July 11-18, 2016: First Quarter Moon in Libra


It’s the first quarter Moon in Libra (exact July 11 @ 5:52 PM PST), and this week we’ll see Mercury and Venus change signs into Leo, bringing some fire to our sky, the Sun and Mercury will square Uranus (as Venus did last week), Mercury and Venus will form a conjunction in Leo, and at the end of the week Mercury will be in a harmonious relationship to Saturn. The Moon will pass through Scorpio, Sagittarius, and end the week in Capricorn.

The Libra first quarter Moon is a personal turning point – the Moon will be right in between a still-in-orb opposition between the Sun and Pluto that was exact last week. This is a potential to move out of ourselves and comfort zone in some capacity relative to where we have been choosing to stay within personal boundaries, and into the dimension of other, of relationship, potentially with the exact person or energies we are feeling resistance toward the most (say if you really want to go full drive Pluto). If we’ll let it, this could be a time of dissolving judgements that were previously unconscious, now emerging into consciousness. Simply witnessing your judgements toward others and yourself (rather than letting them operate unnoticed) can illuminate what is wanting to move here. The diplomacy potentials of this Moon are here, when there is accountability. Yet, the material coming up could be challenging and make people want to point fingers and there can be some deep blindspots in play. The true power of this Moon comes from allowing our internal policing to change — see the macro storyline of America’s police issues (Pluto in Capricorn is at its height of expression in the mid-degrees of Capricorn… relevant issues pop out to the foreground. Pluto in Capricorn as a signature relates to structural power, corruptions/shadow in government, the necessity for evolution of social structure and consensus values).

An illuminating idea is great – but ultimately deep transformation is the transformation of a being, not just a being’s thoughts or beliefs. (And we can say the same for the political structure… yes, we want a transformation in laws, but we also want a fundamental transformation in the being of the culture and how we relate across race and class, so that these issues are not playing out as they are). The start of the week holds potentials for initiating new decision in how we relate to others, how we are present with others, and how we are present with relating to the parts of ourselves we have judged and dissociated from — but that actually are part of the holistic larger picture and have more to offer us in union than they do in separation. This could be something you are internally resisting that is actually a source of wealth at this moment in time if it were to be utilized and met consciously.


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Also on the 11th, we have Mercury in Cancer squaring Uranus, following suit of Venus. We’ll have the Sun squaring Uranus as well, exact on the 16th. The Venus-Uranus square brought some definite tension and instability, shock, around values, home and safety, kinfolk. Uranus conversations can reveal dynamics that were already in play but can get triggered into revealing themselves in the form of interruptions or sudden events. With Mercury and the Sun speaking with Uranus in this way, radical ideas and creative realizations may be initiated – through direct communication or too-strong-to-ignore intuitive impulses. It may very well be found through what is causing discomfort. Uranus is like Promethean fire, connecting us to great intelligence and the ability to view reality from a completely new lens. This is a week for creative breakthrough, maybe even to the point of changing how we identify with ourselves (Cancer is related to the ego) so that we can make space for what future-visions are wanting to come through now. We may be compelled to dream up the future by being uncomfortable with where we’re at.

Venus and Mercury enter Leo (Venus on the night of the 11th PST, and Mercury on the 13th), and they will form an exact conjunction on the 16th. This brings a creative, playful flair to the astroscape which has been pretty heavy and emotional for some time! Not that Leo isn’t emotional too, but Leo tends to make art out of it. We’ll see this week a beginning of creative impulse that brings back some inner-light and desire to shine where before there could have been more dealings with heavy emotion/insecurity. Leo can bring the confidence back. Venus/Mercury in Leo is great for love letters, romancing, and speaking from the heart.

The Saturn-Neptune square is still in orb and this it’s getting pretty real. I can’t tell you how many statuses I saw on Facebook this week about despair and people asking for prayers. And I’ve felt it hard, too. It reminds me of the way that during difficult periods in history, people really relished in entertainment to cheer them up, they went to the cinema. That may be our task now – not to escape the hard stuff forever, but certainly to recontextualize it. If you can connect with something that enchants and inspires you, even if it seems like a totally impractical or irresponsible way to spend your time, consider yourself practicing spiritual self-care. Enchantment is out there if we can get outside of our boxes and cages (a la Saturn), and we can make inspired choices in life when we are connected with our inspiration, rather than just a sense of duty, obligation, or what we think of as realism. The Saturn-Neptune square is last quarter, in the “crisis in consciousness” phase, so there may be some heavy and elusive riddle to be puzzled with at the moment – ultimately it is calling for a more transcendent viewpoint, and the current structure that has birthed the crisis does not necessarily possess the tools to fix it. If these times have been hitting you hard, this is an opening into a new vision, but the absence of the old one can be painful. Be patient and compassionate with yourself and find ways to enjoy yourself in the meantime, even if it doesn’t seem substantial. That larger sense of organization and meaning will come.


Mercury in Leo trines Saturn in Sagittarius at the end of the week – a more tangible connection between humor and play and childlikeness and the plane of reality and getting things done. It also can relate to the creative power of storytelling or getting lost in a story that helps you see your reality in a newly inspired way.

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~Sabrina Monarch

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