Full Moon in Scorpio: Astrology of 4/21 – 4/27

This week the Moon grows full in Scorpio. Mercury and Venus will link up in Taurus, and enter a dynamic conversation with the current Saturn-Uranus square that is characterizing 2021 (I have a video on this significant transit here). My read is that this astrology asks for a deeper state of surrender and grounding with what is.

Personally, after years of thinking of fantasy as aspirational, and having a practice of getting into higher states of consciousness and weaving inspired visions from other realms into this one with my actions – I have always thought of fantasy as a good thing and as a visionary path.

For me, the commitment to actually executing ideas sourced from my visions was a way to ground it. And I’m not going to give up this particular kind of magic either; it’s part of my creative life. However — forming a practice with the idea that what is already happening is a reflection of our desire (I contacted this idea through Perri Chase) has brought me down deeper to earth and has helped me feel more connected in way that is difficult to convey the full profundity of it.

Playing with the concept that “I have everything I want” has merged me more with the raw materials of life. Not trying to create distance from life or wish it any other way, but to actually be with it.

So I offer this in that we have a Taurus stellium and a Full Moon in Scorpio which will oppose that stellium. Choosing this life and the raw materials of this life (Taurus) does feel like a death (Scorpio) if one was really invested in a fantasy.

My theory (play with it and let me know what you think!) is that in this astrological landscape, the more we radically accept what is currently happening, the more resourced we will feel in participating in reality in an embodied, inspired way. 

Maybe it’s the Saturn-Uranus square, but I’m getting this image of the parallels between being souls who jump into a human, incarnate experience, and being people who jump into a virtual reality game. It’s my suspicion that everyone has some layers of resistance around how deeply they are willing to jump into the game that is life. As we resist parts of ourselves, or circumstances or conditions of our life, we don’t see them as qualities to be engaged with — and so we hover a little bit, ‘above’ the game instead of in it. Instead of playing with what we’ve got. But when we drop further in, we start to notice that synchronicities occur. We have what we need, when we need it. We meet the people we need to meet, when we need to meet them.

Another magical thing about gameplay is that there is both the tangible experience of play but also the maps and the cerebral quality to it. Some ideas, or frequencies of consciousness, resource us more than others when it comes to playing the game of life. So this creates some importance on connecting with the thought-forms that light us up and energize us. If you don’t already have a practice of tuning into how thoughts feel in your body, this is a powerful one. Once you know what expansion, power, bliss, etc. feels like in your physicality, you can recognize what mental concepts vibrate in resonance with that feeling state.

As these transits coalesce this week, there is an opportunity to simply be more dropped in. This may feel disillusioning, or it may feel like a homecoming. Yet at some point, what is true also feels good, and it feels good to be home.

Welcome back! Or in case this is your first time here, I’m Sabrina Monarch and I’m a soul-centered astrologer. I love providing perspectives on the opportunities of transits and putting into words what the zeitgeist feels like at this moment in time, to support you on your path & open a dialogue between us and the cosmos. If you would like to receive these weekly forecasts to your inbox and be notified of upcoming educational opportunities, sign up for my mailing list here.

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Here’s our week after a few announcements!

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Here’s our week:

April 22, 2021

Venus in 10 Taurus conjunct Uranus in 10 Taurus: 6:01 PM PDT

  • Erratic activity in matters of the heart – meaning we might be surprised by our desires and preferences, or the interactions we have with others may spark novel connections or triggers.
  • As Wendy May beautifully described in our recent interview, authenticity is not just about the real self versus the false self, but about wholeness – acknowledging and integrating parts of ourselves we may have not before. There is a lot of opportunity for wholeness that can come up when we intimately track ourselves – notice our feelings, our reactions, our stories. While Taurus may be a creature of habit, Uranus is not! Take note of disturbances in your inner environment that feel out of nowhere, or feel more dramatic/heightened than usual. While we may not understand these activations immediately, as we digest them, we gain self-awareness.

April 23, 2021

Mars enters Cancer: 4:49 PM PDT

  • Mars entering Cancer is like having our emotional life (water) get put on simmer or boil. How comfortable are you with heat? 
  • At a lower level, egoic reactivity is a possibility with Mars in Cancer – feeling discomforted, feeling frustrated, feeling easily offended and prickled. This may be in the field as well, even if we ourselves are less reactive, and that still invites the question of how we navigate being in a shared environment with a reactive person, and the ways we get enmeshed in that drama or have boundaries.
  • At a higher level, there is emotional alchemy as a potential here. Emotions are not normally what we categorize as rational. Emotions can be more shamanic, even. Emotions are waves of energy that affect and move us. There is a difference between simply being reactive versus allowing an emotion to catalyze change in our lives.

Mercury in 10 Taurus conjunct Uranus in 10 Taurus: 11:42 PM PDT

  • Consider the spiritual technology of building a bridge between your thoughts and the way that your body feels. Unless there is a significant amount of numbing, a lot of us already do this in the form of feeling cortisol/adrenaline when we have anxious thoughts (anxiety is quite somatic) or feeling peaceful and nourished when we are thinking harmonious thoughts or engaging with something beautiful.
  • This mind-body connection can open worlds. Consider the difference between making a decision that feels right on paper, right logically speaking, but doesn’t have much charge in your body or feels a little bit dreadful – versus making a decision that is a resounding yes in your entire body.
  • For tuning and calibration, consider word spells like, “Body, show me what truth feels like,” or “Body, can you hear me?” – and feeling into the subtle sensations that emerge when you pose these invitations. The more we intentionally form this bridge, the clearer the messages become.
  • It also becomes important to develop higher levels of discernment around the difference between truth and addiction. The body might crave cane sugar, without cane sugar being a true nutrient. We might feel addicted to particular sensations, even though these sensations are not the most life-enhancing. In alignment with Taurus’ slow-going nature, it is totally possible and even likely that we can become more illuminated and self-aware about the patterns or addictions we are running before we discover a new way to be or the inspired changes to make. It’s grounding, and even transformative, to increasingly be with what is (even if it’s not perfect) as opposed to numbing or disassociating from it. This layer of presence is an opening in of itself.

April 24, 2021

Venus in 12 Taurus square Saturn in 12 Aquarius: 9:22 PM PDT

  • Venus and Saturn were last conjunct in early February of 2021, in Aquarius, marking the beginning of a synodic cycle together. At this square with Venus in Taurus, we are at the first quarter mark of the Venus-Saturn cycle. The Venus-Saturn cycle correlates with the concrete manifestation of art, beauty, love/relationship, and value. It also correlates with the ways that we reckon with our internal gatekeepers and where we tend to close our hearts or close off to connection. In unfriendly environments, this can be the willingness to be alone as opposed to choosing unhealthy relationships. But when we actually have what we desire, it is the path of opening to it and opening to intimacy. Some people may be more predisposed to be open in this way, and for others it can be a form of ‘work’ to open.
  • The first quarter square relates to a crisis in action – the necessity to make a choice which brings us closer to a state of full realization (the promise of the Full Moon energy at the planetary opposition), as well as to potentially break free from the inertia of the past and the limitations of the past. This can show up as the opportunity to make decisions that take us out of our comfort zone.
  • So while some aspects of this moment might feel contracted in matters of the heart (Saturn relates to limitations and parameters, boundaries, and certainly contraction), there may also be an incredible amount of newness or momentum at the same time. Consider for example, the internal state of someone who is about to make a large purchase or get married! One has to calibrate how in alignment they are with the choice (is it true) and galvanize their inner resources to commit to the path they are taking. It doesn’t have to be as big or as obvious as a major life choice. Sometimes it’s the new act of closing a door (when we’ve always stayed way past our time) or making the choice to repair a relationship instead of ghosting (when our pattern has always been to run away). The focus here is simply a new choice in matters of the heart, that potentially reflects a larger intention that we hold in manifesting a life that we truly value.

April 25, 2021

Mercury in 12 Taurus square Saturn in 12 Aquarius: 4:58 AM PDT

  • This transit can surface an awareness of negative thinking. Negative thinking is often based on trauma – something went adversely in the past, and now we anticipate the same pattern. Even if our assessment of how a situation is going to go is fairly realistic, it doesn’t mean we can’t slow down and map out some other options. This is first-quarter square as well, signifying another place we can make new choices.
  • If you have something on the horizon that you are anxious about (a meeting, event, project, etc. that you don’t think will go well) consider honestly tracking what you are afraid of or concerned about, as well as what you actually desire, and strategizing an approach to the situation that mitigates your fears and elevates your desires. It is ‘work’ to do this, but it disrupts a whole snowball of unintentionally, fear and paralysis that sets in when we expect the worst and aren’t willing to strategize differently.

Mercury in 13 Taurus conjunct Venus in 13 Taurus: 3:19 PM PDT

(Image: Georgia O’Keeffe)

  • This Venus-Mercury conjunction is so intricately related to the Saturn-Uranus square that is characterizing 2021. (Watch my full video on it here) Saturn-Uranus is a zeitgeist of disruption to the status quo, as well as the quick breaking down or building up of structure. It is a creative, unstable energy. Some things get concretely accelerated and quickened, while other developments seem to be stalled or slowed down. Venus-Mercury contacts relate to ease and harmony around communications – writing, conversation, body language, and really relating and getting on the same page as others or having a flirtatious persuasiveness (winning minds and hearts you could say). As these planetary archetypes merge, here is a thought-
  • How attached are you to stability? What are you seeking to stabilize? You might not find it as simple as you might have hoped or expected to achieve this stability – but you can still enjoy this time period or find value from it. Every little experience you collect along the way is, arguably, part of the stabilization. Balance is wobbly until it isn’t. So can you find the sensuality and meaning in exactly what is happening even if it is not a mirror reflection of your fantasy of what you wish were happening? Enjoying what is – is a form of grounding.

April 26, 2021

Full Moon in 7 Scorpio: 8:32 PM PDT

(Image: Kremena Chipilova)

The Sun forms a stellium with Uranus, Venus, Mercury, and Black Moon Lilith in Taurus, opposing the solo Moon in Scorpio. The Sun and Moon square Saturn in Aquarius.

  • This Full Moon is ripe with the complexity of intimacy. It’s not only the Taurus-Scorpio axis, but the Moon’s fullest light is in the sign of Scorpio, which is all about intimacy, depth, and the potential for enmeshment. The Moon is opposite a Taurus stellium, suggesting that we are experiencing emotional depth in direct relationship to the tangible, material circumstances we are currently involved with. This is not very theoretical or fantasy-oriented. If our direct material circumstances do not reflect our fantasies or preferences, we may feel deflated or disappointed. Even if our direct material circumstances do reflect our fantasies and preferences, we may feel the fear of loss or feel like we are possessive or gripping. The issue here is conditionality – expecting or wanting something other than what is, and whatever will be. The Moon in Scorpio could signify the necessity to surrender our tendencies to grip or try to control and to actually let that go. Gripping is a disempowered state that signifies that we outsource our power in that which we are trying to grip – when there are deeper forms of power that cannot be taken away or lost. Notice if you are gripping onto anything – in a sense it’s like a trap door with whole new layers of the universe just below it. This Moon in Scorpio feels like a descent, one that we can be kicking and screaming about, or one that can be juicy with deepened trust in life and the Universe. 

April 27, 2021

Pluto stations retrograde in 26 Capricorn: 1:01 PM PDT

  • Pluto stations are generally (as I’ve observed them) stirring. Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio and correlates with the underworld, the deep psyche, our deepest compulsions, our deepest desires, the unseen and hidden layers of reality and the unconscious, and power dynamics. Watching Pluto stations in the past have taught me that our waking life can easily become dreamlike. “Real life” does not always feel rational. Sometimes we are overcome with moods, or the visuals in our life experience become increasingly vivid and strange. Pluto stations are a good time to take responsibility for our projections – working through our own stories, triggers, and judgements as opposed to simply believing them as ‘other’. 
  • Pluto experiences can speak to our need for catharsis. We need theater, we need drama, we need dance, we need the voice, and so on — to express the depths that rise up through us. 

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! If you would like further guidance, I have been increasingly focused on longer-term experiences in the form of the Evolutionary Astrology Intensive, higher level courses for alumni, and 1:1 mentorship – helping people form a depth relationship to their natal chart and personal transits over time, to develop themselves, to be in their power, and to reach their goals, all through the soul-making lens of evolutionary astrology. I would love to support you in building your relationship with astrology. The intensive is currently open for enrollment, and I am soon to take on new coaching clients.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

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