June 2016: Season of Flux & Mars Underground


For the month of June, the mutable astrological landscape deepens with the addition of mutable air sign Gemini into the picture. We start the month with the Sun and Venus in the sign of Gemini, and by the 12th Mercury will join in after its extra long stay in Taurus. Mid-month the Sun and Venus will switch into Cancer (the Sun on the 20th, and Venus on the 17th), and we’ll see a general cooling and coalescing begin around that time, where we will have some emotional space to shift into the changes brought by the mutable grand cross. Mutable signs are transition bringers – one season changes into the next. Structures that have previously solidified into form break apart and develop into something new. We can have one foot in the old, and one foot in the new. Or, you can go balls out Saggo style and gallop into the new.

The Saturn-Neptune square has an exact hit again on the 17th, and all month the mutable placements held by Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces will remain in a tight T-square arrangement. Additionally the nodes of the moon (oOo the destiny axis oOo) are conjunct Jupiter and Neptune. This is big! With Saturn in the balance between the nodes, achieving a new kind of structural maturity is not the first step – additional and greater perspective is needed for that new maturity to develop. Saturn will effectively follow in the steps of the changes of consciousness that occur with Jupiter’s expansion and Neptune’s spiritual illuminations. It’s like alignment with your emerging higher self first, then hard work on your higher self’s concrete path. So cue in some big seeking and upgrades in awareness.

The New Moon on the 4th really introduces the mutable grand cross – since the Sun and Moon are in a tight orb of alignment to squaring Jupiter, Neptune and the nodal axis, and opposing Saturn. Whenever we have a grand cross in astrology, it reminds me of the Wheel card in the Tarot – super dynamic shifts in *fate* occur as the energies of the planets are arranged in the shape of a wheel. We can either got locked into place, not wanting to roll on with the punches, or we can encourage the momentum as it appears. Issues that come up with fate are very ego-based, right? We want things to go the way that we envisioned or planned them, or we experience fear and anxiety when things seem out of our hands. I don’t like fatalistic models of astrology, so to really explain what I mean by fate I will define it as larger cosmic circumstances that are operating beyond our conscious, ego-mind’s orchestration. That’s all. It has nothing to do with serving karma to wrong-doers or people getting what they deserve. They are events that are larger than our current mind can understand, and that easily threaten or sense of where we were headed or who we thought we were. And our reaction to it is often dependent on how we felt about the previous circumstances. We can be having to say goodbye to things we wanted to be solid, or we can feel freed from stuck, boring circumstances, finally. Maybe a little of both.

Because the New Moon squares the destiny axis, this alignment emphasizes the pressure is being taken off the conscious ego-mind and is being placed in some higher ideal. It comes into question whether our ideals are imprisoning our consciousness – do we hold beliefs that have us entrenched in unhealthy connections to others? Do we have beliefs that separate us from life rather than unify us to it? This alignment gives us the chance to find a broader perspective that makes the original problem (of the mind and intellectual consciousness) seem insignificant. Whenever you have had the sense of your daily life problems becoming small in comparison to the big picture and felt a sense of relief, THAT is what we are looking for this month. Don’t use your greater intelligence to further micro-manage something unstable. This time asks us to gaze into our truth for where our blindspots are, and to discover what new information can help us illuminate those into consciousness, rather than continuing to build structures that keep the blindspot safe, in the dark, untouched.

The Saturn-Neptune square on the 17th brings up issues around disillusionment that can ultimately bring a new vision of that dream into the reality plane. So addictions, energetic and otherwise, are especially gut-wrenching, because the more extreme or not-grounded the fantasy element (Neptune), the more extreme the restrictions, the consequences, and the sense of limitation. This transit can be depressive and even heart-breaking, because whatever we have placed excess or fantastical importance on becomes diminished. While a new truth is coming to replace it, we have to be somehow willing or prepared to receive that truth, and there is often an interim in between where things seem especially disillusioning or there is a loss of meaning. This can speak to major reassessments of career path, position of authority in the world, relationship dynamics, and overall lifestyle. While many people are undergoing depression or shifts in personal meaning, they will not necessarily be public about it because there is a lot of social reward for seeming with it and on top of life, really living it up – and shame for broadcasting feelings of confusion. Saturn in general corresponds to shame, and especially if you have been a figure of hope or inspiration (Neptune) to others, there is a pressure to maintain that. However, where real honesty shows up, magic shows up too. Give yourself the time (Saturn) and compassion to figure out where you stand, and as you walk in that truth, magical experiences on the Neptunian end will show up to help you. The new normal, as the old one dissolves, will be the reward. It’s just that with the square aspect between Neptune and Saturn, the process of getting there is crisis-oriented, or like a slap in the face from the Universe. But it will get better, especially if you do the work that is intuitively resonating with you.

The Full Moon just a few days later, on the 20th, is in the very last degree of Sagittarius. Our second Full Moon in Sagittarius in a row! It is also the day of the Summer Solstice. Very Sagg to go all out like that, show up Full twice, finish it with a bang and the change of season. Hopefully by this time, whatever dramas have unfolded over the month will be something you can have more levity about, be able to laugh about. This would be a great Full Moon to be a party or gathering with people who uplift your energy and spirits, and to stay clear of situations you feel you have outgrown, or situations that provoke a more critical nature of yours (like you can x-ray see the bullshit). Totally celebrate and find the fun – there will be a party somewhere, whether its with familiar friends and loved ones or somewhere out of your comfort zone. If there is a bonfire, drumming, or anything like, tribal, that’s extra YES. If you are more in the indoor world, consider honoring that spirit of wilderness and wisdom by being open to the archetypal dimension and however it chooses to play out its theater for you.

At the end of the month, on the 29th, Mars goes direct in the later degrees of Scorpio. So for most of June, Mars is retrograde in Scorpio and this is an important underpinning to all of this month’s events. A Scorpio Mars is VERY strategic about how it expends its energy, and only strikes when the moment is right. Like a panther. It’s a very ninja kind of Mars. The aggression element of reality is definitely a sleeping beast all month, and it’s not a force to ignore – either in yourself, or however it manifests on the surface world. Not everyone is driving consciously – we all have varying amounts of backseat driving from the unconscious happening. It is important to consider if your actions are empowering you or not. Lower impulses CAN come through and you may have to do some inner-wrestling with them. Mars in Scorpio doesn’t tend to make first moves – Scorpio loads up its venom until its time to strike. It is perfectly okay during this month to discover where you are storing your venom, and to find healthy outlets for releasing (or really, transmuting it) it so that don’t involve psychic violence to yourself or others. This will also be a chance to go within and discover what it is that you really desire (think Scorpio) and what you are willing to do to get it, and what you are not willing to do. You may notice ways in which getting what you want have led you to lower tendencies within yourself. This is a chance for these impulses to rise into your conscious frame of mind so that you can make new decisions, and also see where your hooks are placed – what kinds of things we do to ensure that things go our way, that people will love us, or do what we want them to do for us to feel secure. How can we unhook ourselves and untangle ourselves from deeper psychic motivations that no longer serve us? With the reality checks happening with Saturn-Neptune, it’s not going to feel like an option to perpetuate lower stuff that comes up into consciousness. It’s a “evolve or die” kind of feeling with Mars in Scorpio, God of War in the sign of extremes. Access the Taurus polarity of embodiment, being patient and loving with the self and one’s immediate physical reality, to help this process of deep growth. Be especially aware of when you are feeling the urge to project onto others – with Mars retrograde there can be a kind of rebound effect you might not find desirable. Consider where the energetic invitation exists, or where it’s just you wrestling with yo self.

Listen deep this month, and experiment… use the mutable astrology to stir up change in your life. Try new things and make changes to get additional perspective. Mars will be in quincunx with Uranus, and this can speak to a big release of energy and pranna that you can channel once you get in tune with your athletic nature – where there is space for you to grow and train SMART. Dysfunction will show itself through crisis and conflict, and these will be your clues of what attitudes, beliefs, relationships or relationship dynamics, are up for change. The astrology of this is more confrontational than not, but don’t let it get you down. The shifts will be helpful and rewarding.

If you’d like personal assistance with anything that’s coming up for you, consider booking a personal reading session with me.

~Sabrina Monarch

(Image: Alfonso Lourido)


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