Monarch Forecast: December 28, 2015 – January 3, 2016


The highlight of this week is that Venus, Mercury and Mars each change signs, activating a lot of zero degree energy this week (entering zero degrees of Sagittarius, Aquarius and Scorpio respectively). This translates to pure possibility for these three planets. In this transitional zone, you can set the tone for these transits as a whole up until the longest-reaching one, Mars through Scorpio, ending March 5 of 2016. This week is a chance to work more closely with the inner planets, which bring in their own kind of ephemeral circumstantial magic, here meetings, friendships, romances and flings, communications, commerce, money influxes, willpower. The aspect of the week to watch out for is Mercury in the later degrees of Capricorn squaring Mars in Libra.

Note: The days of the week these transits fall under as listed below is when they go exact, but they are in orb (active) during the week as a whole.


Sun in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces (last conjunction was February 25, 2015):

This is a supportive building influence – building dreams into reality. This is a theme of our Saturn-Neptune square though through this sextile there is less tension, and it is emphasized more by opportunity to be accessed consciously. This transit activates the magic of persona as well as the rewards of discipline. This is a time to reflect on the things that we want outwardly in the world and what we can do to actually be those things on the level of personality alone. What are you radiating outwardly? To surf this transit, take account of what your dreams are and then objectively look at your decisions and habits… do they match? If not, what have you been waiting for? Nothing from the outside is going to make the change for you. Capricorn knows it has to step up and do the hard work even when you don’t “feel” like it. This is not about muscling through something where you really need rest – this is about showing up for the hard work on the Universe’s clock that you are able to do. Your biggest motivator is to become who you are.

Mercury in Capricorn square Mars in Libra (last conjunction occurred in Cancer, July 15, 2015 exactly opposite Pluto):

Likely a lot has changed since July – but if you remember that was a pretty volatile time. Verbal disputes or harsh words are likely this week. It does not even have to be dramatic or elongated, it could be one small comment that seeps in. You stay ahead of the curve if you recognize that the field of communication through Mercury and the field of action/aggression/defensiveness through Mars are at their sharpest, most confrontational meeting point. Therefore, it is more likely than other times that words are going to feel loaded. Where you can, instead of digging the hole deeper, play cool. Mercury is going to go retrograde soon and meet with Pluto again, so you will have plenty of time and support to really inwardly dig into the meaning of what happened and to transmute some of the discord in constructive ways.

Repressed communications in relationship can come up this week also, anything where someone did not feel heard or needs were not being met. The more suppressed, the more injury the words can cause. While you cannot ‘control’ the other in this circumstance, there are a few pressure valves. The first is checking in with yourself about what you need to say, and how you are feeling, so that you at least give yourself the space to become more aware (instead of discovering it in a moment of crisis). The other pressure valve is to give your partner/friend/other person in this circumstance space to talk. Respect boundaries and don’t take for granted the things that people do that create positive structure and support that they make look easy – that’s how anything in Capricorn land feels taken advantage of. The more we attend to our needs like the inner-father archetype, the masculine providing principle, we are more likely to have compassion and gratitude for where we receive it outwardly. Also, placation is not ideal. Rather, having strength in your words and being solid on your word and allowing the other to meet you or not, mitigates some of the negative affects of this transit. Subtle coercion thrives where boundary issues live.

Mercury in Capricorn has a thing for using our words responsibly, yet the mischief is hearty. If you are feeling pretty solid and are around others who are pretty solid, this transit may not be relational so much as internal. Maybe you can even have fun with it, write something, dive in. Get people who are feeling too serious to laugh.


Venus enters Sagittarius (entered Scorpio December 4, 2015 will stay in Sagittarius until January 23, 2016):

This transit favors philosophy and travel (literal or metaphorical). If you are wishing to enhance Venus in your life, you can meet her now through adventure and any activities that expand your horizons. This is a time to explore what you believe in, and to believe in the things you value. For example a person who values sexuality on one instinctual or visceral level but thinks it’s wrong in terms of their belief system is not really believing in what they value. Practicing what you preach comes up with Sagittarius.

Beauty talismans, jewelry or how you dress, can have extra potency in terms of attracting luck or personal expansion. This is at the core though, about truth: letting who you actually are shine through your worlds material and immaterial. Finding possibilities through expanding upon what you already know. And perhaps most importantly, let your relationships be a direct experience: relationship dogma is a thing. The desire of the relationship as an entity is cheated when it is required to exist inside of arbitrary lines. Wild even as Sagg may be, ethics (part of Venus) are also part of this. What are they?

Think of the way that pheromones actually cause people to do things that go beyond their intellectual grasp of a situation… it was just the way they smelled…! This is a transit to honor what is wild in you, what your drum beat is, and approach it with a sense of discovery and adventure. Philosophy or advice you find around you is distilled wisdom, but how it applies to your life is a matter of direct communion with your true nature.


Mercury enters Aquarius (entered Capricorn December 9, 2015, will retrograde January 5, 2016):

Mercury will not be here for long – as on January 5 he will retrograde and be back in Capricorn by the 8th. So in this very short window, keep in mind that Mercury can translate cohesively what is instantaneous or electric in Uranus (ruler of Aquarius)’s world. Sudden flashes of insight are Uranus – so when Mercury is in Aquarius, the connection to the plane of Higher Mind is emphasized for the collective. Timing wise, we only get a taste before Mercury goes back into Capricorn and the inner-side of Mercury is emphasized for the collective (self-analysis). In this way, the window between January 1-8 may provide some radical new awarenesses for future thought and analysis come Mercury retrograde. It’s like entering a whole new world: like discovering Atlantis; something miraculous: and then having the time to back up and figure out how to ground it. Depending on your disposition, this can be a relief or feel like a comedown. But as with all transits, the extra time for Mercury in Capricorn has worthy Universal purpose – intention this space for the engineering of the new; the bridge between practicality and innovation.


Mars enters Scorpio (entered Libra November 12, 2015, stays in Scorpio until March 5, 2016):

Mars “likes” Scorpio and being in Scorpio. Mars here may retreat into the nether regions where one may strategize or discover how to manipulate and control. This is a lower expression – and we’ll have until March 5 to figure that out. The point is not be to manipulate reality so you always get what you want. It’s about feeling empowered to assert your will as well as recognizing ways power can be shared for the highest good of all in the power exchange (highest empowerment of Scorpio). Because of this disparity in the spectrum, the work has to do with figuring out what an empowered will really looks like. Bullying or coercion may seem powerful from some angles, but it is classically a form of overcompensation of feeling like one does not have power. This is most often not happening on a conscious level – but is the acting out of unconscious assumptions and beliefs. It’s going to become more important with Mars in Scorpio that we are able to examine our unconscious, if we want to feel empowered to act on our higher self rather than our fears.

Some lessons from Mars in Libra are coming to an impasse of shift. Any loose ends can still be addressed before moving forward. If it’s a matter of unclear motives holding back a relationship development, this would be a good time to put intentions out on the table or to discover what they are internally, so that you are not acting subconsciously on intentions you don’t wish to possess. In fact, if you really want to set the Mars tone off right (lasting until March 5 in Scorpio), take this week to touch base with your deepest intentions. Thank to anything you know you’re doing that is low-vibe and manipulative but are doing it anyway. You don’t have to metamorphosize into the new space overnight, but having the intention for change will help guide you to the path that allows your new psychic space into fruition – Scorpio is one of the lords of change, after all, most often calling for you to let go of something in the process. Let go of what is in your awareness to let go of. Culturally we like fruition states, and we fear death. I think we would all be happier, and more peaceful on the existential level, if we could enjoy the process of letting go in seeing that time is cyclical. With Mars in Scorpio, you can have support to actively let go of something. It doesn’t need to be destructive or in haste – a metaphor would be simply having a compost bin and dumping it in the yard to create fertilizer with it. Identify a habit, an attitude, a pattern, etc. that you think is a source of decay in your life and work with this.


If you would like to go deeper into any of these themes as they pertain to your own life, or if you are going through something you would like help with, I do offer personal chart readings and guidance sessions. Book a session with me here, and read what others have said here.

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