Week of July 5 – 12 Horoscopes

July 5 -12 2015:

Note we’re making this week one day longer than usual because the weekly horoscopes will start on Mondays, not Sundays from this point forward.


Aries/Aries RisingEmotions can run hotter this week as the Sun plays into the Uranus – Pluto square by opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus from your solar house of the ego and emotional body. When Mercury leaves Gemini mid-week on the 8th themes of the Gemini season will be coming to a close. You may note discomfort + productive momentum as a background while the mind is also grappling with it’s own embedded structures. Transmutation is possible before even the need to project, though the myriad source of annoyances this week may be coming from other people (your awareness of those things triggered by them). If you give yourself the benefit of the doubt and look into the source of emotional upsets this week, deep spiritual awarenesses can be realized.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: At the start of the week, Mercury harmoniously aspects your ruler Venus – communications, creative expression and diplomacy are enhanced. Journalling or any activity that helps you really get your thoughts out may also inspire positive external change (magic, we suppose). This is especially helpful to do because of the Mercury – Saturn inconjunct that occurs this week, with Saturn in Scorpio in your solar house of relationships. There can be a deep resistance to communicate with others that which does not feel ‘right’ within yet, and so really taking the time to check in with yourself can help you feel more resolved about what you need to do and say without instigating a negative feedback loop. However, be aware of support you DO have unconditionally.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: Mercury leaves your sign mid-week and moves into Cancer. Last accumulating insights and themes summed up while still in Gemini, but with a kind of austereness while it aspects Saturn. You may be noticing how your desire to initiate projects is inhibited by a lack of organization or structure to support. When Mercury moves into Cancer on the 8th, the energy shifts towards one of more careful cultivation. With the Sun – Pluto opposition, you may be feeling the desire for more material wealth or abundance, at the same time that any blocks you have regarding this are illuminated. Time is also part of the equation, and your task is figuring out how to feel abundance now with what you have. Use the new solidifying energy of Mercury, the Sun, and Mars to cultivate things that have affect on your future.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: This is an exciting and at the same time possibly uncomfortable week for you. The discomfort is just one of unfamiliarity, new urges arising into the conscious will that don’t have an obvious origin. Yet these current actions that you initiate have a role in an expansion that is occurring for you right now. The overall purpose is becoming more spiritualized. Before Mercury enters your sign on the 8th, the communication and thought processes are especially dreamy and full of longing, yet also fertile in letting things go and setting the soil for the next phase. If you go with the flow, you can allow your freely wandering mind to direct you to a more solidified creative purpose… it may occur by a shedding, wherein something that was previously obscured is lifted out. This is a very personal time that may contrast with existing relationships.


Leo/Leo Rising: Mercury in your solar house of the higher mind is in harmonious aspect to Venus in your sign. This means downloads, and the capacity to act instinctively on them. Think of ways to nourish your mind and instinct consciously, such exercise practices that engage both. Now is a highly supported time to engage actively in your spirituality (which is at the same time actively listening and receiving). The results can be potent. Deep encoded patterns can be seen, and changes made where you desire. Blocked energy can flow more freely. Focus on forgiveness and letting go, and see where in your heart the beauty of life can be felt so deeply it almost hurts. Then it doesn’t hurt anymore. No one else’s spiritual path is your own – you may take the pieces of it that you like and that inspire you, but your brilliance comes in direct experience.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: Your ruler Mercury links up in positive aspect to Venus in Leo. Think authoritative communications linked with an encompassing warmth. With Mercury about to leave your solar house of career, something has been learned and is coming to a closing stage – you may notice that you have matured in some way and now is a time to offer it in service where the opportunities present themselves (or you may find them). When Mercury moves into Cancer on the 8th, your sensitivities can feel heightened, as your perception has just upped a level by moving into your solar house of the higher mind. Your emotions speak volumes so do listen and while there may be trepidation in speaking authentically, you will attract the right people and friends if you do. Acting on your gut is especially lucky for bringing resonant experiences and connections into your life.


Libra/Libra Rising: The career push heightens now – a move toward a more satisfying professional and social life. A transition is occurring now in which the way of asserting the familiar social purpose or role is dissolving into a future social purpose – one that is more in alignment with the heart and your individual identity. If you choose a focus of your intentions, this month supports a narrowing of mental activity – that which is not constructive in relationship to the vision is less important and takes up less of your time. This can be a time of heightened emotions but also an intensified resolve to stay “put together”. It may help to identify what this means to you, and see where you can release the pressure valve, where it is actually healthful to unravel.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: It is very welcomed for you to have Mercury move into Cancer on the 8th, a fellow water sign and more in harmony with you than Gemini. You can expect certain weirdness, inconsistency and disorder to improve, however it may come to a head just before it transits out of Gemini, and for this do stay calm and receive the necessary messages, but do not jump to conclusions. There is an ease with creative projects and sharing what you know to be true as you are actively engaged in things related to your path – it may be very engaging and attractive to others as well which grants you deeper connections to people because you have put yourself out there and found that you were not alone, and that your ideas are actually appreciated and of value.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: Mercury travels into your underworld… (your solar 8th house), meaning one of many things. Sexual appetites may be stoked by good conversation and intelligence, or being so at ease when talking to some one. You may find your thoughts delving into darker recesses of the mind than normal, but with the implicit opportunity to release and transmute anything you no longer find to be in service of your wellbeing. (Source will take it, just ask.) With the Sun and Mars already in the solar 8th house too, the pheromones are running high. Sagg doesn’t play domestic all of the time, but when you do, you do it to the 9’s… seduction by a home cooked dinner with candle light and the perfect mood set, status. This is a magical time, new partnerships and deepened exchanges. Savor it, be a perfect gentlewoman/gentleman and be true.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: Expect more activity (or the avoidance thereof) in your social life happening as Mercury moves into Cancer. However there will be much to gain from cooperation and being around lots of different people – and practice excellent listening skills (you may notice that you are listened to more than usual, also). Being more forthcoming with your feelings is part of the path of this month. Vulnerability is also related to bravery, especially now. A cycle is coming to a close in which before the next evolution can take form, it is a time to combine efforts, ideas, and plans with relevant people (who are easier to meet now, as well). It is related directly to expansion of your creative capacity and to future joint resources, finance increases.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: Mars in your solar house of refinement – an apt place for the warrior to chill out and get his bases covered before he keeps throwing Qi everywhere. During this time period you are readying yourself for future expansion, so any actions you take that are constructive and make you feel good have a larger purpose besides the immediate satisfaction. You have have some concept of what this is already, but if not it will be in a process of being lifted out as other concepts dissolve and make room. With Mercury entering your solar Virgo house on the 8th, you may feel quite sensitive. Do things that are positive for your wellness and think wellness – do not get caught up in being overwhelmed or frustrated for lack of – just create.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: Mercury enters your solar house of creativity and romance mid-week, and Mars in the same solar house trines your ruler Neptune, so certainly expect more activity in your creative ventures and romantic intrigues, and more ease with being in tune. Just being true to your creative vision is liberating, and opens up new avenues that were not available had you tried to fit into someone else’s. There may be an insecurity with sharing your work or projecting it out into the world, though you really want to, and most chances are you will be received with far more grace and admiration than you are letting on. Empathic modes of receptivity are heightened now with Mercury being in Cancer, so you may note you are picking up on the emotions of others even more than usual. It is a good practice now to bring more warmth into your communications, even minor ones.

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