There Are No Bad Planetary Positions


I have not made an official post about this and it’s time to say it: there are no bad planetary positions or aspects.

The same way we might teach a child that good and evil is only a construct, and there are good people who do bad things, we apply the same idea to the planets. Even with moral relativism aside, another way to look at this is that the planets do not control or dictate us or our circumstances. They mirror it. Astrology is a study of synchronicity, as above, so below. The more we attune our consciousness to the inherent potentials of any given planet or sign, or relationships between planets here, on our end of it, the more the luck and benevolence of the heavens seems to shine upon us. Who would have thought? But it’s a real thing. Likewise, if you are convinced that there are forces working against you, you attract situations to reflect that inner-orientation. As I was reading something about this topic in an Indian astrology text I found online while I had a fever (good times), it mentioned that the same forces that control or dictate us when we are unconscious are the same forces that lead to us to thrive when we alchemize with them on the conscious level. What confines us unconsciously, liberates us in the presence of consciousness.

SO with all that being said, some planetary positions are difficult. The same way that some aspects of our personality are difficult for us. That’s about it. However, I think of each planetary position or aspect as a kind of tool, some of them are very obvious in their advantages, and others hold secrets. It’s up to us as innovators to find the strengths in what we consider to be our weaknesses. And how many stories and moments of glory would we be missing if we did not have the capacity to overcome our own perceived adversity? Come on, loves.

When someone is getting a reading with me and they are worried about something in their chart and I’m able to give them another interpretation of it that lightens them, it reaffirms for me the value of this kind of writing and work. The underlying truth of reality (if I am to make such a statement, but I will) is unspeakably gorgeous. Most of our moments of ecstasy barely touch the surface of the depths of what kind of love the Universe is made out of. One of the things we’re doing here as Souls in human bodies, is unraveling from ourselves all of the false conditioning we have upon reality. We have at the same time a focused consciousness (a boundary we call ego), in that we are experiencing reality in many finite ways – these are essential limitations that more or less attune the consciousness to specific aims or purposes.

Shitty and/or limiting interpretations of your natal chart aspects are part of the false self. If you are to use astrology to know your true self, it must be a conversation and not a diagnosis.

If you have something in your natal chart that scares you or that you feel is affecting you negatively, please write me about it and/or consider getting a reading with me. We’ll find the alchemy. It’s there, undoubtedly. As long as you aren’t attached to the drama of it being bad – then I can’t help. 😉

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