Last Quarter Moon in Taurus


Have you had a desire pop up the last few days about something you want that is going to take some cultivation? Not something you can just reach for and pluck, but something you are going to have to put the work into? This part of the Moon cycle is helping you let go of what does not serve that dream or idea, and helping you easefully get into alignment with that new creative urge. The Last Quarter Taurus Moon is patient, and fine laying into the ground a seed for the next cycle (the New Moon in Leo coming up on the 14th)… it knows it is recycling back into itself. What can we simplify to get deeper into our bliss, our inner-fire and it’s joy for being created and moved outward? What concepts of self will we let go to make way for the new?

We may also come to see in a new light ways that self-love and nurturing the physical body help us step into our solar purpose with more rootedness and grounding. With Mercury moving into Virgo over the weekend and Jupiter into Virgo next week (and soon the Sun to join), the smallest and most detailed matters of HEALTH come into focus. Before we let things build up so that we only pay attention to what is wrong or needing ‘fixing’, what can we do as a consistent practice that keeps the body healthy and feeling blissful as a purring cat?



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