Mars in Pisces/12th house & Submerged Battling

The Wreck

Mars in Pisces or in the 12th house people have the planet relating to personal will (and when there are obstructions to the personal will —> anger) in the sign/house of empathy and surrendering, dissolving. Their relationship to anger can be totally submerged and hidden, or instead of feeling the impulse for anger when their will is thwarted they will feel the impulse for empathy and understanding. This allows them to tolerate intensely disempowering situations that others would put up boundaries for, but 12th house Mars/Mars in Pisces endures – transcends?

Having outlets for high-power yang energy like intense exercise can be a straight up spiritual experience for Mars in the 12th house people. They don’t necessarily need to do battle with the situation at hand – they can sweat it out, talk to Spirit, and find the upsetting situation disappear. Or they can slip soundlessly into the night & ghost.

This is, until, the spiritual path is in confronting the difficult situation – which feels loaded with ancient angst, perhaps multiple past lives of surrendering or transcending in similar situations and now enough is finally enough. In this case, the situation at hand is given a lot more intensity and power in the person’s psyche than it is on paper/objectively. When the problem is met with a solution that is new – or what the spiritual message is calling for – and not just a repetition of how said ancient angst has been met in the past, the storm clouds that were hovering around seem to dissipate, butterflies fly around, the sunlight looks particularly magnificent, the air is spectacularly fresh. A flush of magic.

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~Sabrina Monarch

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    May 15, 2016 at 12:25 am

    yeah, but Mars is in Sagittarius right now. Jus sayin.

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    May 15, 2016 at 4:28 am

    I’ve got 12th Mars in Taurus. Wow. That first paragraph explains better than anything I’ve read the weird relationship to anger that I experience with this placement. Am I avoiding it by reaching toward empathy or am I transcending the lower impulses? I frequently don’t know.

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    September 10, 2017 at 7:49 pm

    My little brother had Mars conjunct Jupiter in 12th. He also had Vertex exactly conjunct DC, and exactly opposite Saturn conjunct AC

    He spent his life doing very dangerous things [like driving a tractor across the middle of the Antarctic glaciers, or free-diving in caves with sharks in NZ]. He spent a lot of time close to nature in remote places in the world, which is where he was happiest. He had the type of masculinity, that a lot of men wanted to be him, and a lot of women wanted to have him.

    However i look at his life, and think that the 12th house Mars energy played out perfectly through his relationships. What you describe is very accurate for his relationship dynamic. He had children with an older and much wealthier woman, who used both the children and money to control him. He tolerated some outrageous behaviour for years & hid his anger to stay close to his young children. Even though he was extremely angry, he could still empathise with his partner’s behaviour at the end & not blame her. In the week that he was killed in a car crash, he had finally hit a point of being unable to tolerate the conditions he was living in any more and had made a clear decision to move out in a few days time, even though he knew he probably wouldn’t see his kids for a long time. In his case, that dynamic seems intricately intertwined with his death. [His death was hard to understand – low speed & no other car or obstacle involved & only a few hundred meters from where he started driving. Transiting Pluto was exactly conjunct his Sun]

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    Katherine Markowitz
    August 4, 2020 at 5:25 am

    I haver Mars conjunct the North Node in the 12th house conjunct my Ascendant in leo… But my Neptune was retrograde, so until last year I could not communicate with spirit. Disabled at 19, I’ve lost my entire life to a hopeless battle and far less gracefully than others with just one placement like this would have. It almost feels too late to me to do anything about my situation, I am now almost 39 years old and spent 17 years in my life stuck in bed, though for 11 of them I continued in college, with an inquisitive mind, a gift for communicating, and an IQ of 170 I figured I’d atleast be able to be sit in a chair and treat people as a psychologist, My mother eventually moved me away from NYC where I could get around and go to school, and after being addicted to pain meds for my disability, in California stuck at home with no car it felt like everything finally came apart for me, she’d signed my death warrant. Ironically as a Virgo, I was able to find a cure for part of my condition in time and then when Neptune went direct, my energy returned to normal and I began having a spiritual awakening after meeting my twin flame 5 years ago, he returned to my life 2 years ago, I didn’t realize what he meant in my life til last year either, but 12 years my Junior and just this year beginning his Saturn return, his South node conjunct his 5th house (a typical DM his weakness is random, constant sex without intimacy) and his North node conjunct Pluto in Scorpio he literally has to turn his life upside down to change and with my South node conjunct my Descendant in the 6th house neutralizing Virgo’s natural talents and making me unmarriable – it feels like a maze. My mother had a heart attack last year – completing this picture making my own life feel like an unsolvable maze, even after having let him go for the second time, I really cannot figure out what spirit actually expects of me. In in any case it feels far beyond my control and completely hopeless some days. Others it feels very deliberate and like I really ought to be able to figure the solution out. I wish I had an uplifting parable for the end of this myself, but I’m afraid I don’t. the answers are, like the 12 house, unknowable. My most recent breakthrough is that I never accomplished anything and hated myself for it, I’ve learned to surrender a bit and let go of a lot of my frustration and have compassion and love for myself – not just others. I’m pretty sure this is the first step, and that accomplishing something will be possible (or allowed), once I learn to truly love myself enough to be lovable, and love the world enough to forgive it. I’ll leave this on the note – yes, everyday its a struggle – but atleast of a different kind – one that feels like its a solvable maze and not a dank labyrinth with only a nameless death awaiting me, and I guess that is an improvement. It’s going to have to be enough of one for now anyway.

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