Week of August 24 – 30 Horoscopes


August 24 – 30, 2015


Aries/Aries Rising: The harmonic between your ruler Mars and Pluto this week is encouraging you to make adjustments in how you act on your heart’s desires versus the sense of obligation. Specifically you may find not acting on your heart particularly restrictive and intense. This is serving the purpose of giving you courage to make those necessary changes. You can act according to your own disciplines – but acting on those instead of according to an imposed discipline may be more revolutionary than you think. With Mercury entering Libra and your house of relationships, you still have diplomacy to think about – diplomacy that is becoming increasingly spiritualized under this building Full Moon in Pisces influence. You may also begin to feel more balance where before the mind was restless.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: This week begins with very personal themes emerging and blossoming and it is as the week builds and culminates with the Full Moon that you will be seeing more universality with what you are experiencing, and how this inner experience can be moved outwardly. There is something shining within you that however quietly or loudly, it wants to come out and be shared within community. Speaking and connecting with others becomes like an act of service or service-based consciousness – you will feel the healing of that, too. Challenge your concept of not being ‘ready’. You would be surprised how ready you actually are just by showing up. And where you’re not, it’s okay – you’ll adjust.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: This week is epic for you for a few reasons – first, your ruler Mercury enters Libra which is a place you get to show off. So easily with this placement you can be a charmer and be charmed, meet new people, expertly negotiate and deescalate conflicts, and rouse passions if you so desire. It’s your palette. With the Full Moon building to set off an illumination in your house of career, you may find some ways to draw closer to your dreams in reality. You also can be infusing your sense of discipline with extra compassion and love -and you’re seeing the dreamy results of adjusting your attitude, how your personal orientation to any experience can impact the results. You’re getting a glimpse into a more actualized version of yourself – and how to implement those changes.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: Relationship terrain cannot help but to be shifting with Venus retrograde and this last stretch of Saturn through Scorpio. For you, this week it becomes clear what relationship issues are causing you discomfort and which relationships (or aspects of them) are facilitating wellbeing. Your best way to participate in the health of relationships you want to continue may be to do some self-work. With this there is a lot of room for expanding your philosophy – you might find that some time to delve into new knowledge will help bring into focus what you need to say or do next. In the meantime, trust that what you do positively for yourself ripples outward, and improves the quality of your relationships.


Leo/Leo Rising: The Full Moon at the end of the week sets of an illumination on your Soul sector, meaning this is a big week with evolutionary potentials. There is a lot of visible moving pieces and activity on the earth and intellectual planes at the start of the week – appointments, details, communications, information, and other things to keep you busy. Do your honest best as you’ll begin to see that these things are leading toward a greater understanding of the next phase – what resources can you offer another, and what do you need to join yourself to? What kind of meaningful connections are being offered? There is empowerment in the self with this, and also in the understanding that you can share power, and that there is power to be shared with you.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: Mercury moving into Libra mid-week brings some solidification of visions that emerged from the Mercury in Virgo cycle. You might feel it as a slowing down with intention. Still though, the Sun and Jupiter in your sign join up in conjunction at the start of the week bringing a lot of energy toward new projects and new attitudes and worldviews, or you may see yourself letting go of old ones. The Full Moon at the end of the week illuminates ways in which more compassion can be shared in your relationships. Necessarily you have had some time to get in touch with yourself more. Now there will be more and more space to share the new you for a revitalization of your social world.


Libra/Libra Rising: This week is all about the interaction between spirit and the detailed manifestations of spirit, so this being how your physical health reflects what you are spiritually working through, how organizing or decluttering can clear up your headspace, or any number of those connections between literal and subtle phenomena. If you are feeling stressed out, it’s a signal pointing to the areas of your life that need some more care. But all judgments barred. Part of that care includes the compassion under the Piscean tint of unconditional love (your solar Pisces and Virgo houses are being activated!) and the wisdom of unconditional self-regard, honesty and all. All good is net and holistic good.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: Get ready for an outpouring of compassion with Mercury moving into Libra and your solar spirit sector. Whether it is coming toward you or you are moving it out, the two are in relationship and you’ll know when to initiate. Shifts that are occurring are helping you get your heart in a good place and keep it there. The Full Moon is also illuminating matters of your heart, in Pisces in your solar house of passion and creativity. While at times you separate and go within to take care of your own health (of spirit, mind, whatever it may be), there is always that cycle where it is then manifest in deeper and more compassionate connection to others. After a trip through the underworld of which you are wont to travel, you radiate light. This Full Moon at the end of the week is the harvest of that growing light.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: With some great boosts coming to your career and authority world (gaining in either), the Full Moon brings an illumination into your most personal self and inner life. The two are seeking integration – and this is assisted by truth. Self-knowledge is ever-growing and ever-changing, so it’s always a matter of adjusting. Acting more on your heart’s truth, while in one way appears to trigger insecurity, is also helping shift the structures in your life to accommodate more of YOU and less of a conditioned version of you that adapts to circumstances because you have to. More harmony between the worlds exists, and it just asks for your courage to be in truth.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: Build and dissolve, build and dissolve, so what remains? That’s the question of the week, but rest be assured the new evolution is what remains. Your craft builds upon itself, but as your values or as circumstances shift, you necessarily shift with it. If you can lock yourself into the habit and mindset of being flexible (see the paradox, but possible) you attain a mighty jewel of wisdom. You’re still remarkably solid and put together amidst difficulty, but your trick is that you align with the Tao. Your offering this week is to put all your heart into what you are making, and to be not attached to the structure. It will dissolve, like a caterpillar in its chrysalis, to emerge something more than what it was before. You have to trust that process.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: Desires that you have right now for self-improvement of any kind are emerging from deep within your soul, and not because you are not these things but because you ARE, and your path involves catching up to that point on the plane of time. This is a powerful time for commitment to your process. Mercury moving into Libra and your solar house of expansion and wisdom is exciting for you as you’ll find your thoughts and communications taking on more of a charge and getting at the truth more naturally than usual (casual epiphanies, and the like). The Full Moon in Pisces reveals resources, physical and cosmic, that you didn’t quite notice before but are now at the ready for you.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: This is a potent week for relationships. While Venus retrograde is still in your solar sector of refinement (mega growth and intensity here), Mercury moves into the sign of relationship, Libra, and in your solar Soul sector, with a Sun – Jupiter conjunction in your solar house of relationships, and the Full Moon occurring in your sign and on the axis of self and other. You are learning a lot here about empowering yourself, about showing up for relationships in a way that is truthful and with integrity to you, and also about taking a stand where you need to. This is deeply thoughtful, not necessarily impetuous, astrology. You understand the weight of your options are are proceeding with care and compassion. Your relationships are mirrors and teachers, and you may as well be in a hall of mirrors.

(Art: Jay Riggio)

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