Invitation to Enchantment: Astrology of 3/27 – 4/2

We are just (slightly) emerging from Mercury retrograde season this week as Mercury goes direct. Slightly because we are still in the retrograde shadow zone and Mercury will aspect Neptune, which tends to feel like Mercury retrograde any time of the year that occurs.

In the spirit of Pisces I have a dream to share with you all! It is a dream that as a culture we will stop hyping up Mercury retrograde in pop culture as this time of inconveniences, as a time to dread when it comes or to celebrate when it is over. It is true that technical inconveniences can manifest during Mercury retrograde but this is one of its most superficial qualities. All of the movements of the planets offer something sacred and can be participated in with curiosity, and this applies to the Mercury retrograde as well. Beyond all the noise about Mercury retrograde, this cycle is truly a time where the mind can be changed – we enter new pathways of thoughts (or detours in our travels about the world) and for a few weeks, certain themes are intensified in our consciousness as we are brought back to them again and again. Certain points in the zodiac are crossed by messenger Mercury three times (during Mercury’s direct motion, retrograde motion, and direct motion again). Three is a sacred number and often mystical/oracular messages come to us in three. Rather than preparing for Mercury retrograde as though things are about to go haywire, what if we asked what point the messenger is delivering to us? Or the deeper invitation within the riddle that we label our “inconveniences”? The rose garden we stumble into to on our left via winding side-streets when the road straight ahead is closed off for maintenance? We could re-consider Mercury retrograde to be Mercury Carnival.

And sure, take care of mundane tasks and chores before Mercury rx to prepare next time if you want extra free time for the unexpected. 😉

Now that Mercury is direct, it still has its third run over those Piscean themes to make, so stay tuned to the invitation on how you can more readily harmonize with all of reality, how there are connections everywhere and low-key (but not really low-key) we are embedded in a living, breathing, enchanted cosmos.

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(Top image: Ryan McGinley)

Here’s our week:

March 27, 2019

Venus in 1 Pisces sextile Uranus in 1 Taurus: 9:45 AM PDT

(Image: Ryan McGinley)

During this alignment, the Moon is also at the first degree of Capricorn, trining Uranus and sextiling Venus.

  • This transit poses a subtle invitation to upgrade our sense of self-worth. See if you may notice more readily the stories and judgements you have about yourself. Have you been passively accepting these thoughts as truth? If you do, you may have been aligning yourself with circumstances that reinforce your thoughts, which anchors them into reality. What are some new thoughts, new value judgements, and new perceptions which could create more freedom in your life?

  • Pisces and Taurus can work together as Pisces provides imagination and access to other realms, and Taurus provides grounding and physicality. Notice ways that your material and imaginal lives can reinforce and support each other – such as grounding visualizations, manifestation practices, or making magical herbal elixirs. There is a lot of playful sensuality and magic that can happen in our internal and relational lives this week along these lines.

March 28, 2019

Mercury stations direct in 16 Pisces: 6:59 AM PDT

(Image: Giorgio de Chirico)

Mercury stations close to Neptune, and will conjunct Neptune later in the week (see below). Though Mercury is direct and that will mark a noticeable shift, Mercury will still be in retrograde shadow until April 16, when it catches up to the place it originally stationed retrograde. That basically means we’re not out of Mercury retrograde season yet.

  • While Mercury retrogrades can relate to tech issues and changes in plan, I’ve noticed a lot of people having sleep disturbances during this retrograde (and Pisces/Neptune have something to do with sleep!). During this retrograde season (Mercury stationed rx on March 5), have you noticed that it’s not just been external reroutes and inconveniences but that an internal shift has been present as well? Maybe you entertained thoughts and dreams that were out of the ordinary, or you found a flow of productivity that was a little nonsensical but it was all you could seem to manage and maybe it turned out to be pretty intuitive/inspired? We may have learned lessons around surrender, and dropping into a flow, rather than trying to make one.

  • We may be more aware now of areas of our life that we feel we need to demystify – places where we are confused and feel we cannot find the pattern or make sense. This is especially relevant when it comes to something like finances or relationships – where sorting out our confusion would improve the quality of our life in the longterm!

  • Though it is a little oxymoronic, having clarity about where you are confused is a great first step in getting our heads above water and making steps toward figuring out solutions. A lot of advancements in collective thought (discoveries, research) come from the minds of people who were intensely curious about an unresolved question.

March 30, 2019

Mars enters Gemini: 11:12 PM PDT

Mars will stay in Gemini until May 15.

  • Watch for a mood shift – Mars in Taurus may have related to the building of endurance and our energy levels may have required some consistent stoking to keep us moving. We may have found our focus directed on staying the course. Mars in Gemini can bring some levity and spontaneity to our energy levels.

  • Mars in Gemini can bring energy to our curiosity and wherever in life we are playing the role of researcher. This transit can also bring energy to our interest in sharing/communicating what we’re thinking about and what we’ve just recently learned. Mars in Gemini natives (people born with Mars in Gemini) can be fascinating, dynamic conversationalists and this vibe will be in the air.

  • Mars implies energy and willpower as an archetype, and Gemini relates to the way that we accumulate and disseminate information. We may notice ourselves feeling challenged or alternately motivated (Mars sees in challenges and victories) to develop our communication in some way.

April 2, 2019

Mercury in 17 Pisces conjunct Neptune in 17 Pisces: 2:36 AM PDT

This alignment has occurred three times this Mercury retrograde season, and this one is the last.

  • An element of Mercury retrograde season is that it poses a particular place in life for us to refine our consciousness by going over the same ideas multiple times, or receiving the same message multiple times. With Mercury’s extended stay in the Neptune-ruled sign Pisces, and three conjunctions to Neptune of late, we have been repeatedly invited to “go with the flow” but perhaps in a new way we’ve never experienced before. 

  • We may have been invited to develop our discernment of when life is calling forth our effort versus when it is calling forth our surrender. We may also discover effortless action – how it is we can be doing without doing, what it is like to catch a wave at just the right time and be carried with it, what it is like to have the wind at our backs, etc. 

  • If we zoom out, we are all One, we are all the same organism, we are all different facets of the same cosmos. The closer we come to this boundarilessness and unity, the easier it can be to discover our flow, grace, and alignment. But all the same we are invited into the paradox of this being true while at the same time we are distinct, individual and unique beings. A profound realization of self connects us to our purpose in the whole, while a deepening of spiritual connectivity with the One stirs up the desires and destiny of our distinct selves.

  • Boundaries and judgements can be a form of protection (to mediate what is “allowed” or what gets in) but perhaps we have felt a softening during this season as we dissolved layers of judgements. Likewise, Mercury-Neptune in combination can relate to delusions and we can also have the experience of deeply believing and identifying with our judgements. Take care to not carried away in the mind – not all thoughts are beneficial. What are thoughts you would like to revolve around, and come back to by choice? Some thoughts are portals to liberation and bliss.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! I really appreciate you being here with me as I know that if you connect to this writing we have likemindedness and that is so special. Please share this article with a friend who you think would resonate!

Please let me know what you think in the comments – truly I want to know so leave a note! I love you and you are tribe to me, thank you for finding your way to these words and resonating with them in whatever ways you have. If you feel you would benefit from further guidance on your personal natal chart and transits, I am available to help! Book a reading with me here.

With love,

Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts, works with clients and teaches. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She is a novelist and is currently pursuing her masters in Philosophy. She also enjoys kundalini yoga, meditation and ashtanga yoga.


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