Dream and Chill: Astrology of 2/27 – 3/5

This week the Moon grows smaller in light (leading up to a New Moon March 6) and Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces. Where you have the opportunity, this is a great week to chill and take it easy. Have you had the space lately to literally do nothing? Have you gotten to go outside and connect with nature and let time slip away? The parts of ourselves that like to know the plan and get things done may put up a little bit of a fight this week, but the flow of these current transits really do open up some gifts as we relax and dissolve our minds from our tight schedules and programs, making space to just be and soak in reverie.

Of course, our deadlines and obligations in the world do not always run on astro-time, so even if you have things to accomplish this week, do yourself a favor and pave out a little bit of time to go outside, get immersed in water, or do something else that is restorative for your nervous system and inner-peace. It will help you get stuff done when you return.

On a personal note, I decided to make a habit of going out to the woods everyday because a couple of days ago I went out and had a multilayered flashback of the thousands of other times I’ve been out in the woods and realized it’s a whole vibe and I can’t believe I ever forget it when I’m gone too long. I’ve been out everyday since and want to see what happens if I keep it up. My mind and spirit has access to different vibrations when I’m out in the woods – my witness consciousness simply listens to my thoughts (wherever it is I am) and I like what happens to me when I’m outdoors. I realized it wasn’t just something nice or relaxing in some quaint way but is actually a nutrient my earthly self needs to thrive. I hope you make it outside too and remember – it’s not just quaint and pleasant though there is that dimension – there’s some real healing, magic and depth out there and getting outside brings us more in touch with our own nature.

I’m always talking with the planets, so talking to plants and nature spirits is certainly not a stretch to me and it’s delightful too. I really admire my herbalist and plant-people friends who make that world more accessible to me just by holding down the vibration of love they have for the Earth. I’ve got something cooking for you about this – but for now, here’s our week!

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February 27, 2019

Sun in 9 Pisces sextile Mars in 9 Taurus: 6:33 PM PST

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(Image: George Henry – A Girl Seated by a Bowl of Goldfish)

  • With the Sun in Pisces, dreams, fantasies, and longing take up center stage. We may feel enchanted by moments and circumstances that hold the magic for us, but we may also be yearning for things that don’t exist yet, whether that is a certain feeling we wish to have or a specific dream we wish to have fulfilled.

  • As the Sun in Pisces harmonizes with Mars in Taurus, these dreams may simply reach us with more force and we may feel a boost in motivation in doing what we can to materialize these dreams.

  • This alignment can also bring a spike in indulgence, or a subtle hedonism. When we are immersed in pleasurable experiences, our dream and fantasy life can have more fuel to run with. Alternately, if we tune into mystical threads of existence and dreamscapes we already have access to, we may find simple things in life taking on more color and richness.

March 1, 2019

Venus in 29 Capricorn square Uranus in 29 Aries: 4:32 AM PST

(Image: Jon Estwards)

  • Venus has basically just been through some crucible, joining up with Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node. These alignments weren’t all bad of course – good habits stacked over time were rewarded, and we may have felt a boost in self-esteem or pride because we saw how much we’ve grown and how much our inner-work has paid off. But we also were likely to have met some of our edges and limitations, and places of great dissatisfaction, where we realized that our habits in connection or in self-intimacy were creating dead-ends or we weren’t being as authentic as we could be.

  • In this alignment of Venus and Uranus in the last degrees of Capricorn and Aries, we may feel an urgency to free ourselves from dynamics we’ve begun to find deadening. The drama at which these dynamics feel deadening may be less about their actual quality and more about an accelerated part of ourselves making space for us to take a leap. The more bored or disenchanted we feel, the more courage we will have to do something different. If we stick with this process, we may make contact with inspired visions and plans that truly surprise us.

  • Through tension or confrontation of some kind, we may realize that some of the values we are aspiring to are not in alignment with who we really are – they may be standards we have internalized from culture, media, or peers. Recognizing this and letting go can help us make space to apply ourselves to values we do actually want to support with our focus and devotion.

Venus enters Aquarius: 8:45 AM PST

Venus will stay in Aquarius until March 26.

  • While Venus is in Aquarius, she brings value, abundance, and passion to our friendships, networks, communities, and our relationship to the collective. Rather than exclusively focusing on one person or one-on-one relationships, we might find ourselves interested in group dynamics or interested in what our relationship to the whole is.

  • Venus in Aquarius grants us more detachment. In a negative sense, this could be disassociation. But generally, detaching or getting space from something allows us to better relate to it. Part of intimacy IS space. Aquarius is also a sign of genius and intelligence, so this can be a time where our relationships improve because we discover insights about relationship that allow us to interact in new and more skillful ways.

  • Our interest in the science of relationship or scientific studies about intimacy and partnership might be in greater circulation during this time. Recognizing patterns, or getting insights about common pitfalls and how to move though them may prove to be revolutions for many of us.

March 5, 2019

Mercury stations retrograde in 29 Pisces: 10:19 AM PST

(Image: Jamie Wyeth – Overslept)

Mercury will station direct on March 28, shortly after making a conjunction to Neptune. This Mercury retrograde cycle is very Neptunian, with Mercury in Neptune’s sign and with three passes of Mercury over Neptune.

  • We may be invited (or challenged – however you relate to this!) to interact and engage with our visions, fantasies, dreams, hopes, etc… without attaching to them or excessively identifying with them. Mercury in Pisces retrograde can really work on us and bring us into a rabbit hole of fantasy so that we can discover something novel or outside of our ordinary, but we may not possess our normal abilities to grip onto information or arrive at stable conclusions. We may need to accept, for a time, the liminal space of not knowing, or of confusion, for this transit to really do its work on us.

  • This can have some resonance with “losing our minds”. At extreme, Pisces can relate to psychosis, just as it relates to mysticism or great spiritual truths. Like Joseph Campbell said, “the psychotic drowns in the same water the mystic swims with delight.” This transit does not mean we are going to go off the deep end, however, it can feel that our mind is unraveling or dissolving in certain ways, and we may be called to discover how to participate with this ‘loss’ of routine mental programs.

  • Another way to consider this is that many of us might depend on our mind to be logical and think that we are assessing situations with some degree of rationality. But Mercury in Pisces interacting with Neptune brings some actual loopiness into the picture, such that we may be gripped by visions and ideas one moment, and shake ourselves out of it the next. Our minds become more permeable to enchantment, magic, and other realms under this transit – which can give us access to poetic and inspired thinking. This may be wacky for more orderly, straight types and it may even push the edges for those who are already off in another universe. The best we can do is see it and engage with it, without having to believe in every thought or idea we have. After tumbling through all the images and ideas, we may find our mind has been refined to be dreamier and more inspired. This experience can bring us opportunities to learn discernment in the realm of how we are meant to work with visions.

  • Where you can, let yourself take a break and dissolve into reverie. The time for action may be later – now it’s okay to dream and not feel like we should act on it all yet!

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! I really appreciate you being here with me as I know that if you connect to this writing we have likemindedness and that is so special. Please share this article with a friend who you think would resonate!

Please let me know what you think in the comments – truly I want to know so leave a note! I love you and you are tribe to me, thank you for finding your way to these words and resonating with them in whatever ways you have. If you feel you would benefit from further guidance on your personal natal chart and transits, I am available to help! Book a reading with me here.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch


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