Aquarius Season & Integration: Astrology of 1/19 – 1/25

I had a weekend visiting with family for the first time in a while, so I’m going to just get into sharing the forecast without much ado 😇

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Except two main announcements:

First, METEORITE, a yearlong program for alumni of the Evolutionary Astrology Intensive begins in March. I’ve written out some inspirations of the course material here, and this course page contains more of an overview as well as the application. METEORITE is to support participants in cultivating their astrological creativity and voice, both inside the craft of their practice directly and how the practice becomes embodied in their lives. Apply by February 27.

Second, a new episode of Magic of the Spheres is out titled Rewilding with the astrological Diana, goddess of the hunt and the waxing moon with Verena Borell @verenaborell about her profound body of work she created about the astrology of Diana (also known as Artemis). Tune into our episode where you listen to podcasts or on your browser here.

Here’s our week:

January 19, 2022

Sun enters Aquarius: 6:39 PM PST

  • Aquarius corresponds with our experience of electricity, what it is like when we feel electrical. This could be having a flash of insight and experiencing chills, as we integrate newly enlivening connections being formed in our mind, body and spirit at the same time. It is also the moments we feel triggered or unnerved, like information that we take in produces an 🚨ERRR🚨 sensation.
  • These electrical sensations also correlate with the Aquarian theme of integration: the positive insight/chills experience is a moment of coherence that feels radically awakening and restoring at the same time. But even the sense of being triggered or unnerved is a message that we are needing a type of integration.
  • Aquarius, within Evolutionary Astrology, relates to trauma – how and where the soul fractures or splits off – such as where we weren’t properly reflected in childhood and couldn’t hold that part of ourselves without reflection, and any other moment through life where our energetic response to the reality is to split off from it. The challenge is then the re-integration process, how we call back our soul fragments. The gift of Aquarius is not that we come back to wholeness as though nothing ever happened – but that we come back to wholeness with the knowledge we picked up from our divergent experience. Like the classic arc of the hero’s journey where the hero leaves home, has new experiences, and returns home with new spiritual technology to share.
  • Given that Aquarius is a fixed air sign, it also points us to the most solid, dense type of air. These are entire programs, stations of thought, paradigms, ways of thinking. Is trauma not dense as well? Is the matrix of cultural conditioning not dense? Aquarius relates to our process of detachment from various thought-programs or thought-matrices, to engage the witness-consciousness that can recognize that a thought is a thought – as opposed to just thinking without thinking. When we have this level of detachment or freedom, we can choose which thoughts we want to invest more deeply in and which we want to refine or not give so much free rent in our heads.
  • It is one thing to be mentally disciplined – it is another to actually clear the program that is keeping challenging or self-sabotaging thoughts in place. Deeper work with Aquarius could correspond to actual trauma healing techniques that create that level of shift at a nervous system or body level.
  • Another invitation to wholeness that Aquarius provides us is excitement – we don’t always know why something appeals to us so much, but we tend to find that if we follow our excitement and where the current of energy is in that way, we come into greater relationship with ourselves.
  • Excitement is not always as smooth as feeling chills and awakening in a regulated-feeling body… consider your romances where you felt so excited/nervous about someone it almost felt sickening. Or getting up on stage to perform and all of the nerves you felt beforehand. Relating to our excitement can be about fun (Leo polarity to Aquarius) and coming home to ourselves (the Sun as a centering principle) but it’s not without a sense of disturbance/disruption. The more self-awareness we pick up, the more discerning we become about what opening/pathway exists in our nerves – whether its a moment for regulation or a moment to take the leap into the unknown.

January 23, 2022

Mercury retrograde in 3 Aquarius conjunct Sun in 3 Aquarius: 2:28 AM PST

  • Mercury cazimis (cazimis are when a planet is exactly conjunct the Sun or within a 1 degree orb) are quite expressive moments of the messenger. Messages may come from the outside (a literal email or letter, a piece of news, a realization that occurs in conversation) as well as the inside, especially with Mercury being retrograde. Inside messages are like personal realizations focusing into a moment of clarity, a significant memory popping up, or a futuristic vision. (I’m thinking of dream visitations as well, but I can’t decide how external or internal that one is 🙂

January 24, 2022

Mars enters Capricorn: 4:53 AM PST

Mars will stay in Capricorn until March 5, 2022. Also significantly, Mars and Venus will be traveling together, staying close to one another in Capricorn and then Aquarius, only beginning to really separate around mid-April. Some thoughts:

  • Mars in Capricorn brings together the archetypes of the command/leadership (Capricorn) and the soldier/executor (Mars), so it can be a time period where we feel efficiently energized for completing projects or actually executing the mission (rather than just thinking about it). The placement of Mars could make that easier, but we also have to harmonize with it in terms of finding those pathways within ourselves.
  • The Mars-Venus alignment during Mars’ stay in Capricorn suggests that there will be a significant dynamic around how much we actually enjoy the things we are energized to do. For those who concretely find a path of being significantly productive, accomplished, successful – they also may struggle at times with the realization that they have become too lost in the work or the pressures of the work that they forget to enjoy. For those who are aspiring toward a concrete success or achievement, the Venus conjunction here may stress integrating pleasure and actual resonance along the way.
  • And just to be balanced here since it’s a known Capricorn trait to care about ‘doing things right’ for people with more of an inclination toward debauchery, Capricorn finds certain depths here in that the Capricorn archetype contains both our need for control and also the fantasy or intoxication we find in losing control. Perhaps we may also find motivation (Mars) for releasing some pressure and entering into deeper states of pleasure and surrender to pleasure. At a holistic/system level, living in any such way that we create a lot of compression/pressure/stress and then need to release it very intensely (work hard – play hard) is normative (a lot of people do it) but not often deeply true to an individual’s system. Getting off the wheel of pumping so much energy into productivity and then having to blow off steam would require taking deeper account of the ways we simultaneously repress ourselves and apply force on ourselves & then have to more dramatically release.
  • Archetypally there will be different forms of tension and collaboration between our will to do/achieve/make for some goal and our desire for rest, leisure, joy, for the sake of rest itself. One way they can collaborate is through the realization that rest actually resets and replenishes us for what we want to do. However, if we use rest and restoration to keep a wheel going that doesn’t need to keep being turned, we will want to examine that too. Rest can actually inform us that we want to change direction. A high power CEO at a job they overextend themselves for can have all the spa weekends to decompress that they want, but if the spa weekends become a coping mechanism for maintaining something that isn’t true, the spa weekends have become a way to avoid the deeper process unfolding, the deeper revision of one’s life.

Juno in 26 Capricorn conjunct Pluto in 26 Capricorn: 8:54 AM PST

  • One of the archetypal associations with Juno from Demetra George’s Asteroid Goddesses book that has always stood out to me was how Juno relates to one who is happy to make sacrifices for the relationship or the family (such as moving to another city for a spouse’s job, even though one loves the city they are already in or has a life there) but not if these sacrifices are not duly appreciated.
  • A classic image we could have for Capricorn sacrifice is the breadwinner who is never home and is distant from the family, but provides – and often the tale goes that while people are grateful for the material abundance to an extent, they also grow to resent the distance of the person (and the breadwinner/provider type also feels under appreciated).
  • The transmutation (Pluto) of how we sacrifice in relationship may be a present theme. When do we put others first wholeheartedly and approve of that choice? Where do we put others first (and perhaps they never asked for it) and we resent them or feel our boundaries have been crossed?
  • Capricorn is a provider archetype, and this Pluto-Juno conjunction in this sign can emphasize how we relate to being providers or how we relate to providers (not just financial providers but anything one provides like organization, structure, vision, emotional care, etc.) and where we are coming up against unconscious material in these relationships and/or deepening our authenticity and mutual empowerment within these relational dynamics.

January 25, 2022

Mercury retrogrades into 29 Capricorn: 7:25 PM PST

Mercury will be conjunct Pluto twice more, once while retrograde and another time when Mercury moves direct. Mercury’s re-entrance into Capricorn also places Mercury close to Pluto. Some things to consider:

  • Mercury in Capricorn may stress mental boundaries, and Mercury-Pluto contacts can relate to provocative or intense information.
  • As a point of discernment, do we need to digest certain streams of information? Are there certain people whose feedback we would consider and adjust/harmonize with and certain people whose feedback & relatedness we’d choose to not continue taking in? Are there certain periods of time we need to digest things alone or without as much external influence? Are there certain streams of information we are taking in like moths to a flame – a little intensely and yet it is a deeper transformational intelligence for us?
  • Where there is a lot of charge or activation, boundaries can seem extremely harsh (i.e. cutting someone out). There can be a deeper level at which there is still an internal tension around the boundary. When we have digested or cleared the charge, boundaries may exist more gracefully or almost invisibly, or feel much more simple (and less loaded) to uphold.
  • Previously unconscious material may be coming up – perhaps allow yourself and others some grace as the waters feel more testy & discern where you have agency to make empowering shifts in your mindset, thoughts, and communication.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! If you would like to cultivate your own relationship with astrology, I offer educational experiences in the form of the Evolutionary Astrology Intensive and higher level courses for alumni. The intensive is currently in session and will be offered again and I am taking applications for METEORITE 2022 here.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

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