Week of August 10 – 16 Horoscopes

Week of August 10 – 16, 2015


Aries/Aries Rising: Amidst really considering how you are going to become these new things you are dreaming of (really just growing into your essence), Jupiter moves into Virgo and your work sector (practice, habits, improvements). Your next stage of self-mastery has a lot to do with showing up for ALL of the process. Lay out some plans this week and keep a special focus on letting your small actions reflect the larger picture you are seeking. Your means are your ends, and the ends are just magnified means over time.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: Knowing your worth inherently – without any need for the proof of it externally, is a most radical action for you this week. Identifying a new attitude regarding the self is something you can launch auspiciously the New Moon in Leo on the 14th. Jupiter moving into Virgo is going to help you stay on task regarding being CREATIVE and putting the work in necessary for you to actualize your potentials. You want to be sure you are moving toward forms of self-realization that are naturally you, not ones that are performances.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: A lot of dreamy ideas are coming through this week for you – you just need some structure to contain and foster their growth. A long season (of Jupiter) is being ushered in to your solar house of self-identity… you are going to be learning more about yourself and expansively. The non-linear time god will definitely help you feel your future and it is epic! Make up the difference between now and then by doing the work to get there. Do not overly-identify, keep one foot in realty and the other in dreams to walk them side by side.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: There is a nice earthy flair to this week in which you can take your recent visions and ground them into something practical and sustainable. With the New Moon this is emphasized even more; the opportunity this week is to plant some powerful seeds to activate your creative blossoming, something overall sustainable that will allow you more and more moments of feeling realized as a person. Love yourself because the light of your own inner love is going to have a huge impact on the results. While this is the rooted energy of your week, there is also a lot of dynamic mental activity. Ride with it!


Leo/Leo Rising: This is a sweet New Leo Moon for you – you are already steeped in a particular essence that is ready to take new form this week, so think in terms of *upgrades* on what you have already been willing and creating this month. Acting on your TRUTH and discerning that truth is foundational. And bless if the light challenges some kind of deep-seated block – the psyche is full of jewels that just need some dusting off from time to time. This is also an auspicious time to begin, commit to, or develop a health routine – yours is the long game, a little each day.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: Culminating cycles and themes this week mean you are in a special place to look back at what has occurred in the last year as well as what loose ends are still needing to be tied. This is like strength in reserve – an activation point of creativity is being triggered to help you play out necessary dynamics related to your growth. Watch for things coming into your life that you are ‘over’ already. Their return simply signals that you have a new way to relate to it, and that the meaning is shifting.


Libra/Libra Rising: If you’ve been thinking about getting more into your spirituality, now your opportunities to do so expand. Life itself will begin to take on more of a spirited tint, and it infuses the simple realm of daily life with synchronicity and magic. Getting into particularities and details will not hinder your sense of wonder – rather it will only add to it, like an artist who can draw birds that look nearly real after having studied anatomy. This New Moon this week is about letting your higher intellect spark your passions, and vice versa.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: Your career sector (otherwise ruling over how you structure your life) is getting a boost of new inspiration for the New Moon on the 14th – followed by some Venusian magic the next day in the same sector. This week is brilliant for money and overall advancing in life relative to tracks you have already been establishing and plugging away at. This week also includes a favorable link up between you and Higher Mind – if you speak your ideas articulately and without fear of being weird, you’re onto some real communication breakthroughs.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: Visionary New Moon on the 14th – your fires are all going hot with ideas, unfolding and expanding concepts of what is possible, but what’s epic to boot is that you have a lot of support for grounding this material into the very details of your life. Naturally this is going to correspond to life upgrades if you do you due diligence (of course, luck helps you along). Diligence = great habits, health, organizing, and tasking. And think the long game – fruits over time, bliss in the process. The macro will reflect the micro.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: A power charged New Moon as it occurs in the soul sector, and helps to add a fresh burst of light into the innermost channels of the soul. Creative urges are very possible and listen to them as they are arising from your soul. This is a time to ‘own’ your experience and see that awareness and dealing with the processing that results does allow patterns to shift. This can be a very rejuvenating week. There is now expansion through details and through keeping humble. Humility helps you receive. Gracefully.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: The New Moon this week holds some potentials for you about turning over a new leaf in relationships or attitudes regarding relationships – maybe about how you validate or receive validation. Some deeper insights about what you value are coming through and being illuminated. Jupiter moves into your soul sector – so the time for exploring and adventuring through your depths is officially here. What do the ‘mirrors’ around you have to say? How can your own increases in happiness or overall good feeling affect those mirrors… quantumly?


Pisces/Pisces Rising: Jupiter moving into Virgo may have you start to feel a little more extroverted as it will be expanding your prospects in your relationship sector. You may also enjoy exposing yourself to philosophies that demystify things for you that you have projected far more confusion and dreaminess onto than are true in actuality. Get into the details to clarify former points of mystique, this helps you articulate a clearer vision for your own progress as a result. The New Moon in Leo is in your work and self improvement sector too, so getting some fresh vision around how you can actualize better are key themes this week.

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