Saturn in Sagittarius Changes What Productivity Looks Like


We seem to think being productive is either soul-sucking or this societally imposed guilt complex. And this is Saturn/Capricorn territory. Capricorn does come along with a sense of guilt or shame on the shadow end of it, especially when it comes to internalizing societal values that don’t actually resonate with the natural self. That becomes an immense pressure – magnified across an environment and a sea of people. This particular Capricorn expression involves placing one’s autonomy into the regulation of a culture.

Saturn is now in Sagittarius, and we can expect more interest on a global level as to what is natural. (As well as philosophies about what is natural that are actually just dogmatic – Sagg shadow.) If you want to ride this current though on the up and up, it’s about constructing your life according to what is natural for you. Expansive Sagg will help especially if you seek.

My thought on productivity specifically is that it exists in nature. Working hard is only taxing if you don’t love your work. But when you love what you do, there is a rich satisfaction in squeezing all the juice out of it. An elated feeling of knowing so much that can be done.

This doesn’t mean quitting your job and hitting the road, though it also could (thinking business people in crisis, thinking more distantly of the Buddha leaving his comfortable life to search for meaning). On the most accessible level it just means paving space for doing more and more of what you love. It gains momentum and at some point can take over the other survival stuff. And maybe there are more inventive ways to survive, too?



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