Monday August 17, 2015


August 17, 2015


Aries/Aries Rising: Your way of engaging with others is now under transformation where it is needed. It’s important to hear, see, and feel heard and seen, and where specific relationships do not support this (minor ones, too), they will fall away. You are acting on your heart, nonetheless, and compassion does not always mean cooperation unless that’s what’s needed for the best of both people. It’s going to be mutual respect.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: Look within for some reflection about a relationship with a friend or acquaintance and how it has impacted your philosophy or belief system (or how you’ve impacted them). This kind of synergy can be really helpful or in service of both people when the discernment and motivation is clear. If you’re true to yourself, the insights can be very sharp in a good way. You can be objective about what is yours/what is not.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: This is a creative Moon for you, bringing back some fun and juiciness into something that had begun to feel limiting. The depths there are given, but to settle into the real value of it, it’s got to ring with resonance to you, not just obligation. Today can bring some balance of self-expression back into your more external commitments… maybe even a reset around how and why you are going to commit yourself.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: Boundary within relationship is a theme to explore today. What kinds of communications are wanted and supported, versus what is kind of an excess that needs another outlet besides the given relationship. There is a way for you to feel like your needs are being met, but you might have to look beyond a person in some cases – it may be a spiritual practice that adds some balance or nourishment (and then Source sends you what you need).


Leo/Leo Rising: There is an instinctual flair to communications today. You may want to be conscious of projections where they crop up — only because it will not be about the other person, and will have a better outlet. Beyond that, today is a very intellectually engaging day providing you with a lot of fodder for moving your current goals and ambitions along, and these ideas can come from a lot of sources, so go investigate and explore.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: Today is a good day for developing a deeper inner-relationship (inner Venus) and especially so if an outer relationship is causing you some distress. Ultimately it is your own inner-balance and well store of inner resource that is going to help you fortify and structure your emerging visions. Your inner wealth radiates out and attracts good teammates along the way, inevitably.


Libra/Libra Rising: Perfection today might be a matter of something totally new or instinctually-based for you today (listen to your impulses). Or it may be what you learn after by adjusting. Either way, the risk helps you re-define your comfort zone, and you may actually have a lot of fun in the process and get in tune with your creativity and the instinctual side of you needing to come out to shift things around to something that reflects where you’re at now.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: Let’s talk about respect – but seriously. You bringing the unconscious to light progressively is a pretty badass job in the Universe, and progressively it makes you a really beautiful friend/partner. To feel respected, loved, appreciated along the way, you do have some tighter guidelines at times. Communicate what you need in a gentle, proactive way and understand that across differing realities, some kind of translation is evolutionary for everyone.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: Today is a good day to let your freak flag fly, because you will attract the people who like it. It also helps you to dissolve out stagnancies in your self-image, that require you to act in a certain prescribed way out of habit and security. Nothing ostentatious is required, nothing intrusive is desired, but just vibrating freedom brings on more and more freedom to permeate your inner and outer life.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: The Moon transits of today add a kind of disciplined tactfulness to assist your more fiery and passionate impulses of expression at the moment. You get to keep your cool and speak your peace, too. You may come into a whole new awareness of how to relate, that dissolves old ideas but brings you closer to harmony with your own needs and how they synergize with those around you.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: Dynamic, exciting, and intriguing communications today. By the end of the day you may find, if you let it, some of your ideas about how things work dissolve into a much grander scope of vision that is not all defined yet, leaving more room for wonder itself. The encounters you have with people today are like meetings with gurus, each person potentially having an offering for your expansion by the grace of synchronicity. It’s your inner-guru though that knows what of it you value or not.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: It’s a sweet Soul Moon… being very aware of your feelings and impressions today and taking responsibility for them will lead you to greater self-knowledge, one that helps you not be simply pulled by the waves but causes you to be a co-navigator. Your soul is the compass today, trust its guidance, and listen. You can feel ‘adjusted’ today, and small things do count.

(Art: Walter J. Phillips)

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