Guides from Beyond: Astrology of 3/13 – 3/19

It’s still Pisces season – a time where introspection, dissolving patterns, dreaming, following and flowing with our inspiration, and mysticism become more attractive to us. We can also feel more overwhelmed than usual emotionally, and just like the ocean’s mutability, feeling serene and profoundly blessed one moment and full of confusion or despair in another. Depending on our constitutions, this may be business as usual for us! Maybe we’re already emotionally charged and tend toward introversion and have lush inner fantasy lives. Or maybe this astro weather is a challenge for us, asking for us to drop our rigid expectations of how things “should” be or what we “should” be doing and really drop into the wild and unpredictable realm of interior mysteries, going with the flow of how we feel and actually entertaining the guests in our guest houses rather than being so quick to usher them out.

The Guest House

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice.
meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.

Be grateful for whatever comes.
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.


(Top image: Felix Mas)

In a quick announcement before we get to this week’s astrology, the #uranusintauruschallenge on Instagram has been yielding some beautiful experiences and posts that are soo inspiring and amazing! Going outside everyday has revealed to me how much I love this Earth in ways I didn’t fully register. I’ve been falling in love with all of the planets in our solar system for years, so, it’s kind of blowing my mind. Though the contest has already begun and people can’t formally enter at this point, if you are so inspired to go outside and connect with the Earth and post about it for the experience in of itself, you can still use the hashtag and I’ll be able to see your post. Feel free to check out the #uranusintauruschallenge tag on instagram to see what others in this journey are up to! In general I love interacting with you all on IG, you can find me there @sabrinamonarch.

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Here’s our week:

March 13, 2019

Sun in 22 Pisces sextile Pluto in 22 Capricorn: 6:29 AM PST and square Jupiter in 23 Sagittarius: 5:29 PM PST

Square aspects (such as between the Sun and Jupiter) come with force and bring dynamics to a head. Sextile however (such as between the Sun and Pluto) are harmonic alignments that are dormant unless willfully/consciously activated.

  • We may be dreaming big at the moment and touching parts of ourselves that are ‘larger than life’. We can be outgrowing older and smaller identities. These shifts necessarily challenge parts of our unconscious which are attached to the familiarity of our old frameworks and identities. Meeting these edges is not a symbol of doing something wrong – rather it is a symbol that we are growing.

  • You may bring some extra attention this week to how it is that you lean into change – how you let yourself change and how you support yourself to change. While change is a constant in the universe, living organisms have developed technologies such as memory and DNA to hold onto our achievements and preferences. Humans have further developed language and historic/cultural records to remember and hold onto our discoveries as a collective, so that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel every generation. We are succeeding upon prior achievements. We resist the loss of our memories and discoveries – however, we have to become discerning about this process. Structures, attitudes, and techniques we have employed in the past that were successful in the past, become maladaptive when conditions change. We have to change also.

March 14, 2019

Mars in 18 Taurus trine Saturn in 18 Capricorn: 2:02 AM PST

(Image: Wallace Polsom)

  • This transit can make it very easy to be lazy – you know how when you’ve been sitting in a car all day, for example, you feel really tired? Or how when you haven’t worked out in a long time you don’t feel like doing that? Likewise, when you’re active you feel like being active more, or when you’re busier you’re able to get more done? Try to discern when your body is really asking you for rest (from exertion or activity in general), versus when that’s just a sedentary habit that is making you more tired.

  • Transitions can take energy. One time I was with a friend and her baby was waking from a nap, crying. She commented on how baby emotions are so raw and that in a sense, she feels that emotional when she wakes up too but she’s just not as expressively honest about it – it’s a hard transition! Sometimes we may need to suspend judgement and just allow certain transitions to be what they are. The tension we experience as we struggle with these transitions and the effort they require from us can build spiritual fire. (And perhaps we also pick up a few life hacks or health adjustments on the way that make things in our lives easier that don’t have to be so hard… there is that too!)

  • Any slow, trudgy parts of our days can be seeded with habit and intention if we so desire, like presence or gratitude. Positive results can compound over time from making good choices.

Sun in 24 Pisces conjunct Mercury rx in 24 Pisces: 5:47 PM PST

(Image: Arunas Rutkus)

  • This is the heart of the Mercury retrograde cycle, when Mercury retrograde touches the Sun. We may feel heightened clarity or realization around what the ‘messages’ of this time period are.

  • Because Mercury is in Pisces, these messages are not necessarily extraordinary rational or logical. Rather, they are intuitive, inspired, artistic, poetic, and dreamlike. If you were to consider your life a waking dream, what is your life telling you? But remember, false clarity (making meaning just to feel certain and secure) is just a way of bypassing the soul-making that occurs when we intimately engage with mystery. Real clarity, real epiphany, is different – and may we be able to recognize the difference.

  • It can be adaptive during this transit to entertain heightened thoughts and fantasies and be willing to be fluid about changing our minds and staying open to the flow of inspired transmissions.

March 15, 2019

Mercury rx in 23 Pisces square Jupiter in 23 Sagittarius: 3:16 PM PST

  • Dreams are the OG oracle, guys. I’m going to be real with you: if you’re not keeping a dream diary or seriously considering the value and magic within your dreamworld, daydreams, or spontaneous hunches you get throughout your waking life and inquiring into how you can have a relationship with YOUR OWN intuition, who is doing the dreaming for you?  The culture that says that these forms of knowing are not valid?

  • The number one fear that people have about developing a relationship to their intuition is that they will be delusional. But let’s be real – our earth-denying culture is delusional, our industrial/corporate values that value short-term profit over long term habitation of the earth are delusional. Consider intuition a craft (which it is). Delusion is just one of the stumbling blocks like any other obstacle you would face in the acquisition of any skill. A mystic can entertain a wide swathe of fantasies without having to believe everything. The more that we build a dialogue and relationship to our intuitive faculties, the more that we can begin to understand them for ourselves.

  • Take note of any opportunities you are receiving at this time to develop your intuition or to come into contact with teachings that ignite your relationship to your inner-world. 

March 16, 2019

Mercury rx in 22 Pisces sextile Pluto in 22 Capricorn: 5:08 AM PST

  • When Mercury and Pluto come together, edges of communication are pushed – socially this can relate to taboos. Inwardly it can relate to probing unmet or unexpressed parts of ourselves. With Mercury retrograde classically relating to things like rethinking or revisiting ideas, this may be a good time to develop ideas that we feel we are on the threshold of. 

  • Consider if there are feelings or sentiments you want to share that you don’t have words for yet. Perhaps you really appreciate someone in your life but you haven’t yet put that into words. Perhaps we think the words will just also come on their own, but they may not. It can take conscious intention to mull over our impressions and put them into language, and it can go a long way in our friendships and relationships.

March 17, 2019

Mercury rx in 21 Pisces sextile Mars in 21 Taurus: 7:23 PM PST

(Image: Soey Milk)

Mercury in Pisces gets to access a lot o power this week by forming these contacts to the Sun, Jupiter, Pluto and Mars!! Dang, though. If you think about how often the invisible or the unseen can get cast to the side (Pisces domain = ‘invisible’ forces like magic and even love), think about what is invisible in your life or your world that is coming up to your conscious mind with extra force.

  • There is a bountiful opportunity to become more aware of sensuality, to notice its intricate details even further. This might be linguistic for some of us, but it can also be languages of touch, or smell, or taste, that we find ourselves deepening into.

  • In general, the desire for MORE is part of evolution – we do want to grow. Sometimes the cycle is about letting go and going inward and it’s not exactly more we are seeking but less. If you are connected with the desire for more right now, consider expanding your sensitivity in this process. There is nothing wrong with wanting more financial security or more love in your life, so go for it! But, see if you can deepen into enjoying and recognizing what you already have. Sometimes wealth reveals itself to us (and magnifies itself) when we take the time to actually notice and have gratitude for what we already have. If your desire for more is strained with negative lack-oriented feelings rather than genuine esteem in yourself and your potentials, that is a surefire sign that some re-sensitizing yourself to the value you already have is needed. You’ll feel better and it will actually help you become more magnetic to the abundance that you desire.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! I really appreciate you being here with me as I know that if you connect to this writing we have likemindedness and that is so special. Please share this article with a friend who you think would resonate!

Please let me know what you think in the comments – truly I want to know so leave a note! I love you and you are tribe to me, thank you for finding your way to these words and resonating with them in whatever ways you have. If you feel you would benefit from further guidance on your personal natal chart and transits, I am available to help! Book a reading with me here.

With love,

Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts, works with clients and teaches. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She is a novelist and is currently pursuing her masters in Philosophy. She also enjoys kundalini yoga, meditation and ashtanga yoga.


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  • Reply
    March 12, 2019 at 2:25 pm

    Thank you Sabrina! Reading your weekly posts are one of my favorite treats for the week. I’ve been reading your posts for I think 4 years and I must say you’ve helped me through a lot of intense energies in the past.

    Thank you for encouraging us all to start a dream journal. I’ve been journaling and developing my intuition and dialogue with spirit since I was 17.I was getting over a 3 and half years long Crystal meth addiction from the hood I grew in. Over the years astrology and journaling also many different esoteric studies helped me cope,process, understand and heal. It’s interesting because now I don’t write as much as I used to. I used feel like if I don’t write I’m gonna lose myself and die lol…. Over the last 5 years my intuition has me drawing things. Now I feel crazy if I’m not working on projects.

    I usually draw my dreams. The scenes I remember. You’ve appeared in my dreams a few times. You always have a message for me. One time you were telling me to go to Sicily. Which I still don’t understand lol

    I’m really appreciative of this current mercury retrograde transit. It’s tieing up so many things. It’s seriously a final push to be rebirth. Spring is coming fast.

  • Reply
    March 12, 2019 at 4:01 pm

    This post is rich with gems, especially the last few paragraphs about it being OK to want more, but more importantly is recognizing the gifts we already have. The act of presence seems to be missing in many messages about abundance and attraction. So much of this posts resonates with the spiritual messages of Eckhert Tolle’s The Power of Now. Thank you for the the work you do!

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