Weekend Horoscopes October 9 – 11, 2015


October 9 – 11, 2015


Aries/Aries Rising: Any dialogue you’ve wanted to have about relationships opens now with Mercury leaving the internalizing zone of retrograde and going direct now in Libra. While you were away, you tapped into your inner stores of motivation and work ethic that is still catapulting you forward especially in the realm of career evolution. Your magic right now is resourcefulness – you’re finding wealth in the cracks and places you overlooked. When you tap in it’s like the whole Earth is vibrating (because it is!). You are find pleasure and vision in the places you can root into.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: Your romantic prospects are coming up against the force of evolution. This means evolutionary flings and soul contracts as well as deepening of existing relationships. Think to who you have attracted into your life or who you wish to attract. This is a time where people are entering your life specifically to help you grow. Burn with passion in the way that it nourishes you in the long haul. These forming relationships are not of no consequence. You are left different. Set your intentions. Steady, outward expansion is the gift.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: Anything personal you are experiencing right now is a launching pad into something universal and expansive – and so regard your internal tensions at this time as a force ready to move you. You may notice you are attracting into your life or are attracted to experiences and people that/who are helping you level up. This is a time when if something doesn’t feel good it’s nearly unbearable. And because of this, you’ve got to find another way. That way is ready to meet you and may be right under your nose. Recognize it when it appears and say yes.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: Now is a time to really enact the changes you’ve undergone of late internally around relationship. You are coming up against serious practical considerations in regards to if this person is really in alignment with your vision of how you are constructing your life. A totem of luck for you right now is the ‘calling sign’ – those signifiers at your disposal that show people something about you. This is the time to wear and evoke them, as you are magnetizing to yourself the kinds of relationships you want, and letting the ones out of frequency fall away.


Leo/Leo Rising: Communicating in harmony with your essence is the most radical action for you to take at this time, with your ruling Sun entering in opposition to Uranus this weekend – ruler of frequencies and likemindedness. It’s getting down to the point where every fiber of your life is an opportunity with no reason to be wasted. You might not feel ready, but luck is knocking anyway. Keep yourself busy beautifying your world, and all of the sudden you will notice you are surrounded. There is just an importance that you’re producing. What that is is up to you.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: There is one the one hand, a tendency to negotiate with the impulse. But a key shift is occurring in which your impulses are in harmonic relationship to your evolution. There are going to be moments where you have an opportunity to act, and instead of weighing the to do or not to do, you can accept that you actually want a reality in which your agency is affirmed. Waves are made. But you will be riding a current that means something to you, versus only playing it safe. As you embody your essence moment to moment, you electrically attract just what you are needing.


Libra/Libra Rising: With the Moon about to be New in your sign it is an auspicious time to set intentions (for harvest at the next Full Moon). Jupiter in your 12th house has you learning about endings, and is ultimately preparing you for an energetic, abundant overhaul. The things you desire are not out of reach. You’re just tying up the loose ends to be able to receive them, as well as coming to understand that it’s a given – who you are – and not just a dream. Watch for symbolic feedback of your inner-work – the stage is set.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: However you have felt the need to disguise yourself or fit in energetically, is coming to a impasse. It may be a gentle impasse that could be overlooked but you want to take the train while it’s stopping. What is happening is that as you tune more and more into your own innate vibration, you are given a chance to reflect and communicate it outwardly, and this cannot help but shift the current. This is like void engineering, in the sense that you will be bringing something out that doesn’t yet exist on this plane. This is a kind of freedom. Liberation, if you will.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: There comes a time where you have been or are invited to embody a new kind of authority. One impulse is to refuse it, especially if your past associations with authority are negatively tinted. But what you will need to ask yourself now is why you are being given this new status. It is not only an optimal time to accept this, but you may consider that labels, statuses, etc. come to us as accouterments of deeper Soul processes. Just because it may only be nudging you quietly does not mean it’s not a palpable offer.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: This time is like a chrysalis stage, the caterpillar’s very DNA dissolving to reform into something new. If you find your perspective or sense of truth dissolving – bless it. It reforms, as it always does. Allowing this kind of agility and detachment to pass through you as a witness is key. This period of dissolving of meaning is a gateway – not one you have to pass through but one that will open a path only visible on the other end. The leap of faith. Your awareness that there is something more can spur you. Act while it’s easy; this adventure is worth it.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: You are at a moment where both your outer world and your inner world are bursting with possibility. Your depth travels within, and what you uncover and liberate there, carry a very powerful gift and affect what you happen to cross while on your path. This is a time in which if you want some dynamic in your life to change, you may will it at the root by discovering why it exists. Ultimately the stage is set for you to learn more about your Soul – and to find there a kind of freedom that is beyond belief, but is in the realm of direct experience.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: Your social world has been playing a huge role in showing you what you are wishing to develop in yourself and your career path. If you can take the messages all in good spirit even when it seems serious, you will collect useful information. This is a time to consider that the information that reaches you now is mirroring a deeper, more penetrating layer of your reality. Now with Mercury direct, it’s time for you to speak it. You’re not alone. To meet others who vibrate resonantly is too satisfying for you to not put out the frequency.

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