natural rhythms synch up with you simply wanting the things that are in the best interest of all, and then it is magnetized toward you. When you find that meeting point, it’s ecstatic. And maybe you are already there, or the Universe is clearly nudging you where to go.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: Simply being authentic and vibing with people (Jupiter in your house of relationships…) is awakening within you the ability to take ownership of where you actually really are on point… for however out there or unusual you may be, but only in a local sense. It’s your courage over time and distance that you see that you can really be on the pulse of the collective unconscious… making you a voice for more than just yourself. Unless you’re operating in the delusional realms of Neptune (it happens), in which case now is a time to change course. More alignment and resonance comes for you as you discover truth beyond the illusions.

(Art: Hideaki Kodama)

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