On Glamour Magic

I find myself writing about glamour magic for some upcoming transits, and it’s also been on my mind for some other things I am cooking/creating relating to my ongoing Eros research (the archetype and the asteroid!).

So we’re on the same page, glamour magic (as I see it) is imbuing anything with the intention to make it more beautiful, alluring, or interesting. Classically this could be our appearance, but it could also be the process of deepening our romantic perception. It could be a magical spell we cast around imagining ourselves to be creatively inspired, when we feel blocked or not that creative. Its possibilities are far-reaching. I’ve braided my hair before bed and imbued into the braid, “I have vivid, prophetic dreams.”

What I’m currently realizing about glamor magic is that I don’t enjoy life as much without it. 😂

Sometimes my attention goes more toward sobriety or realism, or shadow work, as I don’t believe glamour magic is meant to be a band-aid on deeper issues that ought to be addressed or transformed. My Virgo parts have a real issue with sprinkling magic on top of dysfunction, as a form of avoidance.

There are liabilities of glamour magic which are ways we create smoke and mirrors around ourselves as to not actually be seen. It’s creating a certain veneer, of niceties for example, while feeling more bitter internally. It’s playing and living out a role to keep people at a distance, and we don’t end up feeling truly felt or connected.

I’ve been starting to think of that as a misuse of glamour magic – where we live inside of illusions or create illusions as a way to hide from life or from others. As opposed to utilizing glamor magic to live in deeper relationship to our dreams and to connect more creatively with people!

Lately in the spirit of ECSTASIS (the Dionysian Mythopoetic Ceremonial Immersion into Peak Experience that I’m hosting with Karla in Greece this summer), I’m tending to the creation of joy and elevation in my daily life with added energy & intention instead of sitting longer in my limitations or moods. I’m in a practice of stretching my upper limits.

It’s pretty quickly showed me the places I’m holding non-forgiveness, bitterness, resentment, in my heart — and so I’ve been doing forgiveness practices and moving with some of the grief that’s been stored there. I open the Akashic Records and ask for support integrating and being with my most challenging dense feelings. It’s working, and things are thawing out.

When I notice my melancholy or irritation, I’m leaning into practices to greet and alchemize this material. Without realizing it immediately, I’ve been bringing glamour to my grief even – giving it space to move, to have song, to turn into poetry and it’s exciting and freeing up energy in my body and life. Grief becomes Eros.

Written the other day during an Akashic Records session with myself & forgiveness ritual:

“I have visions of the other side of grief, as in where the wave of it will crash and become new life ⁣

I sense my lungs expanding to take in more air than they used to ⁣

I see my single-pointed desire, lost its target, shatter into thousands of specks of pollen in the wind ⁣

Like the first grief of becoming finite, singular, and then remembering infinity again ⁣

It’s a reset⁣

Every passing encounter presses into my inner vision neon shapes thrumming ⁣

What I thought I wanted, I ended up trading for an electric flow, the captivating singular glow of the moon shared amongst a bed of stars, instead of it alone, owning the night”

I have been inventing visualizations for myself to nourish my process or stretch myself into my prayers. I imagine ways I want to feel, and I create a scenery or an auric field that transmits that feeling to me, and I imagine receiving it, until I’m feeling it, and it’s like I enter a wormhole into a new reality.

I think of David R. Hawkin’s statement in Power Vs. Force that beauty and pleasure are merely forms of high energy. Pleasure resources and vitalizes us.

I’m realizing that my practice and vision of glamour magic is about working with pleasure, play and imagination in service of a more extraordinary life and deeper connection.

I allow glamour magic to surface and resource stuck, wounded parts that are ready to heal and integrate.

I turn to glamour magic not to hide, not to repress or to avoid, but to animate my creative imagination and play with the fields of infinite possibility in life. It connects me to all my feelings (not just the sparkly chosen ones) and helps me feel more richly connected to my entire experience.

Quite possibly, this is the work of Saturn’s current transit through Pisces: to play with magic and fantasy in the most responsible, grounded way possible – to not leave dreams undreamed and life a bitter “realistic” life, neither to live in delusional fantasy – but to responsibility wield the dream, and to do so actively.

Join me in some current offerings!

1:1 Coaching: Using your natal chart and transits as a living map, over time we explore what is coming up in your life and inner world. As an astrologer, I get to live out my awareness of my own chart and I know how powerful it can be. In collaboration with you, we combine the material of your life and your aspirations/desires and I can bring illumination on where this is showing up in the chart with my astrological sight and expertise. I work in the spirit of becoming aware of the limiting or shadow expressions of certain placements, and discovering and leaning into any of the infinite elevated potentials of those same placements.

In addition to talking about the astrology, this work together is experiential through EFT/tapping (a somatic trauma healing technique), guided visualization, and the Akashic Records.

Email me sabrina@monarchastrology.com to set up a call to discuss.

Join me (astrologer) and Karla Palomino, embodiment guide for a magical experience in Crete, Greece this summer solstice – June 21st – 25th!

ECSTASIS & peak experiences can be created, gardened, and cultivated in the body, in our expression, in our movement, in our consciousness.

Through the gateways of storytelling, myth, astrology & embodiment ECSTASIS is a ritualistic immersion into peak experience.

Read more and apply here.

See our latest video together on YouTube where we discuss how we each work with soul (through astrology and through embodiment, and how we intertwined it via our friendship over the years) and about how we currently understand peak experience and the soul. Watch it here.

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I love hearing from you, so feel free to drop any thoughts or comments!

with love and Eros,
Sabrina Monarch

Top image: Julius Kronberg

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