Full Moon in Libra & Cardinal Tectonics: Astrology of 3/28 – 4/3

The Moon is Full in Libra on the 30th, while all this week we experience hard aspects between the cardinal signs. The vibe is tectonic, and holds potential for the fruits of actual shift. Tensions come up to the surface with hard angles, and therefore they can be addressed either through awareness or actual events and decisions, or a mix of both. Venus in Aries joins up with Uranus and then moves into Taurus, and the Full Moon axis squares the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn. While these alignments can be stressful and/or electrifying, there is also an impetus here to materialize something. With Capricorn’s upward, striving consciousness, think to how your choices can create grooves into your reality (i.e. condition probable realities) that empower you and keep you on track with your path. The path, which is always being invented in Aries, uses a little bit of Saturnian structure and consistency to become real!

Whether your goals are worldly or personal, the conditioning principle applies. Choices add up, and have consequences, so use choices creatively. Keep getting clever about it. People who are wanting to manifest more self-love for example, have to realize when they are criticizing themselves for doing a bad job at that — that’s counter-productive. If the groove of self-criticism is deep, you can’t just criticize yourself for that and fix it that way. There come times to make entirely new grooves when necessary, such as taking the time to account for what you’re grateful for to dig yourself out of a malaise, or to start downloading a long-term plan in your imagination when you’re feeling like the normal routine isn’t doing it anymore.

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Here’s our week!

March 28

Venus in 27 Aries conjunct Uranus in 27 Aries: 5:47 PM PDT

  • This is an electrified Venus. Venus has recently squared (and still is squaring) Pluto in Capricorn, and so the dynamic of the Uranus-Pluto square is being re-triggered through our relationships. The Uranus-Pluto square liberates the deep; that which is suppressed, unconscious, volcanic… it is power that has gone underground. Its emergence may take many different forms, depending on how we can process and work with the themes that are arising.
  • Venus-Uranus contacts can bring novelty and the unexpected into how we engage with ourselves and other people. In Aries, the two are more urgently impulsive/instinctual.
  • Venus is the ruler of Libra, where our Full Moon will be in a few days… this conjunction sets the stage. Already there is a tension between Venus in Aries (opposite of its ruling sign Libra) and the approaching Sun-Moon opposition in Aries and Libra. We may be having accelerated experiences and insights as they pertain to the balance we create between selfhood and relationship; in what ways we need to attend to the self to be there for the other, and vice versa.
  • A particular love language to look for this week is that of letting other surprise you; and letting yourself be surprising. When we are overly conditioned as to what we are supposed to be or who others are supposed to be, expectation can take the place of authenticity. Consider if you are actively making space for others to be authentic – if you are still able to get to know the people you already know very well, if you are able to see past the layers of who you imagine another to be as compared to what they are. When this stark quality of relationship comes through, it is the Uranian revelation/lightbulb as transmitted by another being just for being themselves. And, are you letting yourself be unpredictable, when it’s needed? (It’s Aries stuff here though, so no need to be a jerk. The edge though, might be where you feel a little bit like you’re going out on a limb!)

March 29

Sun in 8 Aries square Saturn in 8 Capricorn: 7:16 AM PDT

Read my article about Sun-Saturn contacts (natally or by transit) here.

  • In resonance with this constellation, it may become necessary to expend energy and action toward processes which are difficult. Saturn and Capricorn both, but Saturn in Capricorn together – is not so much about idealism as they are about reality. When we privilege certain concepts as ideal, and are disappointed by the realities, we may lose out on the windows of magic that such reality actually opens us into. As example, making art or making a living might not be /easy/ even if we wish it were. The Sun in Aries may work here as courage, energy, and enthusiasm to take up a challenge or to address a difficult aspect of reality; to adapt to it, rather than to give up in the face of it.
  • Reality as real discovery and sensitivity to new factors, not as cynicism.
  • There is one kind of idealism that shapes our worlds into better places; there is another kind of idealism that leaves the actual remaining world (at a given moment in time, anyway) a disappointment. What is the difference? So often we don’t know: it is only through experience and failure that we find out. Failure matures us. Getting back up after failure is a different kind of courage than getting up when one has never fallen.
  • Or perhaps, if our ambitions do not hold in them the potential for failure, maybe they aren’t big enough. Risk, at the right moments, can set up a heartier future.
  • This transit might feel more oppressive whenever it is that we are trying to run away or escape from something – whether it is a situation, an overwhelming abundance of energy/emotion. Rather, it could be useful to lean into something so that the dynamic energies that are moving through this field at the time have a place to be directed.

Venus enters Taurus: 9:53 PM PDT

Venus stays in Taurus until April 24.

  • Venus in Taurus emphasizes our self-value, our self-esteem, how we quite literally enjoy the self. This transit stresses our receptivity: our capacity to receive that which we desire, to to receive and feel what we already have (but are perhaps numbed to). As we become more sensitized, it takes less and less to feel full and abundant. Taurus reminds us to look inside and to take account of what we already have before continually reaching for more externally. While the drive for more is not intrinsically bad or something to feel shame about, sometimes the drive for more is an indicator that we’re not fully feeling what we already have. The alchemy of Taurus is that as we focus on and experience pleasure in increasing avenues and depths, we attract more of the same. Wealth is wealth, however it appears.

March 30

Full Moon in 10 Libra: 5:36 PM PDT

(Image: Sir William Russell Flint)

The Sun in Aries is conjunct Mercury rx in Aries, while the balsamic Mars-Saturn conjunct in Capricorn forms a t-square to the Full Moon axis.

  • The emotional balance or imbalance that we feel at this time can be deeply related to the structures of our lives; long term or systemic situations, in other words, are a source of emotional wellbeing or emotional distress. Given that our Aries, Libra, and Capricorn planets are forming hard angles to each other at this time, things can /happen/. Rather than just managing a situation again, same as we have been, we might find ourselves changing the whole game or making a bigger move. Short-term coping might seem to do less of the trick than it used to, because dysfunction in a system is becoming more apparent.
  • As the Moon and our emotional bodies stretch all the way from the Aries Sun into the archetype of Libra – relationship and balance — we are also entering hard contacts to Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. Which can mean, as we make choices we are more aware of their interaction with consequence; and how it is we feel emotionally rewarded or emotionally stretched by our various choices.
  • Venus, the ruler of this Full Moon, has freshly moved into Taurus. With the Libra Moon also squaring Saturn, there is some emphasis in both of these signatures on materialization. A new impulse (through Aries) becomes grounded into the earth plane. We relate to this process by participating: using our decisions and actions to cement what we value into our experience, rather than doing nothing and waiting for something to happen. Unless of course, waiting and stillness IS the action d’jour. How do you know? Well, when do you feel aligned, and like your energy output is in balance with your spirit and your environment?

April 1

Sun in 11 Aries conjunct Mercury rx in 11 Aries: 10:52 AM PDT

  • April Fool’s Day from the Universe, right here!
  • While mental activity can be extra hot right now, patience and limitation is in direct confrontation with this (Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn square this alignment). Stay. Chill. Let your tensions teach and inform you.
  • This is a time to access novel ideas that free you from mental prisons. Yet, it is also a time to see how our thinking and planning might be strategic or long-term. There’s nothing inherently oppressive about structure – it’s just that sometimes structures need to change. Structure can even really empower free and unbridled energy which needs to be harnessed and directed, rather than just being all over the place.

April 2

Mars in 8 Capricorn conjunct Saturn in 8 Capricorn: 8:44 AM PDT

  • Together, this pair speak to exhaustion. It is the potential to feel exhausted as well as the love of efforting/exerting until exhaustion. It is also energy discovered in reserve; when we were certain we would be depleted. It can be about pushing limits or discovering the limits through exertion.
  • Frustration is an emotional possibility when these two connect. Saturn can inflect Mars with the need for patience, such as in the case that acting too quickly or reactively brings immediate consequence (like a simple physical plane metaphor of bumping your head when you got up too fast and forgot you left a cupboard open).
  • Saturn and Mars are both in signs that they are traditionally said to be well-functioning in. Use this window of their conjunction to think about your long-term goals and maybe even come up with a gameplan for a larger-reaching ambition.

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