A Catalyst for the Heart: Astrology of 9/2 – 9/8

Before Venus enters Leo at the end of the week, Venus in late Cancer will enter the crosshairs of the current square between Mars in Aries and Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, and Venus will form a t-square with them.

Mars in Aries squaring Pluto and Saturn is something that is going to be happening for the rest of the year due to the upcoming Mars retrograde. The Mars squares will likely ask us to slow down and get more intelligent about our impulses – to discover ways of being more accurate when it comes to action and impact. The transit may signal its presence to us through feelings of frustration – so when we are frustrated we can be mindful to contemplate, and let some kind of wisdom crystallize in the space we originally preferred fast and thoughtless action.

Frustration may be an emotional space where we lose presence with ourselves, or a place we don’t wish to be or want to brush over, but I would offer an invitation to discover your vitality here. What is the story, and what is the fullness of the feeling? Breakthroughs are always precipitated by something to break through.

Venus in Cancer entering this dynamic may catalyze some processes around how we apply ourselves to the creation of beauty, value, and wealth. We might feel very conflicted or blocked, but this obviousness of the tension may trigger new insights about our heart’s desires. As we become more aware of what we really want, we can start to form new questions or new experiments that lead us to experiences that are in themselves, breakthroughs.

Find some space this week to get honest with yourself about your inner-conflicts and fears, and what you would desire to create instead. Are there ways you can lean into what you’d like to create (as opposed to what you fear)? This astrology is confrontational, and it starts from within! When we are deeply honest with ourselves, we lean into healthy change.

There is no YouTube version of this week’s forecast, this week, but you can keep reading below! I’ll be back soon 🙂

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Here’s our week after a few announcements:

New episode of Magic of the Spheres!

New episode out with Cameron Allen! We discussed the inconjunct aspect (150 degrees) in astrology and how it relates to critical adjustment. The 150 degree aspect has a resonance with Virgo, and relates to refinement and craft with a potential for crisis 🤯 but! We have some ideas for you on what that “critical adjustment” is that transitions crisis to skillfulness.⁣⁣

The zodiac pairings we mused on were:⁣ Aries/Virgo and Aries/Scorpio⁣, Taurus/Libra and Taurus/Sagittarius⁣, Gemini/Scorpio and Gemini/Capricorn⁣, Cancer/Sagittarius and Cancer/Aquarius⁣, Leo/Capricorn and Leo/Pisces⁣, Virgo/Aquarius ⁣and Libra/Pisces. ⁣⁣Tune in where you listen to podcasts or on your browser here!

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Here’s our week:

September 2, 2020

Venus in 25 Cancer opposite Saturn retrograde in 25 Capricorn: 5:17 AM PDT

(Image: Izis Bidermanas)

Read an article I wrote here about Venus-Saturn contacts. It’s about natal Venus-Saturn, but it’s still a vibe.

  • This transit highlights the possibility of making, or needing to make, decisions in the realm of love and relationship. No matter the scope of how big the decisions are, there may be some emphasis on having particular standards and needing to make choices that align with those standards.
  • It’s possible that we may feel more limited in our capacity to relate, whether we feel limited by time, energy, or already being at some fullness of social capacity. This can make us more selective about how we share our time and attention.
  • Likewise, if we are feeling lonely or disconnected from the kind of relationships we desire, decision still comes into place in the form of not just filling time or space, but getting more clear about if the activities we engage with are “productive” for the heart. Perhaps we are placing too much power into particular, future or abstract circumstances – the power to make us happy. We have the option to reverse-engineer – imagine the desired future, ask who we are in that vision, and then play out that version of ourselves NOW. We can get really inventive about accessing that part of our character from within (and without the circumstance that “allows” it to come out).

(Image: Isabelle Adjani by Jean-Claude Deutsch)

Sun in 10 Virgo trine Uranus retrograde in 10 Taurus: 7:09 AM PDT

  • Micro-revolutions are at hand – these are small adjustments that have a large impact or create some type of liberation, like freedom from a problem.
  • Some examples of micro-revolutions are a mindset shift or making a new connection, a shift in posture, a new and more efficient way of organizing something at home, moving furniture around and changing the energetics of a space.
  • These liberating adjustments often come through being exposed to other people’s craft and expertise.
  • Often the genius that we personally possess/channel through us can also feel mundane to us at a personal level, like what we’re offering is not really a big deal. We overlook it. If we consider however, how likely it is that what comes naturally to us is novel for many others, we can more humbly value things like our purpose and inherent gifts (they don’t have to feel extra to us to be worth something, they don’t have to be worthless because it’s routine to us, they just ARE good and we can accept that).

September 3, 2020

Mercury in 25 Virgo trine Saturn retrograde in 25 Capricorn: 12:22 AM PDT

September 4, 2020

Venus in 27 Cancer square Mars in 27 Aries: 2:12 AM PDT

(Image: Unknown)

Venus activates the current Mars squares to Pluto and Saturn and forms a t-square with them. Juno (marriage and soul contract asteroid) in Libra makes it a grand cardinal cross.

  • Venus-Mars squares tend to bring up events and conversations in the collective about justice and the relationship between sexes.
  • When it comes to justice, Venus and Mars have a special relationship. When Venus isn’t happy or what we value isn’t manifest/honored, Mars is angry. When something considered precious is threatened or violated, Mars defends. Our love for something and our willingness to defend that love grows extra passionate in a Mars-Venus sky.
  • Mars and Venus can play on the same team – “we value this and we will defend it together” – but can also relate to clashes in values and discord that emerges from this clash.
  • As Venus in Cancer brings in themes of family and our closest connections, we may be encountering themes of feeling protective of people close to us or feeling that others are protective of us. In some situations, this can greatly deepen bonds because people feel they are actively being cared for.
  • There may be flare-ups (especially in the collective) of anger around situations where people are not cared for, or have been specifically harmed. These dynamics inevitably confront us with systems – social systems, systems of oppression. (We can look to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, correlating to how social structures are experiencing breakdown and metamorphosis).
  • Considering this Venus-Mars square forming a t-square with the Capricorn planets, there may also be themes in our relationships where de-conditioning from how we’ve been taught to be in relationship (by society and by our families of origin) is especially relevant or present this week. Where we experience discord in our personal lives is not typically just personal – but also much more collectively a process of social evolution. But mass social evolution does not just occur ‘out there’ but in the fractal of each relationship. 

Mercury in 28 Virgo sextile Venus in 28 Cancer: 1:32 PM PDT

(Image: Safak Tortu)

  • As Venus forms more challenging aspects to Saturn and Pluto, and also Mars this week, this harmonious Mercury-Venus aspect may relate to some finesse available around communicating complex feelings and dynamics, as well as getting as specific as possible (Mercury in Virgo) and perhaps specific and concise (Mercury trines Saturn as well).
  • However, this kind of skillfulness might come with effort (or as the result of past effort). Most of us steadily learn how to become better communicators. This week may hold some opportunities to practice what we’ve recently learned or to find ourselves at a unique new impasse (not knowing how to communicate) and with need for pause, reflection, and perhaps advice from people we consider to be skillful communicators.

September 5, 2020

Mercury enters Libra: 12:46 AM PDT

Mercury will be in Libra until September 27. As Kirah Tabourn (@thestrology) is so good at reminding us all, the upcoming Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is around election time in the US, and Kirah suggests we make sure we are registered to vote as soon as possible.

  • Simple to say, Mercury in Libra is fair-mindedness. Mercury in Libra relates to diplomacy and accounting for other’s perspectives when in conversation. This can also take the form of checking in with people with some variation of the question, “and what do you think?”
  • In one of its expressions, Libra is intellectual connection – a type of relatedness that is birthed from intelligence, like the capacity to ask stimulating questions or to genuinely be curious about another person. We might be extra mindful to notice how our conversations can be so much more connected. If a conversation is a flame, Mercury in Libra can be the air that fans it and stokes the flame. When we approach conversations overly concerned with ourselves (and not really listening), we’re just concerned with holding the mic, and we’re just talking at, not to. It is a whole other thing to tune into the third thing (the conversation) as a fire that is being kindled. As with all things Libra, reciprocity is key. Tune into conversations in your field that have this spark of reciprocal intrigue. 

September 6, 2020

Venus enters Leo: 12:22 AM PDT

(Image: “Heart Music” by Agnes Pelton)

Venus stays in Leo until October 2.

  • Venus in Leo is a beautiful generous placement – generous in exuding one’s gifts and generous in acknowledging the light of others. Given that the Sun (the ruler of Leo) is currently in Virgo, there is also an energetic at play around being humble or understated. When subtle things are named that are normally overlooked (a compliment perhaps, that gets to something not often acknowledged), it can feel like light shining in through the cracks.
  • On an inner-level in relationship to self-esteem, we might consider our relationship to where we wish to be seen and don’t feel like we are seen. This is often an invitation to see ourselves. One of the Venusian mysteries is the contact of a form of self-love that makes external validation/love a beautiful thing to receive, but NOT a need – not a fulfillment of something we don’t already have. Finding it from within is one of the ways we become magnetic.
  • This stay of Venus in Leo can be a good time to give loving acknowledgement to ourselves where we desire to be seen; and to romance others by recognizing them.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

(Top Image: Hilma af Klint)

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