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I have been quieter around here because so much is in flux personally. I’m about to take a two week trip to Los Angeles, California and Sedona, Arizona and potentially some other locations beginning on the New Moon, and will be updating here and posting horoscopes on schedule. The last week of the Moon cycle is always a time of questioning and dissolving, so on my own end I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want and how I’m going to align myself.

Some dates to think about – Jupiter moves into Virgo on the 11th, the New Moon is in Leo on the 14th, and the 15th is when Venus Retrograde makes one of it’s 5 points in it’s pentagram-shaped retrograde pattern, so it is a magical activation point day to be sure and a day to plan something special. See:


Venus retrograde of course is having us rethink our values. I’m working on an official mission statement for this website as part of that.

Also been reading:


My favorite quote so far is this one:

Within every person, there is an essential point of contact with the sacred dimension of life. This can be likened to a jewel inside our hearts. In ordinary or unawakened states of consciousness, this jewel is concealed within layers of conditioning, negative thoughts and emotions. If awareness, itself a manifestation of the sacred quality of life, and therefore a kind of love in action, is brought to this jewel, it can become clearer, eventually shining forth with royal light. This is the meaning of raja yoga as the royal path; the inner jewel has inherent nobility. The recognition of this inner foundation of our being irradiates our lives with the light of love and wisdom.

I love the way he puts this. I feel this too very strongly. I remember first kind of glimpsing this my freshman year of college and noticing that everyone had this ‘softness’ inside of them I called it. It was a sense of incredible beauty within each person that is normally hidden by everyday life, but is accessed in moments of connection, which are really possible at any time. I would see people’s eyes glowing especially and that’s how I knew I was seeing that part of them. I will call that now the ‘jewel’. I tend to like jewel metaphors in general, too, as some of you may have noticed from the horoscopes now and then.

Stay tuned for the weekly horoscopes starting August 10th – including all of those exciting dates I mentioned earlier and a Sun – Venus conjunction.

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